: People on these boards: "why doesn't riot punish trolls and griefers, they only punish flaming"
That is my key point ....Riot ban this troll just because Nb3 reported him... Why do not they ban %%%%ing griefers in my %%%%ing games....This make me so angry on so many levels... Why when NB3 do it it matters,and when i report it it make 0 impact . there is no J in Justice here....Not a one latter of justice
Hansiman (EUW)
: > because its the main reason for toxic community. Source to this? Considering verbal toxicity occurs in games without people "trolling" in them, I doubt trolls are the main source of toxicity. A lot of people intentionally feeding justify their actions on people that are verbally toxic towards them. Does that mean that the people that are verbally toxic are the main cause of people intentionally feeding, which in turn means that verbally toxic people are the main cause of verbally toxic people?
hahah.people troll because someone insulted them....hahahahhahahah .Tell me a joke Emissary .Tell another one please
aniakhaki (EUNE)
: Is riot taking trolls seriously?
They do not have a system to detect trollers and inters...But use %%% word once and you get 14 days ban...Just bait others to say it and they get banned ...Perfect atmosphere for trollers and inters....
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: its easy to hate on an emissary but he is telling you the truth, the system existed and failed miserably
Nope. there were newer permanent chat bans,so do not defend someone with falls informations
Zanador (EUNE)
: Fun fact that will delight you: Riot did not issue permanent bans for a very long time. They all expire somewhere between the year 2250 and 2600 and the owners can collect them and resume playing as if nothing happened. So it's all ok, a hundred or five hundred years is not permanent either, so the discussion can be closed. Second: obliviously i don't know what everyone wants. Neither do you while we are at it. But unlike you, i've read a fair amount of those threads in the past and even spoke to some of the punished players personally too. Also keep in mind that i never claimed to speak on behalf of everyone, just informed you on what happened in the past. Do not confuse things baby. You also say that you would be fine playing without chat. That is fair, i've known a lot of players who were similar to you in this aspect. But here is the thing: a punishment is not a punishment if it does not hurt you. If the punishment for trolling was that you could no longer see other players flashing their mastery icons, then would you consider that a punishment? My guess would be no. In a functioning system a member who breaks the rules eventually have to face a punishment they do not want to. If you can suggest a better system, then please do so. If it is good, you will have my full support. Third: when literally every public space concerning League has been flooded with thousands of people talking about their CR, it pretty much becomes a common theme among the players. And when it's on everyone's mind, people got creative in finding it out. But here is the thing: people who want to troll or just give up and blame it on someone else do not need confirmation. They just need suspicion and for their target to be unable to dispel those suspicions. And i dare you to say that trolls need a better reason. In the end, that season ended up seeing a big rise in trolling, both by the chat restricted players and by those who hunted for them. And ever since i've been playing League to my knowledge nobody has ever said that he wants more trolls in the matches. Will you be the first one to say so?
fun fact is just fun and have no meaning ... There were newer permanent chat bans like permanent account bans...will not answer to rest because you wrote a book there and i am not here to read a book from some random forum guy
: > [{quoted}](name=captaincomando1,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=0mNHTft2,comment-id=00010000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-13T04:31:35.804+0000) > > so no answer smart guy???U send me some link and you did not even read conversation... sad sad... worst part you think you know something There's no point arguing with you. You're not interested in having a reasoned debate. You just want someone else to tell you that your delusions are right and nothing else will do. I will not partake in such a discussion. Sorry.
Nope . U said something stupid and now u can't admit it.that is all .there were newer permanent chat bans ,and u are wrong for saying they were there .that is all .
: >5. CODE OF CONDUCT >[...] >v. Transmitting or communicating any content which, in the sole and exclusive discretion of Riot Games, is deemed offensive, including language that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, or racially, ethically, or otherwise objectionable; Even if you insult a friend in the team chat you can be banned since that break the rule, so be careful what you are saying because that's not a good joke.... If a player threaten you to report you then just mute and report, just like the term of use of RIOT says. https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/legal/termsofuse Hope that helped you. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Wee know that .but what wee saying is that rules are stupid as. %%%%
: dude do you understand what permanent means... forever.... There were newer chat ban forever... There is no answer in your link.... turn on your brain then come to tallk with me
so no answer smart guy???U send me some link and you did not even read conversation... sad sad... worst part you think you know something
: > [{quoted}](name=captaincomando1,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=0mNHTft2,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-13T03:05:44.085+0000) > > Dude idk about forum account or league account... they dont care what people say anyway... if they do they would make some changes... This idiot hansiman work like robot... he say something stupid and then repeat it couple times withouth even turning on his brain...just like robot...that why he have senior emissary status here They do care, but most of the time people refuse to actually listen to them and change their mind. You are clearly in the wrong here, so I don't understand why you're so desperately trying to justify what you're preaching. Just look at your previous statement: > wee had this while back??? what are you about??? there were newer perma chat ban.... This clearly isn't true and you didn't even try to look into this subject. The answer lies here: https://en.volu-eu.org/pbkb_general_user_view.php?art=12 Let's stop hating people and demeaning them just because the truth doesn't fit your narrative.
dude do you understand what permanent means... forever.... There were newer chat ban forever... There is no answer in your link.... turn on your brain then come to tallk with me
: > After telling him that he is inting shit I get chat ban Well, of course. By doing so, you're breaking the rules. If they're inting and you're flaming, both parties are at fault.
dude i said it 10 times my ban is not problem .problem is that inting tresh did not get any punishment... he inted on purpose and .... u like most of people do not listen and read just answer like robot
: Timmy, I like that fire in your blood. But calm down. You havent won the war yet, so you can still get punished for such direct messages. I'm just thinking about your forum account mate \o
Dude idk about forum account or league account... they dont care what people say anyway... if they do they would make some changes... This idiot hansiman work like robot... he say something stupid and then repeat it couple times withouth even turning on his brain...just like robot...that why he have senior emissary status here
Hansiman (EUW)
: We had this a while back, and it didn't really work out. Those undergoing this penalty simply found other ways to ruin the games when they got mad, such as intentionally feeding. They were just given the opportunity to ruin more games before getting the permaban they should've gotten in the first place.
wee had this while back??? what are you about??? there were newer perma chat ban.... Second most of people who are toxic in chat want to win game ,and rarly int... inters do not flame coz they do not care about game ... u are stupid after all and you are senior emissary here that tells a lot about this forum...
: i know it sucks when one does that, but then just report it. don't rage over something like that
I report and he get no punishment that is a problem... So if i go feed on purpose make whole team suffer and someone said to me I am idiot that dude get chat ban i get no punishment ....where is justice in that...not to mention fact that he said he had friend in riot...
: and he was 1/17/18 and you won the game, and that makes you rage so much.. ?
He feed on purpose .... dude u know what that means... wee won because me and nasus carry that inter... how can not make me rage when someone feed on purpose ,just because his teammate did not use heal when he wanted him to...
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: Why can't you understand the punishment system then. It's really simple. Try thinking before you call anyone stupid. You only made yourself seem so.
i can understand it.I just do not like injustice... where inters and those who have friends in riot are protected .That is so simple and you are the stupid one here boi
: Sorry i can't hear you over the sound of your feeding
See he intentionaly feed because mf did not heal him in lane...There is difference in intentionaly and just looseing lane... I know it is hard for you to understand that,so i will give you time...try to process it in your head with your iq
: 2/8/2 on orianna, not bad bro
U are stupid after all... BRO
: So you aren't angry you got banned, just angry you got caught ? Nice logic there buddy.
dude i dont give a %%%% i get chat ban... Problem is 1 17 tresh who will not get ban for intentionaly feeding in game...But I guess your brain can not process that many informations
Hansiman (EUW)
: You broke the rules, and you got punished for it. That's all there's to it in this case. You even admit to being toxic, and that you are rather often toxic in your games judging by your statement. You getting punished is only about how **you** treat other players.
Dude are you stupid or something ... My punishement is not a problem ...Problem is 1 17 tresh that will not be punished ... Only idiots in this site... god bless you alll with your stupid simple minded idiotic logic... u cant understand simple thing...
Hansiman (EUW)
: You getting chat restricted has nothing to do with the player having a friend at Riot, but rather it has to do with your personal behavior. Together with your restriction you were issued chat log indicating the behavior you're displaying that's getting you punished. Care to share it with us?
Listen i was toxic by riot %%%%ing stupid standards and that is not a problem. Problem lies in fact that I was toxic( by riot stupid standards) milion times before and newer get punishment ,but this dude guaranty me chat ban... Second he was inting whole game, because MF did not heal him, and I can garanty he will not get ban for that... IS that fair... IF i have friend in riot I can do whatever I want and rest of you can suck my.... is that fair>?
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: same dude, I had a 80%+ w/r with yasuo mid and i got cucked with plat and gold players. im only silver 1 wtf
listen if you are smurf with high win ratio that is different story...I am talking about real s1 player who plays against platinum players and difference in skills and game knowledge believe it or not exist
Oriius (EUW)
: lul i mean i´m silver 4 and i have to play in my rankeds instantly against plat or diamond aswell . everyone need 2 realize that the MMR system works but the league-system is clearly bullsh*t. btw how can you see that this guy have a silver 1 mmr? op.gg and something else have some mistakes :3 at least as premade you have 2 g1 instead of one p1 and one s1 calculated by the system :o
system is bad and need improvement
Strigina (EUNE)
: And how excatly do you want to balance game with plat1+gold5 premade? The gap is so huge there will always be one side with disadvantage. Btw, you can't know his nor your MMR. And no, external sites like op.gg are not accurate.
That is why plat1 and gold 5 should newer be allowed to play togetter...easy to balance....And external sites may not be accurate but they give you some picture which is not far from truth...
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BobbyB103 (EUW)
: why you getting angry at me lol. i just stating the honest truth
I am not angry on you.I am angry on stupid system
Cypherous (EUW)
: Look at all the "I was banned unfairly" posts on the forum, they don't have to prove anything, you do need to prove the system doesn't work with some valid examples, and at the end of the day, it won't change your ban, i mean, your case proves that the system is working
I do not have ban... they punishing flamers. BUT trollers,afkers and feeders so rare that is not worth mention.
Cypherous (EUW)
: All people reported are subject to the same inspection, gonna need some actual evidence to back up the claim that nobody is ever punished as a result of reports, depending on the punishment it might not result in a ban or action taken immediately but result in them progressing towards a ban
evidence/ Riot need to provide evidence that they do punish people.Not me to proveide that they are not punishing...
BobbyB103 (EUW)
: That would be impossible for humans to handle bans alone. do u know how many people complain each day on euw boards about getting banned? about 10. thats excluding all the other regions and also people who dont complain. it simply costs too much money to employ a sufficient amount of people to handle the bans
In that case do not ban %%%%ing toxicity.Use %%%%ing mute button.And just ban people who troll and feed...
: > [{quoted}](name=captaincomando1,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=QvE8vaOZ,comment-id=00010000000000000001,timestamp=2017-11-30T16:33:09.214+0000) > > Problem is there is no person behind bans...Its just algorithm...Bot... nah, problem is he is constantly responding to flame, which ruins the atmosphere for the other people. In games there arent only the flamer and the flamed, but also the other 3 people on ur team.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: I need a valuable answer to this,question: Why asking for opponents report? Me myself have all chat removed so iread only team chat. But as long as that opponent doesnt do anything to bring my interest why should i report him? Lets say adc 5/0/5 . Bu game lost. If uu ask me report for flame, did i read it? I see a fed carry.
yeah I newer understand people who use all chat to complain on teammates ...
Poroclysm (EUW)
: I agree on the discussion part but I am also for riot's strict ban policies. Through this they are scaring off the flamers a lot because they're in fear of getting banned if they provoke too much. I'd say that it is good for the ingame chat climate to eradicate negativity in that extreme way. I know this myself because I also was, at one point, part of the problem.
yeah.what about people who are troll,who ruin your promo game just because they do not care about lp. what about afkers ... what about intentional feeders... Riot tribunal is a joke.System where algorithm is used to find and ban "toxicity"... Literally there is no person behind it...
: I got a chat ban but that was a year ago. So incredible that i got banned for that my Teammates insulted me with going AFK if i dont surrender WTF This... I was a very honorable player nearly got honored every game now this...
it does not mater because no one rely cares about justice.And it is not person who baned you its bot...
Cypherous (EUW)
: Hardly injustice, loads of places use the same system, you commit enough offences and you will get punished for it, it shows your disregard for the rules, its on top of multiple previous instances of toxicity
But at same time there are people who do not get punished for their crimes.Mostly because there is no person behind punishments ,its algorithm...So it is very injustice.
: Another person who doesn't know how report system works... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Okay, there we go: * Game is marked for review only the first time x player is reported, additional reports do nothing, unless you write something into the box, then those messages will all be seen, obviously (hopefully, if someone who is actual human ever reads reports, lol); * Player needs 1-3 games to be punished, while they are extremely toxic, if you are like racist homophobic and etc in chat, you will get 2 week ban or even permaban without getting other chat restrictions after 1st game (you can test it for yourself, lol don't try it); * If player got punished after a report, only the last report (I'd assume last wave of reports, aka last game before punishment) issuers actually get notification that someone who they reported got punished. * If player is trolling/flaming in your game for the first time ever on this account or after extended period of time during which they somehow were sporstmanlike, you can't just complain to riot that they never ban trolls. It's like saying that "if that guy was sued before he killed my entire family, they would still be alive, shit system, everything is unsafe, I am %%%%ing done with this country and it's shit system, they don't care about their people at all" (best example ever kappa), like, how could anyone know unless he threatened? People who actually want to kill you never tell you that, so you can't get ready for that, so, wtf? Same applies to LoL, imagine if one day you were permabanned just because riot calculated that there's 15% chance that today you will go on tilt and troll a few games? Since you are on losing streak and are doing poorier every game for example. Would you prefer that?
dude what are you talking about. *If someone trolling for the first time he need to get punishment.It does not matter he newer made crime before...Off course fist punishment should not be at same level as second or third but still there must be punishment. * second.no one read reports.if someone read it you would get any sort of answer...Reports are created to make you think someone cares about them...But truth is there is no human behind punishments...That is why every message for perma baned people are same...U are in 0.0006 % people who newer improve behavior... and chat log under... Everyone know that system is bad.I must admit it is not just that they do not care .It is not easy to fix problem who is very complicated and it would probably cost a lot more then riot is ready to give... So for now wee are stuck with it
: Stuff like "easy", "u bad", "why?" "noob", "stfu" will NEVER be a punishable comments. Racism, homophobia, sexism and very bad words, like spamming the C word 10 times, WILL usually get you punished. Whats more interesting is your reaction to it, i.e., that you "a shitload" of times find yourself in a situation where you get harassed even though you are innocent as a little lamb, and then get so mad about it that you feel the need to mail Riot.. Hrmm something tells me that you arnt that innocent as you think.
what about you mate.U like to judge others...Do you think that is innocent and good behavior?
: Is there a bot that detects good behaviour?
Nope.why would i need some bot to detect good behavior? What i need is that there is no bots at all,yet that there are people who make decisions....Wee do not need more bots.Wee need to see people behind bans and punishments.
: Doesn't matter really. You had prior bans and you didn't change your attitude.
says dude with nickname Rebels against god.perfect example of good judge ...
Sympton (EUW)
: Sure i understand that, but imo this shouldnt be or barely be a staw at all. things get heated in games, and he did get flamed and such, so a tiny bit of ''negativity'' from this guy should be understood.
Problem is there is no person behind bans...Its just algorithm...Bot...
Cypherous (EUW)
: He isn't banned based on just this log though, this log was just the last one that resulted in the final black mark that earned him a ban, commit x offences and you get banned, its that simple, they don't waste time issuing bans based on specific chatlogs, if he has already had a 14 day ban then his next ban IS a perma regardless of what its for
It is how it function,but that logic is so injustice ... Think about it
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > But this is my most toxic moment, and someone like this deserves a PERMABAN? You were warned in the past for your behaviour, no? Since multiple warnings haven't made you change your behaviour, what option does Riot have left?
what can man do against such reckless hate!!! based on this , half League players should get perma ban right away
Sympton (EUW)
: Sad.. just sad based on this log.. would be very sad.
: I was just permabanned and I don't think to deserve it.
You come on wrong place to complain.People here do not care much whats the circumstances.As longest they read one thing that remind them on toxicity they will say you deserve ban...Contest does not matter...Most of them rarely play league ,and even rarely play ranked but for some reason they are allergic on flame ...
: so i get banned for 1 game in which i wasnt even toxic but a guy doesnt get a ban after being toxic in most games
what can man do against such reckless hate
starkk1234 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dividedby0error,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ZYFAWLVX,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2017-11-27T08:13:44.315+0000) > > On Ori? If Kata just waits in a brush you are at least going to be chunked out so hard that you have to recall. Most of the time you just die. > > And if Kata is not completely dumb, she will step into FoW before leaving lane, so that you can never know if she is roaming and where to. > > Following an assassin on a control mage is pure suicide unless the assassin is constantly in full vision. Then go the other lane that she went to just do something to help your team. You afking in the lane and pinging missing enemy does absolutely nothing while she gets feed
do not listen to this dude...He does not even play ranked games...


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