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: Aurelion Sol Bot bug
Looks like this bug is back, but without the name part, though. This time it might be a pathing bug for the bot since I once saw him in the river near the baron pit without anyone leashing him there. After damaging him and chasing or making him go back to base, the script seemed to have went back to normal. Also it seems to happen only when it is put either on top or bottom lane and every single time. He seems to be working fine if he's put as a mid laner.
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: Aurelion Lols
Sometimes I think that the Riot developers wish to see the world burn...... Preparing my butt for when Phreak will do the spotlight....
: I'm so sorry.
Such puns much wow
: Riot Ban System Is Bad
Ok, so let me see if I got this right. Please, CALMLY, correct me if I'm wrong. You said "I don't want any of those morons saying flaming is breaking the rules and you're equally guilty... don't come to me with that bullshit...", and what I understood is that you are against people that say flaming shouldn't be punished... Do you really think that negative attitude shouldn't be punished? The guy is cursing you and your family, insulting you in all manners, and you think that he shouldn't be punished? THEY SHOULD! Those kind of players are the REASON some of my friends quit league. Do you really want a raging kid in each and every game that you enter? It's a GAME, and games are supposed to be a friendly and pleasant experience, not a swear-fest.
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da panic is real

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