Meirrion (EUW)
: It's always like that, she's been added to the game but not released yet. You can look for the new snowdown skins in the skins tab, they are here too but not buyable yet! I believe she will be available at the same time as the event.
: Patch hasnt gone active yet i think
but i dont get it then cause why would riot require us to update our games for only this armor plate thing ?
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: Hey buddy, Good job in winning your bracket! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} My team and I got stomped. xD Anyway, the Icon should've been added into your Loot, waiting to be unlocked. Try to search for it there and if it is missing, send us a ticket [here]( and someone will look into what's going on. Peace!
It was there thank you so much ':D
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