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: Never One Contest Entry: "Back-and-Forth"
I was hoping your story would make it to the shortlist and I'm really glad it did! :3 There are so many things I love about this piece, starting with the dynamic between Kayn and Rhaast, and the fact that you somehow made the scene appear so serene, considering how Rhaast is basically murderous intent in a trench coat. Rhaast's vision made me wonder if he actually did slip, or if he was just leading Kayn on. And Kayn having to resist the urge to scratch the corrupted part of his body? Such a brilliant detail. You have my vote!
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: Why is Riot misleading people into buying snowdown chests?
Thanks, but only you can see your ticket anyway :) I'm sure they will refund it as soon as they realise their mistake. Cheers and merry Christmas!
: Why is Riot misleading people into buying snowdown chests?
It's most likely a bug. Today's theme is fire so that would explain why all of you got fire-themed skins. Yesterday's was ice. Here's the link to the support page which shows all the skins you can get from particular chests: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/236357867 It's updated daily. I would recommend writing a ticket. I can see the bug myself, so it's definitely worth reporting.


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