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Bonsenthefluff (EUNE)#2602
: EUW has problems every week... Nobody buzzes a fly. Nordic goes down for a day once in 6 months, blame Riot for not giving a fly. Logics :X
Don't be ignorant , EUNE went down or had a crash atleast 2 times each month in the past 6 months. I play on both servers and i haven't seen EUW going down for a while now.
Legendmrr (EUW)
: Jhin bug
Jhin main here . Yeah this happens a lot , although to resolve this and not get tricked by the bug , just keep ur champion selection on the champion with the bug. Also , the marker gets brighter if the champion is damaged . This is worse with high noon Jhin since the whole mark shows as a whole , but with the normal skin it doesnt show very clearly ( or just shows some of the visual effects )
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SoulBawz (EUW)
: he CAME for 1 hour? damn thats a long time to come (o.O)
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MonstaX (EUNE)
: Yeah but that stuff will never be eliminated you should focus on you dont mind the rest
Yeah ik that :P. I just sometimes feel bad for some people.
MonstaX (EUNE)
: Look i am not a pro either.Based on your match history to say that you lost cuz someone fed intentionaly is highly unlikely sure they might be bad but like you said you are not that good either.I am kinda sweet but i also love to say the truth since i am not going to sweet talk anyone.So here is the best thing i have learned by playing this game its why i lose its my fault only!Now you may say how can win if someone trolls well i am here to tell you once i aplied this mind set i was able to win games with duo jungle, people afk, people trolling because even tough i might get bad teammates enemy has them too.So by far the best thing is its always my fault heck i can go trough my match history and it tell you exactly what i could have done to carry better.So thats the thing play only to improve yourself screw others and screw ranks.And if you whish you can add me
Yea sure i'll , but i am not blaming my loss on him ; i am stating that even when people put their roles and they don't get what they want they still need to deal with it. They can't troll and take other people's roles because that's just bad.
MonstaX (EUNE)
: What about that match when you went afk?Or the fact that your premade feeds(support had great score and even better kill contr) or the fact that your premade has 100 cs in a 40 min match,hm.I doubt that this thread you wrote its truth(maybe the lucian part is)
i swear it is , and the game i went afk was because i was in the cafe with my friends and my computer's cable dced and it took time to put back . And i am not a pro or anything , don't judge my cs or kills. I am just a guy playing the game. And please if you're here to ruin my day don't bother. Why in hell would i lie , do you really think i am an attention whore ? Maybe i am not so good at the game but i care about my fellow summoners ; why are you even accusing me of lying :( . I actually want to be good friends with you since you are very sweet to some people on the boards and we are on the same server .
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its lit fam (EUNE)
: Frucking hell Riot Games
Ya for some reason one of mine got replaced but i got Bloodmoon Kalista for 292rp :D , ya its a bug but didn't matter for me . This is a lesson from riot that you need to be quick xD
freaksN (EUW)
: When will this Party IP reward thing be live too ?
It ended on EUNE but idk for you poor eu westers hang in there , rito will treat you right someday.
131 (EUW)
: Report system (Suggestion)
I can see that in some situations she is in fact scripting , but scripting has been around since i started playing in season 4 or maybe before , and its still there , the mechanic makes the game unfair to other players and can change the game's outcome . So ya you're right .
Norvash (EUW)
: "Attempting to Reconnect" five times in ranked.
Yea happened to me too , same no one using the internet and 78ping , DC in my game that leads to promos . Yay riot i am super happy :P
: Being an ADC/Support player in low elo.
Doesn't apply , i was in silver last season and i main support. I play thresh and blitzcrank and i usually get my ADC fed .
Misko MY (EUW)
: Master Yi HD High Elo Montage S6
Damn hoped you would be in EUNE too , i am a yi main with 130k mastery points on him , not to say that i am proud or anything :P. But i am shit at this game unlike you :S. So i can't actually give you tips :P.
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: Funny client bug... Wth Rito
Yea happened to me too , a guy i had was level 99 probably better than challenjour
: a few words for those who have problem with their new rank...
Sent you to bronze * , kind of a grammar nazi ik but just so people won't make fun of ya
: i got a blackscreen help
Did you try repairing?? If you did then i have nothing to help you with , maybe reinstall the game??
: i went 9 - 1 placed in gold 5. was unranked last season
Oh you were Unranked , thats why , your MMR is high , are they your first placements? Cuz if they are it is expected
: Yup. 6 wins 4 loses dropped 1 tier.
: I just got dropped down from Silver 5 to Bronze 5.
Same thing , and i was 6-4 , what in hell.
: >mute chat >mute pings What's next? mute peoples existance? lol Just go to sound and torn ping volume to 0 and your problem is solved
no i mean i want that whole thing away , like the ping to go . I don't my mini map full of Red , Yellow , and blue.
drogbaro (EUNE)
: Thank you for the report summoner! We will bring the new tryndamere skin next patch. :^)
HAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH , you made me lmao , that's so true xD .
: This guy... he gets hit when he comes out of alpha or gets stunned before he can even cast it and then starts raging. Maybe he should time his alpha strike better. Edit: How can you even watch this? He cries like a baby. I bet he is just acting too.
he is the world's best master yi , and look at the syndra one carefully, please look at it carefully.
LA Losty (EUW)
: Not sure what you mean by that, but ive had a bug happen multiple times where if you throw your Q as you quickly use your W then the Q from the shadow just bugs out... :/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0YazXTUHdM 3:22 here for proof.
I watched , yea happens.
duckarp (EUNE)
: Do you have a video or something? Cause I play him quite often and didn't have a single problem yet.
If i encounter the bug again i'll record it.
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Quatro45 (EUNE)
: Hey Guys I Have An Issue With LeaverBuster.
Well this is how it is done , even if u left 40/50 matches ago and left again after these 40/50 matches , if you got a 5 min ban that time , you get a 10min ban this time and it keeps on repeating till you get a 20min , then there is no more.
LA Losty (EUW)
: I never said that what applies to the pros applies to me, but that doesnt change the fact that it POTENTIALLY can make the experience worse for those who play solo. Personally i wouldnt want to play with a 4 man premade in ranked, since if things went to sht they would likely blame me. Im not judging it since i havnt tried it yet, all im saying is i fear that such things might happen. Also i personally did not ask for anything like this. Some did, some did not, and i certainlly didnt.
To You i say yes , it is true 1 guy can get abused , because pre-mades never blame each other , which is why i think the limit should be 3 , and not 5 , makes ranked 5s useless , but at the end of the day , we can't control , it is riot who decides to remove , fix , or hot fix , i didn't try it either since i am in EUNE , i think it does need more work , riot went for the Looks in the champion select and not what we need , i mean you need to press LOCK IN or you dodge the queue , that is just not right , and also why do we see a centered splash of the champion and not be able to scan for counters and what champions do we have available and that is just not right , i agree with you all the way , the champion select has Positives and negatives . And i am not being aggressive here but the community is not you , and i am sure you didn't ask for the champ select since you don't like it and don't agree with Dynamic Queues , now it happens that duos blame you . It once happened to me in ranked , 2 duos ( like 4 people ) were with me in a game , these 4 people all knew each other , i went 4/4/2 ( which isn't good or bad ) our bot sucked so bad , but they all no each other , so they put the blame on me and started to flame me to the point that i didn't play another game that day.
LA Losty (EUW)
: I feel like its easely abuseable and makes it more unfair for those who play solo.
You guys think the thing pros are facing applies to all of us , and i am happy to say it doesn't , the new champ select is really good , can no one appreciate what riot did , 2 years ago we were asking for this exact thing , i even saw a post on reddit , it was the same formula and the same way riot did it , and now we are hating on it , i hate when people do this , it is just not right. The champ select may be not perfect , but it was released 3 days ago , riot can hot-fix it is normal , riot aren't perfect but they aren't shit at the same time .
: If you ever feel like changing servers then i'd be glad to help you with that ;) Thanks again you lovely awesome individual!! <3
I would but i have two reasons for it : 1. All my friends are there (EUNE) 2. its a very silly reason for me to purchase 2400 RP to move to a server plus i bought RP yesterday for two skins :D Anyway you still do amaze me and i will try to remember you all my life , i actually opened the boards only to see if you replied to me <3 EDIT : I might make an EUW account so if i ever do i'll add you and we'll play together if you like , but i am going to ask a question ( if it hurts you sorry ) : are the personalities there when you reply to us ? Or are they not ?
: Most people would think i'm lying, heck, even I didn't believe it when the psychologist told me about it.. Only when he gave me actual proof did I ever believe it myself. I agree with you that they have both advantage and disadvantage. the only one i'm worried and scared of mostly is the angry one. If he comes out, he mostly wants to hurt people. Which cause me to be forced to stay home most of my time. But it's going forward, maybe soon i'll be able to communicate better with him ^^ I actually didn't write this to prove or disprove anything, I just wanted to write a lovely Thank You letter to Riot! And now i'm sitting here with over 50 comments from so amazing and lovely community <3 I'm very shocked, in a good way! Thank you for your sweet and lovely comment! <3
Hehe , you deserve a lovely and sweet comment for what you are facing here , i wouldn't know how to deal with that but wow , you amaze me man !! Whats sad is that i just noticed you're EUW which means we can't play but i'll always comment on your posts if i see one , seriously wow!! I am very amazed . Good Luck and Have fun in your games and good luck beating this disease ;D
: A message to Riot..
Damn !! I Thought you were lying at first but seriously wow , i love how you are actually able to reply to people Even with D.I.D , i am sorry for what happened with your brother and the psychopath came out and you got angry at your parents ( i am very sure you would never do that ) . Also the personalities if i may say are very weird ( sorry if i hurt you in a way :*) but they may have disadvantages and advantages , like if the lonely guy comes out , when someone said something bad , they will feel bad or something . I hope you're able to overcome this and i am very happy to hear that league helped you , maybe i can play with you if you like ? Anyway as i said good luck beating it , see ya ;D.


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