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Roxãs (EUW)
: it is absolutly standard up to platin. atleast in europe west. but for real, i do not wanna offend you, but in your past games you were not even near at 6 cs/min. One time above it with 0,6 and two times near it with 5,6 cs/min and 5,7/min. i dunno, i wouldnt call it bad with standard 3,5-4 cs per minute tho. 6 CS/min is totally fine for Gold 7 CS/min for Platin 8 CS/min for Diamond etc.
yeah i know but, i was talking on a high elo spectrum...
snubber1 (EUW)
: RP cards Zvault
Riot would almost never give stuff for free.
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: Riot, loading screen!!!!
Looks Awesome!! idk why people hate changes to league even though not all of them are bad.
: Well spotted. I think you should best post this in the bugs category, instead of off topic.
if i only can change the category...
Roxãs (EUW)
: 200 Creeps in 30 Minutes is kinda legit? the %%%%? 60/10 Minutes is standard.
60 / 10 mins is standard? it is ~~awful ~~tbh edit: bad not awful Xd
: Poem Contest - ❄️Volunteer Event❄️
While Christmas is upon us. We Pray that Riot Amaze us. With these Skins Flourishing before us. While our Jaws are dropping from us. Waiting for the Salary to Reach us. Wasting our money for Riot Points. Wishing for new Ultimate skins to astonish us. Note: Wanted to change Wasting but couldn't find anything to replace it with. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: The Poros escaped! - ❄️Volunteer Event❄️
52 - Crazyrzy EUNE {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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: Game modes... hmm SR TT Dominion (dont go into the long night) Ascension ARAM Bilgewater Bridge (I think that's the name, I can't remember) The star guardian one we just did The PROJECT one we just did The blood moon one The thresh one URF ARURF Doom bots of doom I THINK that's all of the game modes? And each of those game modes had their own map, plus the winters SR map which has come around twice now. And the old SR map ( as you can tell I am VERY good with names)
Subplex (EUW)
: Silver 2 Support LFT for the Tournament tonight.
I am a Jungler and a Top laner Add me if u need a spot. - Crazyrzy
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Valzuuuh (EUW)
: I like this feature and i really hope Riot will add support for Discord Rich Presence! Here is a link for those who does not know what Discord Rich Presence is:
Thanks for the feedback :D {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Grism (EUW)
: Hey, I can confirm that they actually do something about toxic players and flamers. I got 2 weeks ban and I'm not exactly proud. Just trust me on this.
I knew they were doing so. But thanks anyway! :D
: Feel free. Just keep a tally chart. At the end of each game, put each play into a category of "Obeyed summoner code" or "Didn't obey summoner code" You'll find there are WAY more standard, rule abiding players than there are toxic ones.
EnciseYT (EUW)
: sory but i don't know where report this player so i need post here
Clicking on Links from people you don't know is dangerous. it might be their website and they take your IP and DDOS you or do some other things. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I hope you will Be Safe!
kjono1 (EUW)
: Honestly 10 games isn't enough for an experiment considering how large the community is, and the number of games played daily, 10 is no where near enough to conclude accurate results even for a "mini experiment". Compared to previous months I feel personally that the toxicity has dropped a bit, at least in my games I experience it less I've maybe had about 6 afkers in the past 50 games and 2 intentional feeders in the past 100 or so (again no where near enough to make a accurate conclusion) On top of that if you were to count the number of people that weren't toxic in games you'll find that that number heavily outweighs the number who are toxic. > Playing to Much League made me a little bit Toxic too, although hating the people that are toxic i got to a point where i never think any of Riot Cares about the Players Experiences to Toxicity Just look at the Player behaviour section of boards, people are always complaining and crying over their account being permanently banned for them having being toxic in games.
Correct might do another one with more numbers and the Opposite of this one (How many did/tried fixing or stopping toxicity)
Snackster (EUW)
: My genereal reaction to the toxic comments I encounter in games is " it really worth it?". People get upset for various reasons and often it has very little to do with the game itself. I think that Riot could do alot to minimize the high number of toxic players many people experience in the game. Having an effective system of reporting bad behaviour is one thing but there are other ways that are way more simple yet very effective in my opinion. If Riot really care about their product then they will do their own research into what has the most positive impact on player behaviour and follow up with action accordingly. I imagine that there are many reports that can only be ignored because there isn't any good reason for reporting once they check chat logs f.ex. If they get flooded with reports all the time then.. it will not do much good. Furthermore I can say that whenever I mention LoL to my nerdy friends who already play various other games most of them actually flatly refuse to play LoL due to the toxic remarks they have been exposed to in the game already. They just want to have fun with their game and shy away from an environment impacted by negative attitudes and aggressive behaviour in the chats. For me it was a great challenge to begin with when I first started playing this game and I was shocked at how people interact when they turn sour. Now I try and relax teammates with some positive remark if they are tilting or starting to go nuts. If that doesn't help I just mute them. On the rare occation that I am having a really bad day and want to chill with some league then I will simply mute everyone at the start of the game(the pre-emptive strike). These are just my thoughts on the matter.. let's keep it fun or get the f*** out of here! {{summoner:31}}
Yeah man most of these encounters are going to be forgotten...
Mocton (EUW)
: More times that i can count the passive aggressive nature of toxicity is miss understood, because you try to give an advice and the player's take it as you are being toxic, for example (You just gave a kill to the enemy team because you went 1v3 thinking you can kill that 10% {{champion:67}} not knowing if she burnned {{summoner:7}} or {{summoner:4}} and after that i tell you(Please don't do shit like that again) you already know what i did you will report me for being toxic even tho i am not supposed to tell you every single shit that you did wrong there, if you wanna know just ask this is my second account i still ask people when i do something wrong what could i had done better we just need to get rid of our pride and of that mentality that we are the best belive me i main {{champion:157}} and i am LV5 honnor i don't flame, if i feed i know i %%%%ed up i try to ignore my teamif they start screaming at me and work out with them i dont flame my jungler if i died undertower because i know 70% of the time will be my fault (THE REASON WHY {{champion:157}} AND {{champion:92}} MAIN'S ARE TOXIC IS BECAUSE FROM B5 TO LOWER PLAT EVERY SINGLE IDIOT SCREAMS AT THEM THAT THEY PLAY AN EASY MODE BRAINDEAD CHAMP)
It is never because Yasou mains or anything like that sometimes people just flame you for even being bad at the game.
: Do another experiment. Except this time count the number of people that aren't toxic. You'll find we vastly out number the toxic players. But no one comes out of a game and thinks "This person wasn't toxic I'm going to mention them on the boards and in discord" Of course not. they see the 1 toxic player in their game, and declare the whole community toxic. Even if there's 1 player in every single team (There's not) that's still 1/5... Pretty good considering the competitive atmosphere. If there's toxic people in EVERY game you play. Maybe look at yourself. Are you spam pinging errors, using the term "why??>?????" at any point? If so, you're probably the toxic one.
Maybe Doing another Experiment :D if i did can i mention you in anyway?
Altiverse (EUNE)
: But why are all the nouns and verbs capitalized in this :T
Well i am sorry English isn't my first language. :)
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: >If you live under a rock or mute all when you join a game you probably noticed the toxic behavior in this game. Those types of players cannot find out if other players are flaming or tilting in their games (which is the majority of your cases). >On my PERSONAL EXPERIENCE i never reported someone and that person got banned Except once. You mean you got message that someone faced punishment. It usually happens when your report's been the last straw that broke the camel's back. Also if you often report people for little things and they don't face punishment afterwards, your report value is getting lower. >I Saw 10 Games Being Played That's not much games to call it "experiment". Try to make it 100 games at least. I've played around 4k games and most of them were not toxic. Yeah, players often get frustrated at chat, but it doesn't mean they are flaming or tilting if they used some strong words. >Playing to Much League made me a little bit Toxic too You can work on yourself. It'll have greater effect than League does to you. If you blame others, you won't move a finger to change yourself. > i never think any of Riot Cares about the Players Experiences to Toxicity. They do, but they don't make public executions out of it. Usually we can see the logs of the ones that has been executed at Boards, and you can notice that most cases are valid. You can ask Riot Games what they do to reduce toxicity in games at [Riot Support](
Thanks for the feedback! you had some points i couldn't deny {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
crazyrzy (EUNE)
: Game is insanely more toxic than before (Experiment)
Edit on "That made me think "Were they Toxic when they Started"": they weren't
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The Kanye (EUW)
: How 2 git gud???
tbh i am not of a good player either but, NEVER play bot games. i used to play bot games because it was easy (over 200 bot games) i never was good, the bots are easy to bait. My best advice is Watch Guides Watch Professional Players, Pick a lane you like. I would recommend playing with tanky champions like Cho gath, Jarvan iv, Kayn (The new one, he is really good.) have a good day. :)
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Glasurion (EUNE)
: There are 6 people level 3+ already in this poll! For sure they are and not just trolling! How did you get level 3 honors so fast guys? I play around 20 games a day and receive a lot of honor, but no level 3.


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