: new Loading-Screen?
So I just saw this post. I liked it so far. With that loading screen it would be nice to have champion select like this.{{summoner:7}}
: Upcoming PBE application approvals
I got email today that I am selected for tester but when I click on my mail create account, it brings me on page where it says that my application is received but still I cant create account. How??? please help
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Zebrawars (EUW)
: Could someone from high elo tell me if i have been being a good support by my past matches?
Well unfortnently its really hard to carry as support role. Eventhough you improve yourself your team have a big part to play well and try to win game. They need good focus on every champion in teamfight. Only thing you can do in teamfight is engage and protect adc. So its mostly up on your to win a game{{champion:412}}
: Can you bring back U.R.F?!?!?
{{champion:134}} {{champion:238}} I AM WITH YOU. HAVE SO MANY IDEAS TO TRY ON URF SO I HOPE RIOT WILL BRING IT AGAIN. please riot for all player and community bring back URF. We would appreciate it so much


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