Vialpando (EUNE)
: Because playing serious as 3-4 ppl premade would be toxic. Communication is vital in this game and such premades would have it too easy. If I was in charge I'd remove duos from rankeds, just solo q.
: Playing new things is not like im not playing to win. It's the queue i go to when i wanna practise things like Kled before getting into solo Queue. And normal games aren't a good testing ground because no one plays seriously.
because of people like you flex is becoming more shit than normals
: Because they needed a replacement for 5v5 Teamranked which ultimatly failed. If i play flex i don't do it seriously i just try out new champs in my lane pretending it's an actuall ranked queue. Another reason Flex isn't taken seriously is because there are diamond heck even grand master flex players who are silver-gold in solo queue because they played flex with their high elo friends getting carried. There is literally close to no skill expression in flex.
Why not playing normal!??!?! Why you ruing the games of people that actually want to play seriously with 3 or more friends!??!? I really hope you get banned for that!!!!!
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: I want a real reason,
We are in the meta cycle Riot is rolling since Season 3. They have to change something for the sake of changing so you don't get bored with their game
: Yeah its so much focus on the WIN rather than playing the GAME the esport focused gameplay punish funny moments and builds. I hope we can get an option to play the old version of the game :D
Or just play another game that reward experimenting and not reading guide or watching youtube videos. I am welcome to suggestions as i am also looking for alternative to tryharder meta LoL is going for
: > I won't even try to argue in detail why current rework plans are shit ideas that will ruin Teemo's current playstyle! I'm afraid if you want to be taken seriously, this is necessary. How is anyone supposed to discuss with you or even listen to you, if you, despite obviously having the time to write a thread, don't even bother to even explain your opinion? Right now, this thread basically says "I don't like the Teemo rework". Sorry, but that is not a basis for a discussion. Explain WHY you don't like it. Your reasons, your arguments...those are the very basis for a discussion and nothing good will be coming from this thread without them. > its now hated by everyone even by his former mains ! I consider myself a Teemo main or at least former main and still a fan, and I have very few problems with the rework. I had problems with former reworks of some of my mains (Skarner, for example), but this one is one I'm sort of okay with. Speak for yourself, not for everyone.
It's not about me liking or not it's a different champion! Can't you understand that!? Teemo is all about being UNSEEN threat even when he is not around at all. (If you ask me he is more terrifying than Nocturne even if he is the nightmare archetype ) you know his taunt "I AM EVERYWHERE"??? Also the rework makes you move a lot if you want to keep your ambush instead of rewarding you to chose wisely where to sit. This rework ruins both his lore and main playstyle. He should be played with patience and strategically not going all in when fed as yet another snowballing assasin. Without mushrooms currently it's very hard to burst someone, with the rework you just have to combo well with allies. Personally I have a huge problem with: 1. True invisibility --> Camouflage You now CAN'T escape sticky situation hiding in bush on 100HP until help comes You now CAN'T make bottom bush a skillshot matchup with the enemy mage supp You now CAN'T 2v1 top for surprise First Blood You now CAN'T Solo invade JG You now CAN'T camp a bush after you successfully trick the enemy into believing that you went back to base. You now CAN'T infiltrate enemy JG when your team is doing drake/baron to provide vision and flank the enemy You now CAN'T TP Bot and sneak in bush for surprise 3v2 (or even 4v2 if JG cooperates) 2. Less burst potential on Shrooms+Blinding Dart late game You CAN'T plant fear in the mind of the enemies when they escape on low HP (they now have more reason to just tramp over your shrooms instead of immediately B without moving). Snowballing potential in late game is greatly reduced if you can't delete anyone after they stampede your strategically placed mushrooms that made them 50% HP 3. Making the Teemo organised play viable is a thing noone asked for! And I personally don't want Teemo's invisibility to be nerfed becasue it's now harder to clear his minefield. Thats not the point. He is a champion you play to punish predictable behaviour and make enemies kill you out of rage even if that means they will lose the game or at least the teamfight! Thats things pros won't EVER do!
: Give me a "Classic LoL" option please. I miss to have fun.
+1 My brother recently stopped playing because LoL became too stressful to enjoy
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Rynor (EUW)
: Permanent bans of accounts should be removed, instead permanent ban chats
You are missing the point. Riot does not want to remove toxicity, they want to resell Yasuo/Kata/Zed skins again and again!
: It's the same as Karthus passive, zilean R, anivia passive, aatrox R (revive)
No it's not! Only karthus one is similar and equally stupid. The others are not giving kill/gold to the enemy if you don't kill them 2nd time. Actually karthus mid is free event prize if it works like kog maws passive coz you don't even need to follow the enemy to get the reward. You just wait for the HP to get low and you execute with one keypress!
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: sick of ranking.. league of trolls
And people still say that Flex is the inferior rank queue! Also at the end of the season rank is full of people that try to climb for rewards disregarding that the last months they played Fortnite while LoL is changing too rapidly nowdays (Thank you RITO)
DaWolfer (EUW)
: Ranked is unplayable for me atm
Its like that every year on end season because riot needs smurf's money. Just deal with it .
Master Scar (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=abixbg,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mavFvYdH,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-09-29T20:28:45.791+0000) > > Bother to tell why you think that? being forced to go bot lane when your main role might be jungle will just make it harder for the junglers overall
Being forced to play on same lane with person who blame "that noob supp" and go afk if you missclick KS one single minion is easier!? If you want to play jungle go solo simple as that! I am saying it again: the only viable reason to have duos on soloQ is supp+adc just because of the innate tension/synergy needed, between this 2 roles. If you have jungle + top or mid you usually get 0 ganks on bot up to gold tier at least. If you ask me between such duo premades and pure soloQ i prefer the later.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: today i had a caitlyn flaming me the entire game because i stole her kills... with Pyke... with his ULT...{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
You are lucky that they are just flaming you. I usually get afk adc when I play Pyke
Master Scar (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=abixbg,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mavFvYdH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-29T18:22:05.227+0000) > > Better solution: if you want to duo you have to be obliged to pick supp+adc no matter what! The only point of having duo in soloQ is for premades and they still have the option to pick top+supp for example. wtf thats a horible idea
Bother to tell why you think that?
: Playing Support For Autofilled ADC's
Better solution: if you want to duo you have to be obliged to pick supp+adc no matter what! The only point of having duo in soloQ is for premades and they still have the option to pick top+supp for example.
: > [{quoted}](name=abixbg,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=7iBTtea6,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-09-28T16:42:37.773+0000) > > Why you talk about things you have 0 understanding!? oh sorry i don't have ALL the knowledge in the world to know that people get honor bonuses from premades
Then again, WHY you spread false information that noone asked you!?
: no it doesn't
Why you talk about things you have 0 understanding!?
111182 (EUW)
: but is important ? like i wanna reach lvl 2 faster
Depending of your elo you should carry (bronze-silver) or not troll afk flame to get honors (gold+) if you play supp/jungle you have to mute chat in general so you just not get tilted by crybabies on every single tier in this game under diamond
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: What have you done Riot? Odyssey edition
This missions should be 5 premades only. But riot prefers to get"most toxic game of the year" award for the 9 year in a row
Waaruii (EUW)
: Where's the difference with having no events?
Are you seriously asking that!? Players are finite number maybe!? The ones playing "shit event" are not queuing for SR and you wait for ages and then you end with some people that are so bored they just troll
Waaruii (EUW)
: You're free to play it or not, no one is putting a knife on your throat...
You are missing that EVERYONE is playing this and you have to wait for draft match and you get people taht are here to troll... 3/3 games was like that.
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MinchSko (EUW)
: They gonna fix odyssey!!!
Let's upvote this thread!
Cypherous (EUW)
: Thats fine, i don't have any friends who would want to come back :P Smells like a promotion to try and encourage people to play again, meaning NA might be starting to show population issues from the backend
EVERY REGION is starting to show population issues, but as usual RIOT only cares about NA
: They're out of ideas and the keep rehashing and repeating old events. And rather than making an event fun. They would go about making it near impossible to complete to make it look more "worked on", more "refined" but it only comes as boring grindy and tedious.
Actually they put tons of art work in this mode but the gameplay is shit as hell. Wrong focus of resources. I guess good lead designers were reassigned to "The Other" Riot game
: The salt is strong in here
#YasuoPlayers: they are even toxic on boards!
: Honor Level Rant
It's not about the speed its about if you deserve it or not! I don't deserve it either becasue I am mildly triggered every now and then. I have never took 14days and i cant remember if i got chat restriction after season 6. Still lvl 3 tho
: or theyre just being ironic...
I bet they have this habit spaming it on every game ending... coz you know if they lose a game its because they were afk for the last 10 mins. #YasuoPlayers
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Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=abixbg,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=e7gKvKBr,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-27T08:13:39.816+0000) > > Why?? Just why your elo system is so broken!? It isn't broken. It's actually a very straightforward system: you win games your MMR rises; you lose games it lowers. You said that you wanted to try new champions and, I assume, that you lost a few games because of it. Obviously, that will lower your MMR. That's like saying "I'm a Diamond Support but I want to try playing Top. I'll lose some games and drop to Gold, but when I return to playing Support I expect to be Diamond again". That just doesn't make any sense, does it? So, what is the issue then?
"That just doesn't make any sense" Well funny enough Season 9 will be exactly that! Thank you Riot positional ranking finally!
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: You get them after completing only 3 missions? Maybe you already used them.
"For any of you hardcore folks who manage to complete all 6, you’ll get a *second Hextech Chest & Key*"
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: Missions not functioning properly
As usual... I don't bother posting on boards anymore about this.
: stop playing it if it raises your bloodpressure that high. karthus is so easy to counter. rly. get zhonyas, or get that other spell block item for ad, or get banshees, or get magic rest. karthus is just cute. there are so many more champs that could be considered as outright broken. fiora e.g. jax, heca is gosh darn strong, if you lose to karthus? ok thats possible, but if you rage about karthus, than you are doing it WRONG DUDE. karthus is nothing.
Then tell me why he was disabled when urf wasnt random!??!? Maybe because he was pick/ban in every game at first!?? Its fcukign free defeat in champion select now!
What do you not understand of ALL RANDOM in the mode name!!?!?!?
: Complaints about balance in URF are still the best.
ballance?!?!? Are you fcukigm kidding me!??! its free wasted time and you cant even dodge coz you dont know you get to play vs this shit
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: I don't understand how these 2 are even related or present 2 mutually exclusive options. You open chests with keys as far as I know so not entirely sure what you mean by "buying shards to open all the chests". Orbs can be opened just like that. Of course when in doubt there is always option 3. * Dispose of your money by throwing it out of the window. As far as wasting money goes, this is still your most efficient way of handling it and you actually know what you are paying for i.e. nothing. Can't say the same about orbs and chests or other predatory loot box variations.
Before i report your comment as SPAM I will explain in case you are serious... with 210 tokens that i have i can open 4.6666666 chests by buying key fragments and using mine chests that i stack and have no way of opening with honor key fragments. with that same 210 tokens i can open 2 orbs and one chest (again with using excess tokens for key fragments) If this is too hard to understand I encourage you to stick to playing Yasuo and just ignore that message
Zyzyx (EUW)
: Not sure how the title is related to what you wrote in the thread, but I prefer orbs. I have the same problem of getting more chests than key, but I don't really consider it a problem. I mean, it basically means that I get a little less free stuff than what I could get. It's not like having too many chests harms me in any way. If I ever want to get rid of them I will just buy 20-30 keys for RP, if I feel like it. Right now I don't, but if I ever want to do it, I can. It's a few €, it's like a buying a meal in a restaurant. And if I don't want that I just don't do it. It really is a luxury problem.
Looks like you are used to the never ending whining on the boards and you can't comprehend simple question for advice :D I was asking to see some reasons for either option that I haven't considered. Like @Sarchiapon said chests can give you emotes wards or champ tokens unlike orbs.
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: Should I go back to maining support?
Except you are basically useless if your adc is 20CS @5min
abixbg (EUNE)
: OK Riot you win. URF in not worth the time wasted anymore.
Follow up: My last 4 games were Totall team kills 1. 43/11 2. 48/30 3. 22/56 4. 45/20 Riot do you think that's fun or its just Champion Select lottery?
: riot made something good for once and then they ruined for everyone, like i tried one game yesterday after 3 minutes i was like why i queued for this garbage
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: lmao... can't remember the last time i urfed...oh was after the release of zoe so obviousdly during the clash fiesta xd. That being said, in all honesty, the urf does have a good side. it brings out the broken parts of the champions kits. and for once, there is a nuissance oneshotting on low cd's worse than nida. yes, it's zoe xd
Heca killed me in 0.17 sec and said "stay there i want to try for 0.10"
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