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Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys! We're aware of this issue and looking into it. Out of interest: - Does this only happen with one skin, or multiple? - Are these new skins only or ones you've owned for a while? - Does the error happen every game, or intermittent? Thanks!
I have the same problem with Riven. I have two skins for her (dragon one and arcade one). I can select dragon one fine but if I go for arcade one it says there is a problem with selecting the skin and defaults back to dragon. I have had both skins for a long time now. Arcade even longer than the dragon one.
: You have to violate the rules to get a punishment. I don't see how that would be possible without playing. However of course it's possible that a punishment is simply delayed. This is normally the case for stuff like accountsharing (or buying accounts), eloboosting or using illegal software. Bans because of payment issues also don't require playing.
You actually can or at least could. There were some cases of bans which went wrong in the past.
: The new client has build in patch notes, i recommend trying the new client
I know i can read them in a client but I'm looking for a direct approach on their website. It's not like they have nothing to do with it :-). When I'm in game I can't really go that way anyway and looking through all the news is tedious.
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Damiel (EUW)
: Rylais's really that OP right now?
SInce nobody mentioned it I'll add Cassiopeia to the list of champs that will probably get influenced quite a bit by the change. On the other hand I think that AP dmg mages in support role will be quite happy with the change because the item's cost will be heavily reduced which works for them greatly I could imagine Zyra and other similar mages in support role to be much more dangerous after it hits the live servers. But yeah champions such as Taliyah, Cassiopeia will get hurt pretty badly by it. The item is pretty strong but it's unfortunately a must buy on a few champions to make them work so Riot will have to come with decent adjustments for that short list of champions.
: > [{quoted}](name=aCup of Tea,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=hpWwao3A,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-11-28T14:41:48.051+0000) > > There is not much to them. They share a trait which makes them scale into late game no matter what (well more or less). > > From my perspective (mid, jungle, top) veigar is very easy to gank and when I see veigar on enemy team I just gank almost exclusively only him because he has nothing against it. His stun is quite large but that's about it it's very easy to bait it (either you as mid or your jungler can if needed) and then it's either veigar's flash or veigar's death what follows. > It's anooying that even killing him several times doesn't much reduce his possible utility in teamfight and huge dmg if you get into late game. But that's about time when team as a whole decide who wins and who not. > > I think nasus is more annoying than veigar because you meet him in top lane and that's usually a desert island. If I know I'm facing nasus I pick a champ that can kill him easily (usually Fiora ;-)) or that can keep up with him (something like vlad). As long as your jungler focuses somewhere and makes the difference you are fine. Nasus is usually all day splitpushing so your team (even with you) can take important objectives, get ahead and if needed you can always five man him because you know where to find him. > In late team fights you basically just keep him slowed and kill the rest of his team and after that you finish him off. Thanks for the reply. Just irritating that it comes down to 'End before they end' really. I dont want to have to beg my jungle in chat to just show up and help a little. I know they have other lanes to gank etc, and I play top more than mid, so i run into nasus more often. I find that I do get ignored quite a lot in top lane, but the annoying thing I find is that if I hard push into their tower, I'll get ganked - expected. If i let it push to me, rather than being ganked by my jgl, i typically get dove under tower because Im squishy - Quinn main primarily. So its like I cant really win either way I try to play and its super frustrating when your team starts flaming you and offering 0 help.
I'm almost sure I didn't type anything about end before they end but just to be clear. It's not that much about end before they end as just get objectives and don't get frustrated. I'd advice you to broaden the champ pool against nasus in the top lane (olaf, ... ;-)). You can pick champions that straight away kill him or just bully him so much that he can't stay in lane (jayce, ...). When it comes to veigar he can be shut down by almost anything. The only thing with veigar is if you can avoid being "comboed" down in an instant. As long as you are capable to avoid his stun at any situation (or at majority cases) than you are fine the rest is up to the team in teamfights, just send an assassin to kill him, get some mr (abyssal/guardian/...) and you are set. Veigar has high burst but he is super slow without any added mobiliy so it's easy to play against it. Nasus is the same in lane you bully/sustain/kill him and later if he wants to stack you don't need to care it just means your teamfights are 5v4 for your team and 5 people pushes/gets objectives better than one nasus. Well just make your team to kill him a few times later on before he gets to inhib. The moment your inhib turret is open is the easiest to kill nasus because he needs to go deep so ward around and kill him.
: How to counter Veigar/Nasus?
There is not much to them. They share a trait which makes them scale into late game no matter what (well more or less). From my perspective (mid, jungle, top) veigar is very easy to gank and when I see veigar on enemy team I just gank almost exclusively only him because he has nothing against it. His stun is quite large but that's about it it's very easy to bait it (either you as mid or your jungler can if needed) and then it's either veigar's flash or veigar's death what follows. It's anooying that even killing him several times doesn't much reduce his possible utility in teamfight and huge dmg if you get into late game. But that's about time when team as a whole decide who wins and who not. I think nasus is more annoying than veigar because you meet him in top lane and that's usually a desert island. If I know I'm facing nasus I pick a champ that can kill him easily (usually Fiora ;-)) or that can keep up with him (something like vlad). As long as your jungler focuses somewhere and makes the difference you are fine. Nasus is usually all day splitpushing so your team (even with you) can take important objectives, get ahead and if needed you can always five man him because you know where to find him. In late team fights you basically just keep him slowed and kill the rest of his team and after that you finish him off.
: People dont buy it only because they play the champion , its a rare skin people often buy things because of how fancy they are. Some people own all the ultimate skins and only learned how to play those champions because of the skins.
As I mentioned above, that's barely a non-zero number of players. So the impact of that is without a doubt little to none. Btw as I mentioned above the same analogy can be put to use with the other skins as well with the only difference that there will probably be more people hooked up in them than in one ultimate ;-).
: Well i agree with you to a degree but you have to take into account that luxes playerbase isnt alone when it comes to the skin , some people just buy skins because of their tier aka because they are ultimate ones or they just like them , this also expands the playerbase of said champions , but i can see your point.
Well I have a hard time imagining someone buying a skin for such a high price for a champion they don't even play and even if they did start it the percentage of players like that would be next to zero. And because the other skins are cheaper and there is much more of them you can take your argument and use it there in a similar fashion and you would again ended up with much more players on the side of the fantasy and worldbreaker skins rather than on elemntal lux ;-). Just be patient now it should be in a week max released - unless the patch period will be longer.
: That is awful for an Ultimate skin.... By that time the hype will really be dead and most people wouldnt want to buy it anymore.... And i doubt that anyone will buy more than one of the fantasy skins and they are at low cost while this one has the highest cost, it would be stupid to put low budget and low tier skins over an ultimate one....
Well hype or not it will be the same, there is not much difference between beying spot on with patch or a week/two later. From business side you are probably wrong too. Selling one skin for 100 units most likely won't make you more than selling ten skins for 10 units. It's simple, player base for lux is without a doubt way smaller than player base for the ten (or how many it is) skins thus even purchase potential is lower for one ultimate skin than for a number of skins. Apart from that, ultimate's skins cost is pretty high so even among lux's player base it will be probably sold sporadically. I don't know Riot's numbers but it's most probably correct, it's logical higher cost skins (considering how high it is) will be probably less purchased than lower priced ones. So no it's not stupid if ultimate skins would be more profitable than they would be releasing one after another but check the ingame shop to see how many ultiamte skins there is, it's just 3 (4 with lux) that clearly says that ultimate skins are not that profitable over the other skins. Most of the skins available at the shop are - at least it seems that way to me - 950 and 1350 RP so these and lower are probably the ones that are the most profitable for them. Well, don't be like a little kid and just wait, two weeks it's like nothing.
: What the hell Riot?
Well there were those fantasy and worldbreakers so I think everyone expected the lux skin to come out as late as possible during the patch cycle just to give enough time to the other skins. I expect is just a day before next patch and if it comes sooner it will be jsut a nice surprise :-).
DeathTimeRO (EUNE)
: I have one Question too..Now the solo/due îs again avaible.I played flex before and i got silver 5 from flex but in solo que i'm gold 3 now what queue will affect my new season placements?Solo or flex? I ask that because i dont know what to play more..To improve solo que division or flex one...
In season 7 there will be two rank queues. One flex and one Solo/duo. Bothe have separate ladders and separate scoring system. But you can switch from one to the other your rank will be reevaluated depending on scoring system of the queue you picked to transfer into, plus your rank will be probably lower than in the previoues queue and you will be made to play one (or more) placement match in your new queue after transfer. I think that's a summary of about all the info so far. If there were ane changes or I got something wrong hopefully someone else will correct me.
liondj (EUNE)
: assasin nerf
That's why they do it, they want to destroy it so they don't need to work overtime. It's a common strategy, if you pick up programming you will find the dark places you have never seen before and become corrupted as they all - the programmers! Trust me you can't trust them and I'm not saying it just because I program to. Well now for real. Every new champ/rework needs time to settle down so they can see where exactly are the problems and most importantly how milions of players aproach it. Just take Ekko, it's not like he was designed to be a tank and players just figured out that the most effective way to play ap assassin is to play him as ad tank. You need a lot of people to figure this out it's not an enigma. Especially now when it's a preseason there will be a ton of things there will be out of line just because it's kind of a test period to implement and change things on a greater scale than in mid-season. So just calm yourself down a bit. There will be three queues so you can still play basically the same as before.
IkOerman (EUW)
: Season 2 was the best season.
You guys are missing seasons 1 and 2.
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Crowlèy (EUNE)
I like kha, rengar and talon the most. For some reason ap assassins got artificial walls/blocks to slow them down while ad just got more ape mode which is really fun to play as xD. BTW: You are missing kha in your vote list so I can't even drop a vote ;(
: lol ? Is ekko an assassin ?
Yes, he is if you don't build him as a tank ;-).
Bubbarain (EUW)
: You know what's funny tho, how people like you and bronzies silver have the same mentality- gne gne gne broken this broken that op this op that I blame him I blame that my team no help, but u never consider you as a problem ahahha and why come forum to blame more people? I mean improve first then come forum to read other people's opinion not the other way around.
Not that I care about original comment but jsut curious, how do you know that he did not consider his current skill to be part of the problem and how do you know that didn't improve or at least try to first before coming to the boards? I wonder about if every champ is so good and healthy as you mentioned in one of your comments why is riot keeping balance teams and why are there champions that basically don't get too see a daylight. Btw bronze to gold is the majority of players in the game I don't think that completely ignoring them and putting them aside with "just get better and stop whinning" sounds reasonably for riot to do. No offence just saying ;-).
: Nerf LeBlanc
There is nothing for her on PBE as far as I know right now. Well some mages (Taliyah) were heavily nerfed in last season for early clear and too effectient clears in general. So they might opt for some tweaks but I'd expect that to come some time later. On podcast they said that the work on assassins is expected to be a main thing for next month and a half so if you are having troubles with her either ban her, learn to play against it better or just wait for that time period to see if anything changes. Thought it would be kinda unfair to some champs who were killed by nerfs this season for the same reason as you mentioned if they don't do anything for either side.
: Mmh played some more today Adc feels pretty ok now but only with a team And for the late game, adcs mostly need 3-4 items to be effective while mages/assassins need 2-3 And nah adcs dont really 2 shot anyone late game(unless super fed or draven/vayne/jhin vs a super squishy target) most mages get zonyas(armor) and rylais and have hp/lvl runes Assassins tend to not have that but are harder to hit properly and often have >1second burst
In late game mage with 2 - 3 items is ineffective while adc with 3 items deals more damage. Adcs have access to % dmg/pen/hp dealing items which scale into late game way better than mages. So I disagree with this part adc can opt for these during any part of the game. Mages behind seem to deal less damage simply because of mr/hp items while adc can potentially deal more damage on bruise who goes for hp build which is pretty common. I'll add one more adc to your list and it's cait, with that you have already four adcs that can 100 -> 0 an assassin or other squishy (ofc when I mentioned it I was talking about squishy targets not about tanks ;-)) in mid game and especially in late game. Yeah adcs need a team but that's nothing new. Yes in the end it depends on if you can kite/dodge and punish it in case you are alone but than just blame your team ^^. Well, it might seem that I'm strongly against your argument but it's not really like that. In the end I still think that a life of an adc with newly set up assassins is a painful experience and if enemy has a decent hecarim I basically opt for not relying on adc because there is noting we can do to stop him, so I just pity them during these tough moments xD.
: Mid lane is a short lane and they have burst/cc/mobility or sometimes all of them Meanwhile adc is in a long lane and if pushing is extremely vulnerable as mostly unmobile with sometimes a little self peel Its ridicolius how a 4/8 lee sind with 2 youmus and the new spellshield ad item can r qq a full life adc while not even taking dmg under BOTH nexus turrets Just to say i wasnt even behind in lvls =_=
Well adc was always suspectible to dmg because of low mobility nothing new there ;-). For now I just think that waiting until new season actually begins is better than dealing heavy blows two days after the finish of the season. I mentioned adcs have mostly nice damage and I think that's true but of course because you don't build defensively (such as tanks do) you are easily bursted down there must be a consequence for going glass canon. Though far that needs to go is the question. But honestly in late game most adc two shot assassins and mages (unless you build heavy hp mage and that only extends it by one ore two more aas) so I'm not entirely on a boat called "poor adcs". I can't even count how many times I saw draven take two thirds of someones hp by just one enhanced aa, or by jhin or by cait, or ... So yeah some tweaks are probably necessary but I'd leave it for a preseason now as a test period as every year. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: High elo ADC streamers say that playing ADC in this season is absolutely horrible.
Wait until the season actually starts. There will be several changes coming (there is already something on PBE). I expect some jungle adjustments. Until then no matter what anyone says has any meaning. Currently I'd say junglers how a strong impact thought from my two days of preseason I'm much more impactful on mid rather than bot as a jungler, the jungle route just leads there naturally better in early clear so I think mages have much more to fear now than adcs. Apart from that adcs have quite a nice dmg and some tools to work with so it all probably depends on how much the jungle will get tweaked in the preseason.
Dr Sup (EUW)
: true but it's the same every year xD
And the community always helps physicists to keep the proof of relativity up to date for free ;-).
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DaveRod (EUW)
: Which champion visits LoLhentai the most?
Before this post I didn't know that lolhentai was a thing. Now I'm not sure, should I curese you or not for extending my world even for that brief moment? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
DaveRod (EUW)
: Which champion do you think has seen pro-play no matter what season it was?
Wasn't it Ryze? Apart from that Janna comes to mind.
: remove the new ryze ult
I haven't met anyone trolling with it this season actually xD. But if you are that worried than one for you: it's Ryze, just wait a while and he will get a new rework anyway, it's a staple ;-).
: Thats exactly what i meant ^^ Tho i think kha zix has an insane lvl 3 clear with blue-> gromp -> red and then a lvl 3 gank on mid/xside if there is a free kill avaible
Yeah, kha'zix lvl 3 gank on mid is pretty solid now. I get there so fast with full hp and that isolation is pretty easy to get in a solo lane ;-). They will probably tweak jungle quite a bit otherwise who knows what will happen in this season xD.
: Its probably the same as you get xp really fast now BUT junglers ganked even if it wasnt a 100% free kill but when it was easy to kill or catch. That should also stay the same Only stupid thing is that you can now countergank without warding or thinking with the vision plant =_=
Yeah, I tried jungling a few times now and the exp is pretty high at least for junglers who can clear - even with Kha'Zix I'm not half dead at the end of my first jungle clear as I used to be so I even do a little pressure ganks/counter jungle. But yeah I already got busted by that plant vision but I have to say I'm using plants pretty naturaly and don't think it's such a big problem - it's a nice place to catch/get caught too so for me it's actually a pretty nice addition to the game (no matter how artificial it feels). :-) Yeah junglers ganked but the higher you got the less they ganked early. Clearing your entire jungle first was more efficient, if you get lvl 6 at the same time as your laner then your gank in solo queue is basically a success from the get go but if you stray around too much earlierr you were denying yourself exp and gold and didn't hit 6 with your lane. I'm not saying jungler didn't gank in solo queue I'm jsut saying that it was more efficient to farm up more than gank and in higher mmr games it pretty common. ;) Well let's go have some fun with plants now! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Grimeroni (EUNE)
: Regarding Akali changes patch 6.22
Well I wouldn't look into it too much now. There were some tries to tweak here a bit up on pbe while assassin rework was there. So for now give it more than one day to settle down. After they gather data they might do something with it. Just think about mage rework, malzahar's most major change since mage rework is coming in the next patch (unless it gets reverted) so it took them about half a year to get there with a few slight adjustments here and there during s6. I don't know how much but I highly doubt there will be a lot invested into akali. They mentioned it several times that akali is definitely not on the list for buffs/nerfs (team) because she is listed reasonably high on the overall rework list. If you are lucky they might work on here in the next season (so 2017) and they might make her more viable. But until then I doubt there will be major investment into her, at least that's what all those akali posts/notes from rioters were about.
: The reason why i said its not logical is because they are taking the mmr that you get for TEAMING UP, to determine/affect the outcome of your SOLO performance in solo queue, if i understand correctly (if i dont, im sorry, i have no idea wtf is wrong with me, i may have lost some braincells lol)
It's fine, dont worry. Just calm down and think about what you just typed. They have a system which determines your mmr in five men team, that applies to solo/duo or flex doesn't matter it always scores you, so it doesn't matter that much to be scored by one or another because they basically score the same thing and that's one person. They said that in flex it WILL be (perhaps it already is) slightly different but the difference will probably take into account your premades in some way, so if you go solo now it probably scores you about the same as solo/duo queue, if you go now with friends it probably averages something out so your mmr could be ranking up slower than if you go solo. Conclusion: no matter what both systems still score you, if there is a slight influence based on the team it won't matter to you that much. So don't worry, just keep playing it's probably nothing even worth mentioning ;-). Btw: solo queue is solo/duo so how it scores you when you go duo? If there is an influence it's probably not that far from flex queue, perhaps flex is just and extension of solo/duo. ;-)
: I think i understand, but i dont think its logical of riot lol... also, 'if you keep playing during preseason' do you mean just normals or ranked flex queue?
I think rank and normals were mentioned to always have different systems. So I'd assume playing flex or when they open solo/duo. I don't know what you mean by it being illogical. They are just tweaking systems and starting one after another, currently they started with flex queue. Because they started with it, that's the queue they are using for influence over your starting mmr. Nothing special too it. It's pretty good, you jsut keep playing as usual and you can influence your placement so you cna get to your tiers quicker.
: im sorry, but i dont really understand what you're saying bro. What is 'Copper' etc?
There will be two rank queues, one solo/duo (bronze, silver, ...). The other one flex (copper, iron, ....) - this was mentioned somewhere some tiem ago, I don't know if the names persevered.
: Yeah, but do they mean, your mmr from normal games? mmr from ranked flex games? and how is that logical? why would mmr from ranked flex queue count towards mmr from solo queue? it defeats the entire purpose in my opinion
It's the same as every preseason. It just means that if you keep playing during preseason and then start your placement matches during the next season your rankings will be slightly adjusted depending on your performance during preseason. This just helps players from higher tiers to get seeded a bit higher than silver so they don't need to go through the whole ladder again to get to diamond, ..., and they won't be messing up games of lower division players. Don't worry about it. They even stated that the influence will be very subtle. 'parties of 4 disabled' - that probably means that you can't play with 4 (or more) people currently, perhaps they need to tweak it a bit for larger groups or something like that.
: Plat 3 and dia 1? Wheres the point behind that sentence
I'm jsut extending your reply to make it accurate. I'm also unranked on two other servers. What was your point from before?
: 3/ lol, when didi the jungle in season 6 required thinking? Honestly, there was no special decision making, good jungler just farmed up and that was about what s6 jungle was about. ;-).------------------------------ now you know why youre plat 3
Yeah now I now why I'm plat 3 and dia 1, check the posts above ;-).
Teejoon (EUW)
: 2 depends on who you ask. Yes, she might be boring to play for you now. But I tough she was boring to play against before and didn't like to play her. I will have to try her now to say what I think about playing her right now. But I think I will like to play vs her more, cause hopefully she won't be able to kill you in like 1½ seconds and jump away easly.
Yeah, she can't do it now because the daggers drop is a fixed artificial time barrier put in her kit. What I meant by boring is that artificial block. I'd like to see her to have her daggers dropped immediately on ground and be activatable by Q and E and (if necessary) by her walking near them (but walking near just after a certain time period not immediately). It would give her a bit more control over what she does and most importantly it'd give her something to do. Right now it's just Q, E, W (no dmg), wait, wait, kindly ask your opponent in all chat to wait next to dagger with you, wait, passive proc on dagger on ground - that's pre 6. After six it's about Q, E, W, R, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. And you can only do that to targets with lower hp and/or with no hard cc to stop your ult (if they have hard cc then it's just boring in 1v1). Well I'm not complaining that she is really bad, she is just different now a lot, it just doesn't feel fluid for a burst assassin to have burst (understand quick) abilities which don't chaing into a burst together. In lane you just kinda E to your opponent and then you have nothing to do.
: Why do so many people hate the plants?
Everytime you change something people are used you will have people complaining. That doesn't apply to lol or games exclusively. It's just a general thing. People complain, adapt and then repeat it again with new changes. Nothing special. You like something and that gets changed.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Omg! I've played jungle wrong the whole season! Can somebody pls tell how should i play jg in s7 BEFORE it ends? thank you
It's fine at least you now know. You will learn about s7 after it starts probably ;-).
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Jungle didn't require thinking? - Is this area warded? Better save smite for Raptors unit I get my Sweeper. - Better save my flash/escape ability in case enemies show up. - I don't have ward left. Better Smite wolfs. - I'm rather low, should I go back or risk ganking? Now it will be: - Free vision of 1/5 map for few second! Including enemy wards! Who need Pinks and Sweepers anyway? - Free jump over wall! - Free vision! again! - Free health? How nice of you riot
Yeah, the first four things you mentioned almost never applied in higher tier leagues. Well I can't talk about all regions I can at least say that it's not efficient in plat or above in EUNE and that it's not efficient in dia I or above in EUW. Smiting wolfs is a rare thing, it's not worth your smite most of the time, it's probably the least useful thing to use your smite for. If you are low you don't gank that's the basic you just don't do it it's not efficient. What S6 jungle was about: Farm up to 6 asap, don't gank pre 6 unless there is a guaranteed kill (and I mean 100% not "oh enemy pushed to our turret and stays there" - this is not guaranteed). When you are 6 gank lane which has no escape - no flash if possible - and where your teammate is lvl 6 with his ultimate as well. Basically blow enemies with two ultimates. Doing anything else was inefficient. That's why everyone called jungle this season no brainer and op considering that jungler can get lvl 6 together with his solo lanes. I can't talk about how it is now, because I haven't tried all the changes yet so I don't know timings now.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: 1. Get banned 2. Kata is better now. Not as brain-dead, smack keyboard champ anymore. 3. Jungle is way easier since it doesn't require thinking anymore
Well, leaving initiall comment out. 2/ kata is boring now - it just takes ages until those knives for such a quick champion drop so nothing to do after you E. 3/ lol, when did the jungle in season 6 required thinking? Honestly, there was no special decision making, good jungler just farmed up and that was about what s6 jungle was about. ;-).
aCup of Tea (EUNE)
: Lethality, what is the formula?
Oh I see, thanks everyone. So basically lethality is just a way to modify armor penetration. Thanks again this really helped guys!
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: so why is that bad ? that u can turn it off? I dont get it... so leave it on and u wont see cuss words wtf
It doesn't really matter. The guy above has a problem with cursing itself at least that's what it seems to me. But well I just wanted to let you know that there is such an option. Not really interested in this discussion aside from a few posts about clarification :-). Honestly for me there is not much difference if someone in chat sends my way a msg: "Fuck you you dumb kid" or "**** you you **** kid". Both seem about the same for me xD. Btw that filter works only on selected words, just use some symbols or some variation and it won't do anything ;-).
Iost art (EUW)
: The word 'cancer' was indeed a popular curse word in the Netherlands sadly. Im glad a lot of people stopped using the word. However Im still wondering why curse words are even allowed in LoL. They never helped a single player explain his/her actions in a better way, the curse words only bring hatred and toxicity.
Well let the first part go I can't really agree with the second part of your statement ("They never helped a single player explain his/her actions in a better way...". I can find situations when it's just simply easier to use a swear word rather than explaining the whole situation and everyone would without a doubt understand, when someone says: "Sry I fucked up." I have no problem with it and udnerstand what he meant even without a long statement describing it and it even conveys his feelings ;-).
: they are just shouldnt say it, 2 different things...they can block the words if they would like, they just dont it....dont know why really....if you want to a friend about a real cancer issue, invite him for a private chat and discuss those personal matter there, InGame those words should just get mute the person or something like that....i gotta agree with some people when they say lol is a toxic couldnt it be? your allowed to say whatever you want in a game without real time punishement, you may get banned later or may not...
A few "ask riot questions" ago (or in some post on boards) they mentioned filtering swear words but they weren't exactly inclined to making it work because it's simple to go around it. Instead of fuck you can type f u c k, f a k, use symbols and so on. They would have to update the list all the time and people could just go around it very easily again anytime. Of course even a simple : we ban *this* word, they start using *that* word. And you are again in a repeating cycle. They said they might implement some word substitution but dont' expect it to remove swearing or even just lowering the intensity. Unless you make some autonomous special system you will always get into a situation that it's not worth the money. Now, I'm not trying to defend lol community, or riot (by any means I can't defend anyone who let's such a cutie as Taliyah in her current state) but I play three other moba games, cs:go, starcraft 2 and hearthstone and I can tell you that the amount and intesity of toxicity is no different among all the titles I listed (compared to lol) - at least I haven't noticed a difference in matches I played (it might be different for you but considering that lol players are also dota players, .... I highly doubt it xD) with one exception and that's hearthstone and the only reason it's not a toxicity filled game is because it doesn't have ingame chat. Not defending just saying. Though I might just be an unlucky man who meets quite a number of toxic players in all games he plays ;-).
: Im pretty sure that if u write a cuss Word it will get starred out
That's just a filter which you can turn off in your settings, it influences only you. Basically when you have it turned on you censore yourself. I think it's located about the same place as an option to trun on all chat.
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: Problem with kalista
They said they will look at her next season, last time they didn't know a direction in which to take her so they just hammered her for now.
: Support is a joke now, it was bad before and now its comical.
Well, I don't want to join tl;dr; conversation but jsut a reminder. Riot stated a few patch notes or on boards that they want to loot at supports in general. They have been adjusting several champions throughout the season but the real makeover should come in 2017 (or later ;-)). I don't agree with everything you said especially seeing how heated you are right now but yeah it can be a pain. Honestly most of the problems supports have can be summarized into one single sentence: "lol doesn't support voice com". Btw supports are the least played in every moba I have played so far and I played most of the popular ones so far, it's probably better in dota2 but that just because of voice coms. Well sadly voice com will probably never come to league so good luck. Just wait for the changes and see after that. If I remember correctly some item changes should come now in preseason too to make supports more impactful.
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