SiffLort (EUNE)
: Look at the times we live in. A mentally unstable guy, clearly in need of a professional help, created a topic in League of Legends forum. The guy was emotionally destroyed by a CARTOON and now seeks online help. I mean, what the hell? What's wrong with people today? How did we come to this? What happened to natural selection?
As a laywer myself, I've seen people seek out for help in places worse than a LoL forum. Trust me, you don't want to be responsible for someone getting even worse because of such an inappropriate response like yours.
: I am lonely
While I would seem to be a different kind of a guy (middle ground between intro and extrovert), save for the things we have in common, ie I'm a teetotaller and a non-smoker, too, my girlfriend is more like you - she is an introvert. Guess how we hooked up? A game. We played and still ocassionaly play with our guild a game called Guild Wars 2. She has always been into games, just like me. But still, she had a closed circle of 3-5 best friends, girls, with whom she met and spent time with. Then, she decided to leave her comfort zone when our guild, that she joined when she came back to playing GW2, decided to set up a guild trip for a weekend in a lakehouse, which she came to! Yes, that was somewhat revolutionary for her and... she met me. She fell in love with me and I fell in love with her, but it was then, at that first meeting that we felt special for each other. Be cautious, though - I am not saying you should find a gamer girl, too, only! However, I think that finding someone that enjoys the activies that you enjoy, while being an introvert, may help a lot. Plus, I read in numerous psychology articles once that introverts are best matched with extroverts, which would seem to be true. The thing about such relationships is to understand each other - introverts need a little time off with themselves sometimes, for instance for your creativity purposes, and an extrovert partner should completely understand it. An extrovert, on the other hand, needs some socialising at times and an introvert partner should let them do that. Mutual understanding is crucial for such relationships to function well. I believe that you need to leave your comfort zone once, for instance, join your close friends on their socialising event and maybe, maybe then you'll meet that second half that fits your right. Keep opening up, but at the same time don't force yourself into what you don't like. If you don't like drinking alcohol and smoking, never force yourself into that so the other person notices you. That's counterproductive. trust me. Always try to be yourself so the other person loves you for who you are. I hope I could help. Good luck, mate!
Rismosch (EUW)
: I see you don't like it that people have different opinions than you and that you try to forbid them to disagree with you. Let me give you some advice, if you forbid the opinion of others, you make yourself a target of hate. Instead if you want to discuss properly, realize the argument the other uses, understand their opinion and use that to form your own opinion. Blatantly following your opinion without adressing how it can be flawed can easily lead to hypocritical statements and can lead to you failing to understand the issue properly.
Because of my profession in real life, I specialise in handling opinions. There is a difference between an ungrounded and illogical opinion and a well-founded opinion, as well as knowledge, something Plato and Aristotle have debated on in numerous treaties, most notably in "Meno" (Plato). Plus, there are, as it sometimes becomes apparent. long-forgotten qualities in human beings called "selflessness" and "cordiality". As I try to adhere to them, I sometimes forget not all of us do and I get punished by people who'd rather find a negative in a positive. I feel we're done with our discussion.
Rismosch (EUW)
: You fail to see that you have an opinion, and an opinion is not something all people agree on. There will always be people that disagree with an opinion, no matter how benificial. Just because you don't see a reason not to and you obviously profit from such a change, it doesn't mean you realized everything about this topic nor are aware how such a change could harm people. Let me brainsstorm a little bit how is is not a good thing: - Server structure could not be set up for account merging. It is complicated to merge accounts, it takes alot of work and time. If it would be available, it would delay future plans and changes, and it's expensive to maintain. You cannot recode the whole server strucutre, because this game is too big, - If someone gets details of your account, he can literally delete your account and gain everything you had on your account. - People could abuse the system, making multiple accounts, grinding S gradings on their mains, getting skins from hextech drafting and adding it through merging to their main account. - Many people don't need a system like merging. As stated above it could delay future plans, and those players wont be happy because of it. These might not be the best arguments, since it is just brainstormed and I don't really care, but I hope you see now that your idea is not 100% beneficial.
1. It has not delayed anything in the past - there was a different team handling it. 2. The same could be said for all other services that Riot provides to you via support and private messages. 3. This is not how the system worked, nor it is how it would work again. There was and would be an option of merging 2 accounts only, therefore, any kind of abuse would be prevented by scrutiny, which took place when the service was in action. 4. Repeated argument. While I am thankful for your attempt at trying to show me how someone who the service doesn't concent may disagree with the post, I do not stand corrected and believe it is simply inappropriate for people not affected in any way to voice their negative opinion on the instant matter - this would just yet again prove the latin proverb _Homo homini lupust est._ The more I see of such behavior, the more I agree with Riot on the ban system. The community in LoL is not necessarily the most fraternal one. Cheers, mate!
: ***
If you had created your account in 2010, when the EU region was yet to be added, but were in fact from EU, and once the EU region was created you made another account, this time an EU one, you could have both of these accounts (old NA and new EU) merged into one. I hope I could help.
Rismosch (EUW)
: You realize that people can disagree with you, without being a troll, do you? If you don't like that people can disagree with you, why did you include a poll in the first place?
Disagree on what grounds? Could you develop? 'Cos I can't see why someone would disagree with something beneficial to all, but the people to whom it does not apply and to whom it would therefore be irrelevant? Care elaborating on that? Otherwise, it would just seem as impolite and unkind to deny a feature that is extremely helpful to those in need of it and completely unharmful to those whom it doesn't concern at all. PS I was told to include it so they would have an approximate number of people still willing to use the service. Quite logical, isn't it?
corpus (EUNE)
: Old NA (now EU) account merging service back again - poll
Of course, there had to be a troll who voted "No"... And be kind to people - both in game and in here...
I Am Ravi (EUW)
: I too also started in NA, Played the whole of Season 3 there. Would be nice if i could merge that account with my current EUW one.
Maybe they could restore it... 'cos my old acc has a sentimental value for me - I have season 1/ 2 icons there and would simply love to have them on my main acc.^^
ˆνˆ (EUW)
: Started off in Closed Beta on NA ^^ Would be nice to have it - Never knew there was a merge service in 2016 lol :3
That was my main line when having a conversation with the support team. I had no idea and learn that they closed such a thing back in 2016. I don't think it has every been advertised as possible.
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