Práedyth (EUW)
: that was obviously meant for normal games. in ranked i get matched with d5-d2. nothing special, not below or above my elo. also, if you think that such websites even get somewhat close to someones actual mmr then youre totally wrong. a couple months back riot answered one of the "is the mmr determines close to someones actual mmr" questions and said that the website is wrong by up to 300 mmr (which, if you didnt know, is over 4 divisions)
Yep, and I can just search for the guy's profile in the lol client. What if I find that he is a challenger? Is my lol client wrong? And of course I won't get too low or a lot better opponents in ranked, but I just can't understand why does it have to be somehow else in normal games...
Hákha (EUW)
: MMR is different between normals and ranked. Some ppl only play ranked games, so they are maybe ranked Diamond but their MMR in normal didn't change. For example I'm P1 but my MMR in normal is around S3. And of course, there are premades. But in that case, you should have high elo players in your team too.
Thanks, now I get it! ^^
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