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: You can try to send an email to your gmail by changing emails or passwords....bcz it sure that one email will be sent and then you will be able to find your email adress.....If it doesnt work or just you cant bcz you dont remember your password ask RIOT support for some help or even try to find it on your emails of the acc or accs that you have(there will be for sure 1 email from the first time that you signed up)
i cant remmeber gmail wich i use to make acc but i know the one who i want to change it :) i mean the email i want to change in to new one i know but the first one i dont know i wish riot can help me about thank you i hope you understude cuz i create this acc LOONG time ago :) so i cnat remmeber i changes tons of gmail :)
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: I don't think Riot will implement this. Riot knows that if you really want something, that you will buy it. So why not just wait then till sb trade with you every thing you want and never buy RP again ? Riot wants to mae profit too, so they will never let you do sth I bet. Your Loki
so we who cant afford we can cry for something that ur friends get in box..what we want i got stuff that i dont need instead they could give us in box what we play for example if u are supp roll u will get smth from that not random ....but that is ur mind :)
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mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: reported them in lobby? job done didn't? contact the support and send them the screen shots i say
i did all this but they dont care i guess
Sceizer (EUW)
: if you cant stand this why dont you try sitting?
if i know who is he i would eazly kill him..!
RazerX (EUW)
: How did he know your mother was dead in the first place?
long story but..when i say stuff like report for gank or feed i got ban cuz i was like (toxic flame) when they use worst stuff they dont get punish
Silisa (EUNE)
: Did you report him after the game, in the lobby? If you did, that is all that is necessary. We don't need your screenshots, we don't have the authority to punish anyone.
i did but riot seems to not care when i flame i got ban....
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