: your problem is a reality for every elo pretty much as you said human aspect you can't have higher difficulty of entry it's already a month in reality for a new player your best options are to mute everyone and play your game your own play will determine if you have a higher than average win rate not your team mates
Thank you for your comment! It is hard to play a good game when the enemy team has a feeded champ, constantly killing you. For the future ill do my best and hope for better.
JustClone (EUNE)
: In everything below plat, you do not need team. Like I literally do not care what is happening around me, just doing my own thing and carry... If I notice some player shows signs of brain activity, I stick around him, trying to make 1 vs 9 game into 2 vs 8 game. If someone else joins us - even better... But that is just a bonus.. its not needed to climb. I am just tilting the enemy team before mine has even the chance to start to tilt :P
Thanks for your opinion, I'll find some boosted champ and that's that.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > I've been sending reports at the end of my most of my matches. We already have rules, and i suspect most of the people you're reporting didn't actually break any The rules already exist
Thank you for replying. Actually, a lot of reports were followed by riot punishment system, but, this is at the end of the game, I'm thinking about something at the matchmaking level.
: I think the primary issue is the way match making works, or more specifically the consequences of a really poorly matched up group of players. There are really big skill gaps between say how people play in Iron III compared to Bronze III or Bronze II and Silver III. Yet, depending on your MMR, you may very well be in a ranked Bronze II match and be facing Silver 3-4 players. This happens to me from time to time (last night is the most recent). I'm a decent player... on a Bronze level. Meaning when I'm facing Bronze players I put on a B+ to A+ show, its a fair match and can go either way. But when I face a Silver 3 in the top lane with 50k+ Mastery, by the time the match is over people are accusing and reporting me for intentional feeding. I'm doing my best, but I'm so outmatched that it feels like I'm playing against a Challenger level player. And I know some people will say "well he was probably a smurf", but itäs really not true, I look up people I play against and I rarely find them to be confirmable smurfs. They are simply more skilled players than me. So yeah, your complaining about having your matches ruined, I'm the guy ruining it for you m8, but you can't really hold me accountable. I'm a Bronze II player, trying to rank up and to do that I have to compete against Silver 3-4 players. I'm simply not ready for Silver, I'm Bronze II because this is where I belong, but the matchmaking system keeps putting me into Silver ranked games consistantly.
Thanks for your replay ! I'm saying about those players that try, you can see that when they play or about the players that give the best of them. I'm pointing at the players that dying once triggers something in them, and it is not good. Think that you die once, and 2 teammates start accusing you of your poorly play-style spamming chat and pings all over. Not a very nice situation because this will make you loose your focus. Just saying... Something must be improved, I've played with bronze 2 players, even gold but with encouragement and some good choices we won... so yeah...maybe i have a problem ?!
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