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RW Heaven (EUW)
: Ms lag spikes but my net signal is perfect
I can confirm. My internet is stable but whole connection with LoL (client, TFT or games on SR) laggy as hell. Funny enough, lag doesn't even appear in latency meter. It's always 37ms. Any ideas? Anyone? Rito?
: Pls make IBG ( Iceborn gauntlet) melee only
I think current state of IBG and Ez isn't so bad. You can't simply buff ez. You buff his AD ratio? He's a jungler assasin now (duskblade on hit nuke). You buff his AP ratio? He's a bot/mid AP mage (ludens echo on hit poke). You don't wanna him to have on hit effect with Q? Ok, but let his Q crit now. Imagine that: IE + essence reaver = Q Q Q and boom, DEAD enemy. You sure you want that? Let's say we buff his AD ratio and take away on hit effect from Q. He still can leap forward and AA with on hit effect. With current runes and duskblade it's perfect assasin jungler. Ez can't build crit items. Name me one adc who can lose with ez on lvl 2 or 3. Everyone just AA him to death. I see it like this: Low base dmg and DPS that relay entirely on skillshots force him to build manamune. -> Manamune needs to be stacked. -> To do this, you need to farm. -> To farm, you need to be safe. -> To be safe you buy IBG and try to enter midgame. Ofc he can build trinity force but this item is hell'a expensive, and that makes his small window of opportunity of gaining advantage even smaller. Even though his winrate was 47% and now after nerf is 44%, i think he's in a good spot now. Yeah im EZ MAIN {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Will the E nerf on Ezreal help?
As Ez main i understand Q nerf because of AP/hybrid build. But i totally don't understand why they nerfed E instead of W in AP route. I play good old blue ez without ludens so AP nerf doesn't apply to me. I max E as second and rush CDR to 45% at lvl 10. I get rank 3 E at this point. I used to have E every 8.8 sec at this time now its 10,45. It's only 1.65 sec of cooldown nerf. Is it much? Not really. At lvl 13 cd is same as used to be and it's already midgame. Do you use E before 6? You shouldn't do it recklessly because it cost A LOT of mana. But i'm still worried what will happen at levels 7-9 when Ez still need safe transition to mid game. I bet his winrate will be tumbling down because of lower elo (it's already 47%). So... a little bit harsh nerf? {{sticker:sg-soraka}} EDIT: my rank ^^
: feel free to downvote
: Because Ezreal's Q can't critically strike. It simply applies on-hit effects (such as Duskblade and Statikk Shiv passive).
> [{quoted}](name=The7thSeal,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PZuivQdA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-06-03T11:07:51.667+0000) > > Because Ezreal's Q can't critically strike. It simply applies on-hit effects (such as Duskblade and Statikk Shiv passive). Ok, that make sense.
cssghost (EUNE)
: Stormrazor and Ezrael
I was thinking about this item as mid/late game. But sometimes ppl play ez mid with "on hit" items like Duskblade + Shiv and it's working then...
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: well is true...
It's not true at all. This guy just don't wanna adapt. He hit sweet spot of... i don't know, some high elo, and than complain that more and more ppl was hitting that elo. If you wanna stay in that elo, you got to adapt to anything that appear... Riot is gonna launch ranks for each role (THIS is really bad idea) and this guy complaining about meta? And builds, and champion counters? RLY?
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: Streamer betting system platform
Betting is hazard, and hazard usually is illegal... so... i bet you're not gonna find site you are looking for. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Rockified (EUNE)
: sorry yasuo mains
Kaluchii (EUW)
: What if you could Reset your ELO?
Yeah it's a great idea! One button to reset my elo back to bronze 5. Man! I would buy it anytime! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Season 8: "Play like crap and STILL win the game..."
Vayne, Nasus, Veigar? These are late game monsters. They are weak at start. But man, if you can't abuse them early or end game fast enough, you gonna lose it. It's your win condition! It's so hard to understand?
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: It has potential to solve some problems. People often complain how they get put in an off role where they don't perform as well, they get stomped and game doesn't feel fair. This change means that if you get put in an off role, you'll be put on your level, as in game will be fair. At least, in theory, change sounds pretty big and launch will obviously have problems. I would also imagine this could help to quicken matchmaking. People really loved complaining how unfair matchmaking is and this definitely addresses that. Personally, I'm quite excited about this. Since the introduction of new champion select i never really considered taking a new role in fear of trashing my rank. I would really like to try other roles, but if i did that right now in ranked, i would get stomped, it's not fun. My only option would be to make a new account. This could also potentially decrease smurfing. /dev update suggested quite a few other interesting things too. Please note, I'm not talking about edge abuse cases, just what good it could bring.
> [{quoted}](name=Enjutsu,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QFe3NfEx,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-04-26T04:13:14.510+0000) > > I would really like to try other roles, but if i did that right now in ranked, i would get stomped, it's not fun. My only option would be to make a new account. Have you ever heard about normals? -.- This new system is SO bad i can't even imagine how many abuse point it have.
lllllllIll (EUNE)
: ranked lp bug i think
yeah... Plat 2 now... 2 wins in a row. Got 9LP in each match. What is going on riot?
einar43 (EUW)
: Wit's End on Teemo and Fizz
Teemo isn't made to be AA champ. He is glass cannon to hit and run. You build mosty ap to boost your aa poke (and shrooms) and cdr to spam shrooms at important places right before teamfight starts.
Kljestic (EUNE)
: I am scared of ranked!
Do you really think diamond elo is beautiful land with unicorns and everybody are so nice to each other? NOPE! It doesn't matter what league you are, its always "elo hell" for someone. Skill/teamwork is better in higer leagues, but negative attitude can be found everywhere.
Frezza (EUNE)
: Hello! Client problems when logging in.
Just log in. Thx rito. But client game barely working. @sPzDave So i don't know if i should play league now. ;|
lazyd3vil (EUNE)
: Account expiration?
Your account have 30 months of protection for your name (1 level - 1 month of protection). So you can make 2 and a half year break. GL and HF. :D
Frezza (EUNE)
: Hello! Client problems when logging in.
Yep... Same here. Can't log in. I was waiting for someone to make a new thread, because im to lazy to do it alone. Here's a cookie for you.{{item:2054}}
undEAdbUs (EUNE)
: I need you for my EUNE team
would like to join as supp or adc sometimes... plat 3 currently 23yo


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