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SeanGoku (EUW)
: The problem isn't the game mode. You get the same sht from people in Ranked too, when you're out of luck. The people are the problem. Having people being %%%%s in champ select needs to be reportable. Now, that said.. Crying about peoples picks or summoner spell choices isn't helping either. You don't get to choose what you're teammates play. If they decide to play something you don't like, that's your problem, and you should have to deal with the consequences of dodging. But for the cases where someone is actually trying to force you out of your role or intentionally trying to force you to dodge in a very obvious manner, then we need to be able to report that.
We need to have a report button in champ select.
ChillPill91 (EUNE)
: They know. That's why we have limited access to draft pick. Long live EUNE...
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Cypherous (EUW)
: > So why does varus need to be the token gay guy? Why doesn't he need to be? what difference does the orientation of a fictional character made of pixels matter to you? :P > He loses his whole purpose. His only "purpose" is to press QWER in the right order to kill things, his lore doens't impact the gameplay in the slightest > Or any other champion whose sexuality weighs 0% in it's story. His story was retconned, just because you preferred the older now "no longer canon" story doesn't really matter, this is his new lore if you don't like it then don't read it, the character hasn't actually changed :P > It makes 0 sense to change his sexuality for the sake of "diversity" His sexuality serves zero purpose anyway, they aren't going to suddenly make his Q a giant penis or anything so for the overwhelming majority of players, this literally changes nothing :P Great, Varus is gay, why do i care?
Exactly! Why even care though?
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: What is your win/loss ratio in normal blind/draft pick?
87/124, you can tell I am a good player.
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Εmperor (EUNE)
: Depends if you are ready for whats coming your way , becouse its gona feel diffrente at start and ofcurse , i cant denie my 1000 games in silver 5 was pain in the ass (was clearly not ready noor good at the game) , but it still was sorta fun to play the game , so yea dont be ofraid to play , if you are not ready you will be where you deserve to be , if not well than you can chill at bronze 5 , it doesnt rly matter where you get or what ,if you will be ready than you will climb and while getting ready it wont hurt to play ranked just for sake of it :D
No,not Bronze 5. I got my really pro Yasuo main friends who have sticked in Bronze for 2 years. One of them stayed in Bronze for a year and barely made it to Silver5 (to me its Bronze 0) and now he thinks hes Faker. I think I should master different champs in several roles and then after 50 ish matches continue with placements.
Arsene (EUNE)
: As a guy who was stuck in silver for 4 years nothing triggered me more than new players jumping into ranked thinking they are yasuo, teemo and lee experts and feeding their ass off. Please for the sanity of your teammates, learn at least 2 roles with 3-4 champs in each before ranked, both you and your team will have a better time trust me
I play teemo pretty well. But I wanted to always play Gragas Orianna and Master yi(I played him in my first four matches and fed the enemy pretty handsomely)Are they hard champs to master?
: If you like fantasy, and / or historical fiction, then then I can definitely recommend the books. If you do read them, do yourself a favour, and read the books first. No. 6 should come out this year ^^
this year?u serious?With GRRMs rate it should come out in 2/3 years.
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Sidnas (EUNE)
: Hell yea.It's fun. Now i don't know how things are right now after you reach lvl 30 but when i did , i got rekt in every game , like the level of player skill just skyrockets but this is a good chance for you to improve your game and make your placements a bit easier. I had to play 40 or 50 normals before i could play ranked because i needed to grind for the champs.Started my lvl 30 games with silvers and golds , ended up with plats and i must say that after playing against plats in normals and getting my ass rekt , playing with silvers and gold in ranked was really easy. Also don't be scared to play ranked games , at first it might seem a bit scary ,but after a game or two you will see that it's just like a normal.
I think I should do placements first and then proceed.
mountoya (EUW)
: you wont u basicaly have a silver 3 mmr maybe the worse u can get is Bronze 3 if u literaly fk up every game and feed otherwise u jet get low/mid silver and climb or go all the way down depending on your skill level ... it can feel hard and unfair but if u can just skip this drama and just say whatver happen ill do better u wil climb or atleast wont be bronze V ... i mean i was bronze V cuz i never cared a month ago i said im gonna get out , i had like 700 mmr so it was hard but went from bV to b3 in both flex and solo duo .... just focus on yourself not the others there is better players and there is worse ... ur rank doesnt matter do u know what matter ? ITS IMPROVING EVERY TIME EVERY DAY ... because and this aplies to life its not the end nor the begining that matter because once ure there well ure there the end stop nadda ... but the road is the important thing u need to enjoy it , it may be hard or easy , fun or boring but if u keep improving even by 0.0001% ure gonna enjoy ur game and maybe your life :p BAD ENGLISH I AM SORRY FOR YOUR EYES GUYS
: That is a fear you will also have after having practised for a lot :D I swear I've met very good and nice Bronze players and horrible and monkey-ish play players in my LoL history it really doesn't matter: it helps a lot to understand what level are you, but just give and do your best and you'll be fine. Don't expect to be put in Diamond, it's gonna be either Bronze or Silver, so get ready, the beautiful/horrible part it's climbing.
Im hoping for a Silver 5 (best)or Bronze4(worst)but time will tell.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: If u are serious about playing ranked, then you should start as soon as possible.
Im hella afraid. I got me mate in Bronze who tells me Ranked matches arent that hard but he only plays Ranked twice a season. On the internet ppl say its hard so I think I should wait until i feel ready.
: It's not worth it, trust me. You have a long road ahead of you and ranked games are stressful and annoying sometimes. Practise a lot, build a solid champion pool and after some time start it. If you really want just do placements first.
You are kinda right tho. But Im afraid that I will be placed in Bronze 5. Do you get your ELO according to your placements performance or by your overall performance?
: You first need to own enough champions to play ranked (I think 20), and you probably not going to have so much champions when you reach level 30. In my opinion, I should start with ranked when you feel comfortable with at least 2 champions for each roll (for when an other one gets banned).
I just feel comfy with Teemo and Gragas
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