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: >oke riot now i am doing cancer for players , 1win normal playing 1 game feeding or trolling this really funny for me Then you can already say bye bye to your account. Bans happen pretty quickly these days.
no why? no rune no mysteries childs playing ranked and feeding never punishing? i now 1 game normal play 2 game troll feed playing problem? i m noob and feeding? my bad sorry for feed?
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: How can anyone find LOL "FUN" anymore?
tonight 2 time come my team 12 and 13 year old child no runes no mysteries and noobs only feeding? this lol community? this game died only twich tv lcs shows , real life this game dead
Horodrim (EUW)
: Hello friend! Most of us have been at a breaking point where we wanted to quit the game, stop playing or uninstall. In some cases that might be better if it leads to stress in everyday life, but you have to keep a positive mindset. We all have bad games where we play bad and we also have games where others play bad and it seems like their team is always so much better then yours. But you have to stay calm and try to do your very best every game! Change the attitude towards the game and other players and it will start to reward you in return! Sometimes a few encouraging words are everything that someone needs to play better :)
thank you for comment :) i really tired for this community , 1 game coming nice team 3 game full apes playing ranked for fun ... feed feed trolling peoples dont care losing ranked games ... now my new match history i only intentionaly trolling my lose garen top game for useless hecarim , enemy panth have ignite and enemy jax gang top , enemy bot lane full afk push 0 gang top and bot my hecarim and i go troll playing for hecarim ... other garen game my jungler gang top and kill me .. i again mad and go yolo ad garen build win , peoples dont know this game and spamming ranked game , i every game mad ..
: Just mute everyone, you wont hear a single word from your team mates, and if you want, you wont hear from enemies too... But you gotta see the difference, in gold people start to know how to play... Silver 3 is kinda "low-elo", people wont know how to counter, people wont pick tanks, etc... In gold things might change... But yeah, you will always find some annoying persons, no matter what
dude my problem not flame , my problem 0-12 , 4-14 ranked players , bronze - silver - gold elo really bad not funny , i m tired now and full trolling ranked games this funny for me , season 1-2-3-4 gold elo have really nice players now garbage full kids and braindeads , my all friends unistall lol season 4 and 5
: "OTP Shaco" But wants to carry as AP Shaco... You have to be extremly good with shaco to carry as AP... Since your auto's wont do too much damage, you are to squishy, and you relly a lot on going in and out of fights... Against someone like amumu where he can just ult and cc u... You are basicly useless for the team... Not saying you did well or that you are bad... But to carry as ap shaco, you have to be really really really good shaco... Play normal stuff shaco... And you might carry...
this game and community make cancer , now i only play for fun AP Shaco , i m 4 day silver3 to Gold5 carry climbing and but nothing changed , silver3 or gold5 same apes same kids , maybe this game or community make me troll :) and Thank you for writing
: Trolling vs flaming
flamers no problem you have mute button , trolls or unskilled feeders big problem and this game community really max 20-30 iq waste of time
: Sure
what is sure? bb pls never write me
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: > [{quoted}](name=antibes,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ahRdH2Vi,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2017-05-07T21:30:07.264+0000) > > scores on all ranked games are similar , players non stop feeding and? lose your 25-40min , lose your LP? this video game and this ranked game , some people play ranked to play better quality matches(climbing) , this feeding is not acceptable in ranked ranked , are you need fun go play aram or normal games Thats why you have ~ 6 deaths per game on most of your champions played in season 7 ranked xD For example your stats of shaco 26games played And you have 5.3/8.3/7.9 with kda 1.62 and you are talking about quality games.
dude i m unistalling lol this day , i climbing silver3 to gold5 16win 4lose , and gold players smilar silvers , now only play for fun or troll pick oke?
: Having a bad score or doing bad in a video game isn't a reason to insult anyone or being insulted by a random player that had a good score in a lost game. Maybe he pleyed ranked as he didn't have a connection issues before. Problem with this game is that the punishment system is to soft and ppl act really immature and overreact.
scores on all ranked games are similar , players non stop feeding and? lose your 25-40min , lose your LP? this video game and this ranked game , some people play ranked to play better quality matches(climbing) , this feeding is not acceptable in ranked ranked , are you need fun go play aram or normal games
this MMR system so stupid , 2 day ago i have 16win 4lose ranked stats , 3-4 game intentionaly feeders trolls unskilled players come my team and now i have ELO Hell :) , so stupid game and ranked system
: Please report him
this game? your score good? vs trydamare? u have connection problem why play ranked? i think your writings are lies sorry ... look at team scores u blame shaco? shaco is are rightly angry
: Ive fallen to 35% today.
2 day ago my last 20 ranked game 17win 4lose , silver3 to gold5 , i think gold elo have a better players :) now playing same cancer players again gold elo , now my 5-6 game lose , int afk players feeders make me cancer ....... this game and community true cancer
: Promos Nightmare Story :D
dude this game cancer , i placed this season silver3 and my 20 ranked game 16win 3lose i m now gold5 , i now happy? no .... again full fail runes fail builds useless unskilled ranked players on gold elo this game dead i think
Kìńg (EUW)
: Banshee Veil Cancer
yes i think this item really op , maybe need little nerf 70ap change 40-50ap +45 magic resistance +70 ability power +10% cooldown reduction + speel shield
Rstonius (EUW)
: "It's only your fault that you can't climb"
everygame 1win 1lose stay silver3 , this game waste of time and only make me cancer :) again deserved lose ranked game ... first item bloodthrister jinx 35-40min only running on map tourist , look like jinx duo zyra mid and? deserved lose noob renekton cant 1v9?
Rstonius (EUW)
: Reread the goddamn thread, its me complaining about how it is not your fault that you cant climb.
Rstonius (EUW)
: "It's only your fault that you can't climb"
this my fault? playing gp , win top lane vs lucian and? how to win? this my fault? support zilean , win bot lane and? troll 25min afk farmer jungle malp feeder top mid and? this my fault? jungle elise 0-10? mid first item zhonya vs brand? europe really garbage , i never see this players Turkish server and open thread write "It's only your fault that you can't climb" epic
Rstonius (EUW)
: "It's only your fault that you can't climb"
this my fault? 1 game before my jungler this , this my fault? are you pollyanna? europans really stupid , i back Turkish server edit: yes i m half europan :D
: > I'm getting matched with Idiots in my games That includes your enemies. Whatever players you are matched with, they are in both teams. If you are actually better, this means that, on average, your team has an advantage, leading to more wins than losses. And that's all that is required to rank up. You make a mistake a lot of people make. You pretend these two statements are the same: "When you lose a game it's your fault" "When you don't rank up it's your fault" But they are not the same, not at all. The latter is true, the former is nonsense. No one expects you to win all games and when you lose a game it's not always your fault. But ranking up is a completely different story, it's not really influences by individual games, it's influenced by the overall statistic. And THAT is only influenced by your personal skill; that is really 100% your fault/achievement...given you have played enough games to nullify the effect of coincidence. Normally the rule of thumb is that after 50-200 games this starts to happen.
yours system op and this game dead , only playing 20-30 IQ morons and 10-15 year old kids , everygame 0-10 players everygame afk players on ranked , i m stay silver3 and this day unistalling this cancer game , speak more for idiots
Rstonius (EUW)
: "It's only your fault that you can't climb"
sure my fault sure ... 6win 4lose placed silver3 , every game 1 afk , everygame 1-2 0-10-1 feeders ... sure my fault so fuccking moron game and community unistalling better for me
GLurch (EUW)
: If you won your lane, didn't you roam?
15.min open bot inhi .. look scores hardcore feed bot mid and jungle , i roam for feed? :)
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