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its better than being left out because you are still honor lvl 1 after you got banned for a day last season XD. the climbing back to honor lvl 2 is way too harsh for that, i mean its the first time i got banned, i tilted and played bad and fed so they reported me for "inting". i also get tones of honors, most of them for gg and tilt proof, and yet it takes a month for me to get a %%%%ing checkpoint? that just sucks.
: I understand you bro.. all the time I have a premade they are toxic. But this time I didn't mute them (my fault) anyway I think what I said is not a reason for a ban. If you send a ticket then Riot remove the ban. Thanks.
not in my case, managed to get a 0/39 and denaid 2 early surrs. had a great laughf though, in one point they said they didnt dodge becouse they didnt want to wait 5 min just becouse i called and locked first, that was about 20 min into the game XD, but i really wish i would have goten a msg about a restriction from chat for the two who was racist, its sad to say but the defoult for a league player right now is toxic and salty, but those guys, i troll a bit becouse they where jerks so acording to them i must be bronze and if im bronze i must be muslim and if im muslim im also %%%%%%ed and after all that not even a chat ban
: Unfair Permanent ban.
theres a really shitty phenomanon of 4 premades getting ppl they dont like banned, for what ever, its shitty becouse they can report you for whatever they want and some of those times you will get banned. most of those 4 premades groups are toxic and unpleasent in generarilly and i think its ironic that a group of 4 ppl who are the opposite of league's sportman's like idle behavior can get someone banned. ive had a misconception of how bans work, but anyway those groups allow themself to be nasty becouse that this is a wide missconcption about how bans work, the missconception that you need more than one report to get someone baned, however it doesnt change that phaenomanon of 4 people groups who are flaming, salty racist, unpleasent and report you in the end of the game becouse you called first a lane and wasnt willing to swap. (in my case though i really had that ban coming, thinking to myself im gonna get reported anyway so atleast i can pay them back some of their 'kindness' i decided to feed)
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: > [{quoted}](name=Tarolock,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=OuE0dBuZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-27T17:31:34.494+0000) > > and what would you do with the time you save with that? i mean you would save 4 clicks = 3 seconds max, and ppl already wasting tons of time typing novels during games It isn't really ment to save time like I said it's a quality of life update.
well i think its usless, most of the time when i play with friends its like an afk check " no w8 i need to go for a sec ill put the roles when i come back" - aka almost every game i play with friends also if you want to invite some one same thing "ill put my roles in a sec i just check with im" so as it will be a smother way to start it has its downsides as well siense they are both coming from the same thing - the fact that you need to choose your roles so thats a deal where you give up on somthing to get somthing equivalent (becuse as itll make some games start smother youll lose a smoother comun before starting the game especially in large groups) wich is not really worth the hard work. ps. english aint my native languge its not that im 5 + i have problem with that cind of shit i dont talk very clear in my native languge as well but its wors when i have the tenses, spelling and everything mixed up like i do with english so sry for that.
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: Yeah, I have noticed the small delay too. I thought it might be just my PC, but maybe it's because it's just an alpha and it's not completely optimized. I bet once released, there would be close to no delay, if any. About the 5 points in one click, that would be pretty useful. I play a lot of ARAM and I often have to make new mastery pages on the fly. (I even have an empty mastery page just for that reason) Having to put all points one by one is a pain.
about the delay and your PC, im having a dellay when im playing draft bitween every lock/ban so if i need to lock or an i have like 10 sec less to do that, are you having this as well? ps my computer is a bit old so mybe this is effecting the dellay length but on the normal client (not alpha) while drafting i do not have this dellay. pss my originall languge aint english so pls ignor the spelling and shit.


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