Lisboa69 (EUW)
: Unable to earn Loot because behaviour ?
i guess if u dont earn another reports you will be back in earning loot in 1 week i was like taht never flamed again since then
: please someone help me
Daneel (EUNE)
: True, but why would someone sponsor a game which gains no money? It's like having a shop and giving everything for free :)
i guess you are right in this point :D
: What do you mean by the target icon? And which button did you press? You mean attack-move? It's normally on A, if it's not working, try rebinding it to a different button.
yes when i press a it showed a target button that was red now when i press it it does nothing still the clasic movement icon
Daneel (EUNE)
: Maybe "demand" is too harsh. But deserved is a good word. More than this, we deserve it because we are paying for RP. Let all the players in the world stop buying RP, forever, and tell me then if the game still lives.
the game will still live cause riot is not earning money of only us buying rp there are sponsors too studied all these in marketing school :D
Topero (EUW)
: Account permban?
permabans are not lifted for no reason if you doubt that the reason you got banned is wrong or false you can contact support but in this case i think its right
: Permaban - Please discuss this
is there anything to discuss in this exept your behaviour that has gone wrong just read them by yourself closely and you will understand why you got banned +dont forget you must have got previous warning 10game chatban 25game chatban 14 days ban then permaban
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: I really need a person from RIOT who knows whats going on!
what programs are you using alongside with league of legends ?
: Permaban and call for help Riot
permabans for toxic cant be lifted in no case :( sry m8
Snívy (EUW)
: permanent ban
once a permaban got in your account there is no posibility to get unbanned im sorry start new account
Cosantoir (EUW)
: Happy birthday Eambo
happy birthday my friend hope everything u wish and want come true
Iao (EUW)
: Master ADC AMA
thanks for the tips i did a really good game with caitlyn yesterday but i still prefer the statik second it gives a really strong 1st hit though i will try the runaas second ty
: Ranked demoted
if you want more wins try playing after 11 at night is really helpfull i play with good players those hours
Iao (EUW)
: Master ADC AMA
i guess caitlyn is a really broken adc to learn she is really strong with infinity statik phantom it deals oo much damage i guess im right in this build ?
: hextexh and chatban
thanks everyone for your opinions i think i will wait and never rage again since i have neveer got punishment by now i will keep like before never write anything exept gg and gj team
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hextech Crafting - FAQ
so i earned 10 games chatban im really sry to rage on those 3 premade friends and they reported me so now when can i get again hextexh etc stuff i have never been punished before in this account its my first suspension and the last one i earn
: hextexh and chatban
ok friends i apreciate it i deserve it ty riot to show me the right path
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