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: because it's about the average stats(including cs) on a champion since the average ryze kda and cs is just bad its quite easy to get an s on ryze
Average Varus stats must be godlike then ... While Ryze is #1 worst troll champ every feeder uses when rage in champ select + bots ... that still mean this algorithm is broken
: 1. They didn't 2. I wasn't giving you my opinion, I was giving you a simple fact about how the game works that you seem to not know. 3. By your logic you should go practice because you have a level 5 account, lmao.
Whatever you say bro enjoy your ARAMs make sure you collect all those cool ARAM badges
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: i know but i dont understand how he makes up that i'm silver. and i enjoy his responses because it's just SOOO dumb
Srry I made mistake. Nice div and nice k/d/a ... I will listen to you... I just didn't know cs is so important, and how do you justify the Ryze getting S- despite having awful k/d/a and barely better creep score?
: >I am gonna wait for someone who is not gold or unranked from trash server to respond. You noobs need to stop browsing forums and go watch some tutorial videos Lmao.
Nothing funny about wanting information from credible sources and not some ARAM experts like you and that other noob.
Doomley (EUW)
: I am a diamond player, Banana Splits. And the knowledge about the algorithm has nothing to do with rank.
Yes, yes ... And I just played this game as a warm up before I go scrim Samsung Galaxy... Ofc
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: No problem. Its always great to share my incredible wisdom with lesser players.
One would think that with your incredible wisdom you could achieve higher than gold, oh well ;/
: I know im right but good on u for realizing that :)
Good thing I had a gold player open my mind.
: thats just wrong. if ur actually 3k up over someone, u will almost always kill them, unless u mess up horribly. And if thats the case, its ur own fault. But yes, tanks are too strong atm.
Yes, I have messed up horribly the moment I initiated the fight against a 3-4k gold down Malphite who was isolated. You're right.
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 22
1. {{champion:58}} Renekton - Been playing him since I saw Darien dominate Koreans with him, 3 season ago, I like the overall aesthetics of the champion - he looks big & menacing just like my playstyle, I go aggressive trying to fight my opponent off of each cs eventually wearing them down and securing the kill with ignite. I easily have over 1500 games on renekton, I doubt I'd be playing league of legends if he didn't exist. 2. {{champion:24}} Jax - The first champion I ever bought, way back in S1, he's "all up in your face" just like Renekton. I always try to overwhelm my opponents early game constantly engaging in small skrimishes which they don't expect from a jax player thus I earn free farm. Sometimes I'll play safe, but after level 6 it's go time baby ! 3. {{champion:59}} Jarvan - I view Jarvan as a Renekton substitute, except that his teamfighting is way better under the right conditions. He also bullies hard in lane, but is gated by lack of sustain, squishiness, and mana. He's a manly , aggressive champion that most players don't have experience playing against. If only they knew how easy it is dodge his E + Q combo heh heh ... Wellp, that's it. Good luck to me & good luck to everyone else, but me mostly.


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