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Miguel757 (EUW)
: FPS drops with High End PC
Just uninstall that abomination of an os - windows 10 and install windows 7, the last good operating system made from microsoft XD
Crispy999 (EUW)
: VOD reward system does not work... help?
Brazilian league works fine. Mission doesn't trigger on other leagues(watched Korea full games and nothing).
: New mission dont work
Try to watch some more leagues. Worked for me when i just opened CBLOL(Brazil) on another tab and let it stay like that. After 10-15 mins it worked. Didn't work when i watched whole games from LCK. For some reason the mission doesn't trigger if you watch matches from Korea.
Dªy (EUW)
: This FPS bug many players have been suffering with is making me want to quit the game.
Close client during game, and enabling wait for vertical sync fixed the fps drops for me. They also started appearing around the preseason, and this was the fix for me(i tried all the standard fixes before and none of them worked).
: Are people still having FPS drops?
Try these things in the client: - Close client during game - Enable low spec mode and in-game: - enable Wait for vertical sync I don't know which one did it, because i did them all at the same time and i don't want to test it, but it locked my fps at 60 and i don't remember it ever dropping below it. Try those, see if it fixes the problem, at least until riot fixes it.
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