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: Sure, I'm in. Now please tell me, what kind of an automated script would you use, to detect the feeders, and how to differentiate between genuinely bad players getting outplayed in lane 5+ times, falling behind and just feeding unintentionally, and intentional feeders. How would you make this AI not give out false positives, and only ban the people who deserve it? How many people that are actually not feeding, but died 3+ times in lane do you think, that get reported by their team-mates, especially after a lost game? I'll give you a hint, A LOT. **** Would you like to risk getting banned, if you got destroyed in lane by a smurf? Lemme know.
dude,u know exactly what im talking not talking about ppl who die in lane many talking about a player who is bored or whatever who goes solo the map into enemy and let them kill sure u saw it several times in ur life especially and bronze/silver.and yes-if someone reports u for doing it,an actual person should watch the replay and see if this is the case or not. again-im not talking about someone who is 0/6 cuz he is talking about someone who is 0/20 cuz he is bored and likes to ruin other ppls game.
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Hajrulla (EUW)
: Looking for a premade duo! Silver/Bronze with Discord!
QuuQuu (EUNE)
: Looking for chill people to team up for normals.
: looking for people to play ranked with
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