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This has been suggested already and it will be declined most likely ,because Riot doesn't support smurfing and having multiple accounts. There is maybe a small chance to add it , a lot of players have accounts on atleast 2 regions.
: Profile aesthetics and customization
Since i haven't played any ranked matches in some time , i dont have a game in my match history. Does it show how much LP you got from the game? And is it only for you to see?
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Eveninn (EUW)
: Which god would you follow?
: 1000 wins with RIOT
1000 game is nothing special... some people have 10 000
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Honor Badge
then you lost it
96Reaper (EUW)
: fragment keys not droping for over a month
Here i am without a single key fragment for 2 months. I though the drop rate resets each month , right ? WELL NO. I have more than 100+ wins and i usually play with friends (3,4 premade) and the problem is - they get key fragments and i dont.
GLurch (EUW)
: Nonsense reports don't matter for the system,only if they are *a lot*(I mean,really a lot,since the system then thinks you have to be guilty somehow.However,even if this happens and you are not you can simply send a ticket to the Riot Support). Just ignore those persons,forget them and move on(hopefully not to another one of those persons). {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
actually if a player gets reported in high elo it means a lot
: Yasuo's Windwall Akali Bug
Sooooo ... Yasuo's Windwall doesnt block a shit tons of spells .. most of them are target only , i mean riot should fix that since they gave **fiora** a **FKING ABILLITY THAT BLOCKS LITERALLY EVERYTHING**
such english , very grammar , much typing , wow
Mr Chow (EUW)
: New gamemode
go to warcraft 3 and play greed TD lol ..
PepijndM (EUW)
: Draft pick? PLS NO, make it blindpick I don't want to be first pick and get counter picked by literally everyone
I actually think it would be better for it to be both (Blind Draft)
A Plebian (EUW)
: Would be fun but to be fairly honest, with lvl 18, wouldn't champs like Yasuo, Vayne, etc have a massive advantage over other champs? I assume those are like the only guys ever played because nobody is going into a deathmatch with freaking Soraka or Janna.
The Idea of this gamemode is to bring the full potential of a champion for a fight/survival
: > 45 seconds before minute 10:00 , 125 seconds after minute 10:00 Okeyyy, you can literally fap if you die after 10minutes and come back finding out that there's still 50s left to wait
What do you expect the deathtimer will be when there are 10 people in the game and everyone fights for himself?
Radeaus (EUW)
: Thoughts about the /Remake
DaveOneGo (EUNE)
: Puns!
I could tell you a zilean of them but I could not be bothered
: Dude this a deathmatch? cuz i just made a post for a deathmatch that has more than 70% simmilarity with yours (my post was first tho) check it out :
Haven't seen it , im sorry if it has simmilarity. And you need to be more concrete about it. You are missing like 50% of the information for the game mode.
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Markellen (EUW)
: Most of the time you die b4 you can touch my team. {{champion:121}}
In a level 23 when they dont even main champions is really normal that there are no good plays from champions like this and i dont expect one. So get off your high horse filthy bug ((In Character))
1iMusic1 (EUW)
: Champion Mastery: Have the ability to choose the champion's icon
Hi 1iMusic1 , I would really love the idea of getting your main champion's icon as a summoner icon on rank 7 and i hope they make it. I think when hextech & champion mastery started they said something about champion icons in the future but im not so sure.
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: What's that one thing that makes your main special?
Umm ? One-shotting the enemy adc & apc at the same time ? #RengarMains most of the games it feels like they dont have carries in their fights{{champion:107}}
: My Friend list got deleted?
Thank you , after restarting it 2 times it loaded.
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Uruak (EUW)
: Key Fragments
I haven't seen one in 4 weeks. Know that feel bro. I have like 100 games with 65% win rate and most of them are A or S ranks. #RiotHelpUs
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: Cant connect to the game
Just started a game and i cant connect to it :/ Riot please

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