: I am on euw ):
ahh ;-; makes me sad
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: > asking for matching lgbtq/lesbian related nicknames 9 years old kids right now: https://memeguy.com/photos/images/my-favorite-missing-nose-gif-22070.gif
XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD can't wait for those 9yr olds to arrive
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: Let’s bring Jhin puns back! **Jhin**: Jhinius / Jhineric / Jhinuine / Jhinsane / LeJhindary / OriJhinal ADC; Jhinfinity Edge **Nami**: Jhenuine / ImaJhinative / Jhinerous / Jhingerbread / OriJhinal Nami / Supp If you are big on learning languages, then... **Jhin**: Jhinitive Case **Nami**: Naminative Case
What does Naminative and Jhinitive mean? I mean I’m not really fluent in English or any other languages so😅
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