: Why riot doesnt make events anymore
They SO need to give the gamemodes back.
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: Is there gonna be any gamemode except the nexus blitz?
I forgot about the snowdown and the poro king but that game isnt much fun when u see urf
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Mada (EUW)
: Maybe the new champ has an invisibility passive that's being teased?
Idk but i want a real teaser not 3 pictures that ade telling us whats going on
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: Did it crash again?
Is it only on euw or eune too
: The prophecy became true.
Did it crash again?
: What is your most favourite champion of this game and why?
{{champion:51}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:145}} my top 3 champs
: They can't buff Caitlyn. If they do, she becomes the bot lane gatekeeper and makes half the roster unviable simply by being viable herself. Have fun trying to play {{champion:119}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:96}} while Caitlyn is viable. Caitlyn's kit needs larger work done to it than some numbers tuning. She needs to be made fairer to lane against before being given any sorts of power. Honestly, If Caitlyn being weaker means more ADC's get played bot lane then I'm fine with it.
But cait is so good if u know how to play her, at the other side, she can be very weak but she counters the most powerful adcs.
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