Come on, The Crystal Scar is part of the League :( there are still some of us enjoying it. First the first Twisted Treeline map (which I ADORED) was deleted, then SR reworked.. we need a bit of the league as we used to know it.
Phyrz (EUW)
: Why Is everyone getting a low division ?
The game changed a lot lately. I suppose there should be some rollback to everyone. But still, I think the gap is too big.
: Can you bring back U.R.F?!?!?
URF was ok but there were funnier game modes that were removed. And a lot of good content removed sadly.
Samuzlzr (EUW)
: [Suggestion] Relive old times
This is a really cool idea. I was here since first season so I would totally love this. But I don't know how easy/possible it will be to do this.. since old patches requires redownloading old platforms and models. Also there might be serious lag problems.
: I didnt play on the snowy SR but i really want to.
It was awesome. Christmas spirit and mood all over the place. :)
LA Losty (EUW)
: As far as i know it wont happen, i dont know for sure though.
I guess you're right. There was a full rework of Summoner's Rift meanwhile and I guess all the work for the snowy theme was lost. Thanks for the answer.
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