: What do you mean he lacks dmg and cc? Are you kidding me lmao? As a mage mid laner main I can tell you that Zed lvl 3 just gets off half of my hp if it hits the combo lol... plus his wave clearing is so simple, just q minions that are really low on hp. But I kinda agree on the stopwatch, zhoniya, bard ult and anything that stop Zed to proc dmg while the target ulted, this make Zed a bit harder to play, but Zed is a mobile champ. Also you can't rly compare a new champion who is "in the meta" to Zed who was here for years! Of course champs that are new, have insane dmg and then they get nerfs to get "balanced".
im not going to downvote any of you guys opinion because that was the point. But im not talking about the champion per say but the skill and consistency of the champ, what i mean by that is how likely is it that Zed can poke out a well positioned enemy with a W E double Q electrocute proc, thus meaning 2 skillshot is needed. and W E Q an enemy without electrocute is kind of not recommended cause of Zed's W cd at 22 second, rather than that you should wait for the electrocute at 25 second early game. 25 second per poke for zed due to his keystone reliant kit. compared to a mid-lane mage since you apparentaly main that, and you said "mage" which is subjective because that could mean Mage Assassin/burst mage or control mage i will choose Ahri for this example since she was released before Zed. Ahri have an insanely strong CC (charm 12 second cd), built-in heal, 3 seperate dashes and true dmg. and she can wave clear with one ability (Q) which doesn't reduce dmg through minion. so she can poke, harass and wave clear with 1 single spell. Zed have to W E Q to clear the wave, for example when the enemy have recalled and you intend to shove in the wave using W E Q then what if the enemy jungle came right after and your W is on CD, ends up with death or flash being burned, and obviously the scenario is avoidable with ward and map awareness but lets say that you dont have any of that, then lets look at Ahri in that exact scenario she uses Q and AA - jng ganks and she still have her charm because charm isnt usefull in wave clear. PS: in the beginning you pulled a lacks CC sarcasm, so i wondered why you thought that, tell me one strong CC Zed have that isnt his W E which is a slow compared to other strong CC like silence, stun, root, dissarm and fear etc.
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