: A 2 week ban is way too much for that lol. if they want to ban then this deserves at max 3 days. but if i had to chose a punishment for that it would merely be a chat restriction. i really dont understand people who act like they were angels and that lol is a military academy or something. i got perma banned 2 days ago because i flamed against 3 premates that chose me as their scapegoat cuz they wouldnt dare flame each other and one of them also used racial slurs. normally i mute those people or try to calm them to just keep playing but i had a rough day in real life and a losing streak and as mentioned 3 premates bashing on me. also i havent played much recently and neither received a chat restriction nor any sort of ban ever. and around 30secs after the game ended my first punishment was an instant perma ban...
Yup, the new system is crappy.... note that people can also be easily reported for no reason, or in your case and mine, you get reported cause there was a premade group in your game
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Chat logs or it didn't happen.
> [{quoted}](name=Vionicesca,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=L1xBW9rM,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-07-26T08:25:56.157+0000) > > Chat logs or it didn't happen. http://snag.gy/GOWIW.jpg
huckasex (EUW)
: there is nothing to fix you are free to post the link to the chatlog riot send to you so we all can show you why you deserve that ban you broke the rules, you got punished for it
: The ban comes from automated system. The chatlog is from the most recent game reported, which contributed to you punishment. Also, pasting the chat log this way is detrimental to your credibility, since it is very easy to just edit the message. If you want to garner any support for the idea that your punishment is unjust, please provide link to message from Riot or at least screenshots.
huckasex (EUW)
: you flame you get punished dont like getting punished? then dont flame yes, its that easy
And because of people like you the system will never be fixed, people that dismiss complaints automaticlly.
Kopraonu (EUNE)
: Post the link to your chat log RIOT sent you or stop wasting time.
Umm... I dont have a link Game Info News Competitive Forums Community Media 14 Day Behavior Suspension Zubumafu, You have received a 14 day ban following an extensive audit of in-game behavior within recent League of Legends matches. Your peers judged your behavior to be far below the standards of the League of Legends community. Think through the conversation and reflect on your words. League is an intense, competitive game, but every player deserves respect. Read more about the effort to encourage sportsmanlike play, here. Here are some chat logs that were identified as negative by other players in the community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Get Lags and have Feeders dont go full polish on us D: ITS WURF CAUSE I SAID SO shyv, may I say FUCKING. BULLSHIT. ty how much health you had left? lol ok go mid they switched too no its not just ply safe till the late cait DONT ty you too hope it opens up your lane bot lane and yasou mute each other all you want to do is fight and flame save it and mute now flame more cait gj eve nobody deserves flame -_- this is a game and we are here to enjoy if you flame you are a piece of shit. period. why eve reported and muted cait, there is no hope for you cause unlike you i dont think im better than another person ebcause of the way they play you are the worst ind of person janna and cait and they are much better than you nope look at my match history yasou come here ok this is over report the flamers please "fck your mom" thats the people we are dealing with how old are you honey? lol angry 12 year old guys can you report cait? she flamed on every single player in our team since the game started ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This type of behavior is unacceptable in this community. When there is nothing good to say, don't say anything at all. As a community, we also don't believe that retaliation is an appropriate response, so in cases where there is retaliation, both players receive penalties. This is the only warning this account will receive. Further examples of toxic behavior can result in permanent closure of your account. ESPORTS News Teams Schedule Info USEFUL Support Help Us Improve Server Status Security LEGAL EULA Privacy Policy Terms of Use Tribunal Policy Facebook Twitter You Tube Google Plus © 2015 Riot Games. All rights reserved Riot Games, Ltd., P.O. Box 11989, Dublin 2, IRELAND Riot Games PEGI 12 Is this email legit? This is a service notification mailing.
Rioter Comments
Shozis (EUNE)
: More Chat Logs in Reform Cards
I guess im one of those players, though Im really not a toxic at all player in general and even in the reform card I got there was barely any trace of toxicism
: Weird, I can only remember 6 bans in total and I'm playing since S1, on the other hand, i haven't palyed much ranked/draft then. Doesn't matter anyway, you know what I meant, esp since they relaeased so many champs in S2-3.
Nope, Im a season 1 player and I remmeber that they changed it from 2 to 3
xCillion (EUW)
: Hey, If you tried all the fixes on the support page and such (have you?). Did you consider talking to your ISP? If it all just goes bad for a few hours each day (possibly the same hours even?) its not unlikely that your ISP is somewhat involved. (throttling traffic,overloaded lines etc etc.)
Well, I dony have much knowledge when it comes to in depth internet proccesses, but the internet seemed fine in all cases, I did suspect that the internet wasnt working and obviously I checked, In fact in the last case right after the game ended and I couldnt try to recnnect anymre I played guild wars 2 without lags
: Banned for excessive positive behaviour?!
To be honest, I think I will be reported even if I behaved this way Im a report magnet
Zubumafu (EUNE)
: Don't go against premades, you will be banned for it!
Predicting the "you were toxic in your last games" - I was not, that was probably the time where I was the most toxic the whole year.
PRoxy oQ (EUW)
: Tnx for the bann Riot 14days OP
Yeah post the chat log and besides it, it doesnt metter how bad your teamates are, if you are toxic, you need to be banned but the system might be bugged as I got banned without being toxic
Rioter Comments
Meltair (EUNE)
: Then tell me about their other source of income pls ^^
The main source is purchasing RP - yes, but this RP is not only spent on skins (i think thats what he means...)
VeganThresh (EUNE)
: Same here, did you have Fizz jungle in the game? 'Cause that's exactly the same case here.
Nope... played leona, no fizz in both teams
Rioter Comments
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Renascence (EUNE)
: They're not. You want to believe it because you have a prejudiced view that people who play a certain champion must behave in a certain way. It's extremely unhealthy for the community to have people start hating on others purely based on their champion pick. As such, your forum thread only contributes negatively and you should not be starting discussions like these.
I dont hate on Riven players, they hate on me, I dont even want to gank them in game cause I know that whatever heppens in that game, unless the gank is successful and I give her the kill, the rage will start.
Hydraxine (EUW)
: Y'know generalizing people isn't a nice thing, right? Personally, I'm a fairly nice person despite pretty much maining Katarina ("pretty much" because I have recently started playing Jinx way more and Kata is fairly hard to get in ranked) Sure, I agree that they're quite easy to play, but seeing some people say they require no mechanics and skill whatsoever makes me bitter because that isn't true. Like, there's an obvious difference between a player that's good at these champs and one that has barely played them(which pretty much applies to any champion, that is).
Katarina is probably the better of those 2, I see lots of katas who dont flame and rage when losing (still, more than 50% do rage and flame) but when it comes to rivens, its getting close to 100%
Crosbie (EUW)
: How come all generalisations are general?
: ***
Thats part of being toxic, you suck
Frøze (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zubumafu,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=W9UYPZXA,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-07-05T14:19:15.160+0000) > > How does this even heppen when a specific champ is more toxic than other? because there are more "Riven and Katarina Main" than any other champ in solo queue, seriously have you ever seen a Viktor main? if you noticed to be considered as toxic are ever the popular champs for solo queue main..
Ive played for years, and have never seen a case like this ez had few months of 20%+ pop nidalee sivir ashe chogath lee sin - all those are popular too but I never considered them toxic
: A bad {{champion:92}} - win in 80% of matches A good {{champion:92}} - can't lose You can't really say that she has 0 mechanics , like {{champion:86}} or {{champion:36}} But you can't say that she has the mechanics , or is as hard to play as : {{champion:268}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:7}} Mechanichs of riven ? Control your passive , annimation cancel at least your ult ( E+R ) . And .... that's it ... Yes , {{champion:7}} is in the same situation , the majority of players smash the keyboard and get a kill but if you time the combo correctly you can kill someone without fucking your keyboard. The same with {{champion:107}} , you can get lucky , get some free kills , and in late game crit for 1600 and oneshot the ADC . But if you are not ahead you need a well-timed combo to kill someone P.s : No , I am not an kata/lb main
True about the LB and rengo, but about the riven and kata its simply not like that, they are way too strong
: Let's start with the truth of life. If you are a Riven hater cause she is a "noskillchampion" you are a natural born loser and proving yourself as a retarded kid. Hate all you want. The truth remains. And seeeeeeeeriously… Get a hobby or something… NOW... on the matter in hand. 99% of all Riven and Katarina players are toxic. The reason is simple. They are both champions that when they get fed they solo carry the game, cause “ballanced”. Now… The champions themselves when fed have that potential, but there is still the issue of the user. In the hands of a retarded kid (guess that makes only the 90% of this game players), no matter how good the champ, the results are trash. But if you are super-duper fed and the enemy is not, then you just let your cat on the keyboard and enjoy your pentas. Since people are of the idea that they have the “carry” champion in their hands, they also want the conditions of that carry delivered on a silver plate. In short since this forum is full of Riven and Katarina haters, kids just pick the champs and just think that the team exists in order to get them fed so that they can shine and carry and then come out with “oh look, I’m awesome”. Then the enemy jungler is camping you and your jungler has his hands full (or just doesn’t like you) and you are a 0/50 retard screaming “OMG, REPORT OUR JUNGLER, HE DIDN’T LET ME SHINE. WHY SHOULD I ROAM AND HELP MY TEAM INSTEAD OF FEEDING. MY TEAM SHOULD HELP THE GREAT ME TO GET FED” and yade yade yada… we have all seen these things before (if you haven’t consider yourselves lucky… but not for long since it will happen to you as well sooner or later). That’s that.
I wont even bother to read that after that opening, but - http://www.lolking.net/summoner/euw/61790560#matches You just loggined in your smurf so we wont see you are a riven main? and you call us losers?
Sýrian (EUW)
: WOW This thread So riven is a noob champ.OK BB world
: I play Riven and Kata and I'm not toxic :p
As said before, rare breed
PewPewPawZ (EUNE)
: Sorry man I can't agree with that. I am a Katarina main I don't concider myself as a toxic player :). I don't flame, I am polite and I try to stimulate and help my teammates. Sorry but I am finding this post as offencive :(
You are a rare breed, most katas and rivens I see are exremly toxic.
Sdars (EUW)
: Don't forget Vayne!
The amount of toxic vaynes I see is higher than the average amount of the toxic people in the game, but compared to other adcs, vayne players are not anymore toxic than other adc players - also, vayne is actually pretty hard, shes not lee sin of course, but she is at least harder than 50% of the champions..
TestosZ (EUNE)
: I played about 3 games as Riven and I can agree that no skill is required. But I don't get mad if someone tells me that Riven is a non-skill champ
Cause you are not a main...
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Crisaor (EUNE)
: Could work. I can't believe I'm taking advice from the guy who dives with Braum on level 3...
Crisaor (EUNE)
: Idea: How to make Quinn's passive more reliable
I think, instead, you should make it that when you use your ult and turns into valor, quinn will go down from the skies sometimes to mark targets.
: Good idea, but it would make Quinn broken. She would just use her passive and not risk using her E. imagine a teamfight. Quinn procs all five with no way to counter it. Her laning phase would be out of control, for the same reason: Support get close, aa once and passive, ADC come to protect the support, aa pasive. Do you know who easy she can already win a lane with her blind alone? add the new passive and she wins trades with out losing anything in return. And if you remember Riot phylosophy on balance, Champions should have amazing strenghts and a huge risky weakness. If you want to proc the passive and deal damage you have to use E. Whats the risk? you get closer to your enemies. Why do you think Lucian got a real balance? He had more strenghts than weaknesses. Relentless pursuit woul eliminate all slows and CC, he was a lane bully with lots of range with low cooldowns. If you tried to gank him you´d fail, because he would E out of the stun/root and Q you to half HP. Quinn right now is Lucian 2.0 Aside from her Passive she does the same thing. Lucian poke combo : Piercing light, passive, dash, passive. Quinn poke combo : Vault (E), passive, Blind, and auto attack. Or if lucky. Vault, passive, Blind, passive, auto attack. That is he risk, the fact that you caanot cotrol her passive makes her have a risk, because besides that she wins any lane. If you want to 1 vs 1 a fed vayne, you pick Quinn, why? because she can blind and has an assassin style burst. I love your idea, and Riot might as well. But dont you think Riot already thought about it? Dont you think Riot tried it out? If its that easy and obvious why hasnt Riot done anything about it? What are Quinn´s real weaknesses? "oh her range". These guys say hello {{champion:104}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:236}} . Sivir is one of the most picked ADCs in every Region. Lucian besides Riot making him "trash" he is still a solid adc, just look at Forg1venGRE. "She has no damage". Blinding assault is her primary damage dealing ability, and an automatic win duel ability. "She has no escapes". Use vault like flash to get over terrain. "Her ultimate is fcking useless". Here is the super wombo combo. Use Tag team to turn into valor, chase a fleeing enemy, use Tag team again for an AOE burst (items like shiv, etc proc with the aoe, dealing more UNEXPECTED damage), use blinding assault, get the kill. If that didnt work, add vault for the passive proc to the get the kill. With that you can burst anyone like a Talon or Zed combo. "She is horrilbe in teamfight". oh really? remebre that wombo combo i just said? well you can use it in a team fight, hell thats what I do to start a team fight. Once my team engages, im the second one to go in, while the first wave already destroyed everything, I come in as a second wave dealing aoe and picking off low hp players. So again, her only weakness is being squishy (like every adc/assassin) and her passive. In lane play Quinn like Lucian. After that, play Quinn like Zed and snowball that hell out of everything. And you want to make her Passive like a Yasuo dash? Im not against it. But I sht you not I would start laughing at everybody if they start QQing about her being OP because they agreed to make her passive like Yasuos. I would say "people QQing about Quinn Being OP, when they were the once who agreed to make her OP." Dislike this comment, hate on me, call me a noob, say what ever you want. But Realize that part of what Im saying has some truth to it, maybe not all, but some.
*dislikes* noob I hate this guy
Crisaor (EUNE)
: Idea: How to make Quinn's passive more reliable
NotZubumafu (EUW) - sometime ago. True, the idea is quiet solid, but the thing is, making the passive proc after every basic attack on new target with cd of 10 seconds is quiet strong, unless the numbers would need to be pretty low to be balanced, I suggest letting you proc the passive once in 10 seconds at all, ater you proc it on one guy you cant proc it on the other for 10 seconds. Thank you Braum {{champion:201}}
Crisaor (EUNE)
: Idea: How to make Quinn's passive more reliable
I feel like this is a bad idea since Quinn and Bard are meant to be troll picks and it will change the main idea of a character. reworks are bad if they delete everything that makes a specific champion this champion.
Rioter Comments
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ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: because only low elo plebs complain about riven, not seeing the greater picture of the game. She has mobility, but that mobility withholds 70% of her kit and a lot of her damage. you cant use Q and E for mobility if you want to be useful Obviously she has higher damage than tanks, you build her FULL AD! what the hell do you expect. besides, in a decently long game fiora rumble will outdmg her i knockup and a .75 sec stun with next to no range is NOT more cc than ANY meta toplaner shield that is essential to any trading so you cant use it as mobility AND as shield, also not much effective HP since your building full AD and have no resistances If she had mana she'd flatout be the worst champ in league. shes already just slightly above average and doesnt even fit the meta. giving her mana would destroy her
Wukong renekton darius panthaon and allot of other mainstream toplaners dont have nearly as mobility damage or cc I know its fun to say how pro you are and how better you are than others, but be honest, this is not even remotely fair.
Messeery (EUNE)
: let's see what champs the community hates the most: Leblanc Katarina Riven Zed to an extent. All of them are mobile. All of them can burst you in less than a second. All of them are resourceless. (except lb) All of them are early lane bullies (except kata to an extent, she can still rush ludens and be the most shitty thing to lane against) All of them are low risk/high reward (except riven) Riot needs to tone down a bit of their mobility, make them riskier to play, add more counterplay to kata and leblanc (especially leblanc). My suggestion are: Kata: The resets don't work on her E, they reduce her CDs by 10 seconds instead 15. Completely GUT her QEW combo and put more damage on the ult. Because let's be real her ult is not the problem its the resets and this retaded combo that leaves you with 20% hp without knowing what happened. Leblanc: Reduce her early game bullying. Make a delay before she can jump back to be able to trade back when she chunks half your hp with 2 clicks. Increase the passive CD. Basically keep the burst, add more counterplay. Riven: I never actually played her so i don't know much but increasing the CDs would be a step in the right direction. Zed: Add a delay before he can jump back to the ult shadow, it won't affect your all in much in lane but if you fuck up your ult there is room to punish him.
True at all, just have to add up to riven, her CDs are fine and the mobility and early damage is part of the core character, what makes this character so broken, is the scalings, thats are not even remotely fair and are unmatched by any other champion.
: You seriously ask for riot to balance things for every elo ? What you saying is that you win againsts rivens so you see its nothing wrong with her, BUT your team feeds riven so lets nerf riven ? Is this logic ? Does this making any sense to you ? There are worse champions to lane against. {{champion:122}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:80}} and my team always feeding them, so lets nerf them. What about the times you had a riven on your team ?
Well, the thing is, all those can be thought against even at lower elos warick is easily fightable without any more advanced tactic than focus fire darius can be avoided easily by keeping distance cho has no skill to him and you can avoid his spells heca has a good standing in all elos, not broken anywhere renekton - what? panth needs to have somewhat of a solution for new players tier. even bronzies can deal with him.
: Why ? Because they are good only to stomp retards and useless at anything else. Why ? Because only the said retards ask for nerfs, while the real players dont. Guess who tito listens to(most of the time). Why ? Because they arent broken, your brains are broken. Why ? Because, go pick em,claim your ''freelo''and come back with a history to prove it.
Ok, go off your high horse for a moment and go take a look at the numbers, if you tell me you think this is fine ill call you a liar. and second thing, until you reach diamond, you wont have retardless teams, you simply wont! and I dont main mid, and when I play top I never lose to a riven, but everytime Im no top or mid, and those 2 are in the game, they never, and I mean NEVER lose their lane and always come out 10 times stronger than my team's counterparts and besides that, how a retard stomp champ is ok?! you do know that the balancing is (at least supposly) be made for - new players - bronze players - silver players - gold players - plat players - diamond players - challenger players where do you draw the line? where do you say "I dont give a fuck about the players in this elo or lower and I balance only for those above" and remeber, the majority of players are on bronze and silver.
: Riven Base movement speed reduced to 340 from 345 Wind Slash (R) missile speed reduced to 1600 from 2200. This nerf is going live wednesday,and please tell me you are joking about katarina,kata had both her ult cooldown and damage nerfed and her passive nerfed,all last year
About riven, the nerf on the ult is a good progress, but the nerf of the movement speed isnt really going to change a thing ingame - but it still doesnt fix the biggest problem which is the ridiculas damage. about the katarina, to be honest, I dont care what nerfs she got last year if shes super broken today and no nerfs are even planned for her.
: Because you don't read patch notes or keep up with pbe news
Enlighten me - besides the health and health regen nerf of katarina, what nerfs did those 2 get in the last year?
Rioter Comments
: You could've just pasted the specs -.-" Manufacturer: Lenovo, Size: 17.3 " Processor: Intel Core i5 - U Capacity: 8GB, 1TB Video Card: Nvidia Memory size: 8GB Resolution: 1600x900 The specifications seem fine, you'd just need to install Windows or OSx on to the machine.
Obviously. I will get windows, and well, I know they are fine Im playin on geforce 210 machine for years and it runs lol on low settings, what I want to know is, on what settings I can play with this computer while maintaining 60fps
Rioter Comments
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: 5 Quits in a row => DEMOTED
Heppend to me from gold II to III ... sorry man thats just unlucky and we all know the ranked system today is utter shit... nothing left to say but good luck trying to get back up there
: just watched a game witk Katarina in it in MASTER LEVEL OR JUST BELOW (you know very high level players). when Kata got to finish her build, it was over. She was like instantly deleting other champs. All in all, I could not learn how can she still be played against? People teach how to play vs Katarina! The summoner name of the Kata player was "420 Katarina" and he was clearly using some Katarina script to make combos in like 0,001 secs up to 4 people.
The thing is, I'm not a Master lvl player and more importantly, my teamates aren't too, so the first time I see kat in the game (as a support/top main) she has already 6-7 kills and can one shot me. The balance is not only for the best players in the world, and a champion shouldn't have such easy time stumping noobs. and another problem is that her kit shouts "IM FED" even if shes falls to 0/5 in lane, she will just roam to another lane and get a doublekill or ult in a teamfight and get the worst case 5 asists (usually, at least 2-3 kills) and get back in the game!
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