: Yasuo against tanks?... Good luck with that
Yasuo is a pretty damn good tank killed a lot of attack speed and crit sneak in a Last whisper and its gg against a fat frog or a drunk raging achoholic
: lul. this thread. posts chat log of himself acting like a toddler online.. asks "y am i getting restricted??" Posts a poll where three answers are the same. I don't think you deserve a chat restriction. You should be perma banned like right about now, nothing good will come out of you after you lose your chat restriction. Come back to league after puberty please.
Lol you should get a chat restricion too toxic man, and btw what does my age have to do with anything?
GLurch (EUW)
: >djukan03: i didnt tell you to go in djukan03: i was trying to bait him djukan03: and you attacked him djukan03: idk wtf she is doing djukan03: my team is %%%%%%ed djukan03: look at lux djukan03: gtfo bich djukan03: i afk djukan03: reprot lux pls djukan03: why you still my FARM djukan03: GTFO djukan03: LUX [...] >djukan03: lol that lux is bad djukan03: GO MID NOW LUX djukan03: stop following me djukan03: I GO BOT djukan03: SOLO djukan03: their adc is a god and our adc boosted trhash djukan03: you too lux yooure shiit too djukan03: our lux so shiit djukan03: ? djukan03: yea im the one who fed draven and why we will lose the game djukan03: urgot honored djukan03: nice try guy djukan03: gj djukan03: 6 people top djukan03: lux i will oneshot you so hard get your asss lubed djukan03: CAN YOU EVEN TRY TO DODGE? Doesn't seem to me like you only told Lucian to stop feeding. You flamed Lux as well and to be honest, looking at it now, I also doubt Lucian was intentionally feeding. Even if so, you started flaming them from the start of the game. How does telling someone he is bad, %%%%%%erd, that he should be reported, that he is a %%%%%,... help them in any way? It doesn't make them play better magically. If something, it makes them play worse. Now, lets assume Lucian actually did intentionally feed. Do you know what he'd say if he got punished? "I got flamed and intentionally fed because of it. Why don't you punish the person who flamed instead of me?" You see, there's just no excuse for what you did. You ruined the game and annoyed the other players.
He ruined the game for me too with his feeding so yeah
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Shiwah,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=25hGG8WL,comment-id=0001000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-08-10T15:22:30.657+0000) > > But you said previously he ended the match as 1/13. So yeah, I don't believe that your flame made him stop dying. > > I've been in that Lucian's situation a bunch of times, so I'm much more in tune with the feelings of the _flamed_ people. are you saying you are always 1/13? and that is ok and not ruining game for others?
Egillion (EUW)
: Some tank champions are simply too good...
Pick vayne no tank will ever be a problem again or take yi or yasuo...
GLurch (EUW)
: >I was trying to get him to stop feeding to fix the game not ruin it smh... Did you think harassing him would stop him from doing it? I doubt it. All you did with that was make everything even worse. >but im pretty sure riot doesnt even care about inting so from now on i will just int if someone tells me 1 bad word Isn't it ironic that your excuse was that another person intentionally fed and now you literally want to do the exact same thing he did? How would that make you any better than him?
There you go chat log in description of the post
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Acutally he did start to play better he even got a kill i was only positive on team so understand me for a little pls
GLurch (EUW)
: No, it's not. That's why you got a chat restriction and intentionally feeding gets punished with an instant 14 day ban (if he even intentionally fed). But both is annoying and both ruins the game.
I was trying to get him to stop feeding to fix the game not ruin it smh... but im pretty sure riot doesnt even care about inting so from now on i will just int if someone tells me 1 bad word
: Just because someone is bad at the game you don't need to tell him. It's rude to say that, even if it's true. > Should the troll 1/13 adc saying ez after every death be punished or a guy 16/4 telling him to stop feeding Both are examples of unsportsmanlike behaviour, so both deserve a punishment.
Yeah i deserved maybe a warning or a 10 game chat ban but no 25 GAMES CHAT RESTRICION....
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
he was alredy 0/5 when i told him that so what performance are you exatcly talking about more like lack of performance
GLurch (EUW)
: Could you provide us with the chat logs? I doubt all you did was telling Lucian to stop feeding. And to answer your question: Both should be punished. Both broke the rules. Because that's the way Riot normally does it (at least if Lucian was actually intentionally feeding and not just bad).
Me saying are you r****** stop feeding draven or we lose is the same as him feeding 5 kills to their adc and then saying i go mid now gg? and if he doenst like me telling him that he can mute her right? But i cant stop him feeding...
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
He can mute me and me being rude wouldt affect him but i cant stop him from feeding him head off.. this is my 3rd chat restriciton in 20 days and im tilted af
: > Now I'm the type who doesn't flame, when I do it's almost always because I'm getting ganged up on by others who are flaming me, Sorry, but if you flame you ARE the type who flames. The fact that you "only flame when XYZ" doesn't make you special in any way. All other flamers use exactly the same argument, they als "just flame because XYZ". I know that you don't want to see yourself as a flamer, but if you flame, you ARE a flamer, whether you like it or not. Your reasons for flaming are irrelevant, it's still flaming, regardless of your reasons. Every flamer has reasons, this is nothing special. > Is it really enough for just these two people to report me for me to be stuck with chat restrictions for 25 games? Yes. Even one of them would be enough since one report is all it needs and more don't make any difference whatsoever. Your punishment is not decided based on the amount of reports, it's decided on your actual guilt. No matter how many reports you get, you only get punished if you actually broke the rules. The amount of reports is as irrelevant as the reasons for your flaming. > Is it really helpful to restrict chat for TWENTYFIVE GAMES? Yes. Past research has shown that this is actually VERY helpful, way more than (for example) bans. Chat restrictions kind of force you to think about what you type in chat and what you better keep to yourself...which is precisely how you stop being toxic. Flaming is useless (or even harmful) communication and that's what the chat restriction is supposed to teach you. For most people it does this successfully. Roughly 95% of all players who get a chat restriction reform and never get punished again. So yes, this is an extremely helpful punishment for almost all people. > When THEY started verbally abusing me for absolutely no acceptable reason We are not in kindergarten, it really doesn't matter who started it. If you both break the rules you both break the rules. It's really that simple. And there is no such thing as an "acceptable reason". Flaming in League is NEVER allowed, there is no situation at all where flaming is okay. > I feel it's pushing me personally, Everyone is judged and punished by the same standards and system. Your case is in no way special. > How am I supposed to deal with this type of behaviour when at certain points in elo it's almost every game? That's a very good question. The best way to deal with toxicity is to ignore it (if you struggle with that: mute them) and report them after the game. Do not engage them in any way. Do not discuss with toxic players, don't threaten them, don't tell them you will report or mute them, don't interact with them in any way. Just ignore them. This is by far the most effective method to shut them up and discourage this kind of behavior. People HATE being ignored. > Another problem is that as jungle I have to be able to communicate with my team, or it'll be an issue for the whole team Fellow jungler here. The pings are more than enough for strategical communication. The chat is not required. Also don't forget that you still have a few messages left, you are not entirely muted. Normally you won't need them, but in the rare cases where you do, you can use them. You just have to decide what you use the chat for...which, as I mentioned before, is precisely the point of a chat restriction. > Being forced to mute my whole team every game isn't really solving the issue. Then don't. Just ignore them yourself. I never mute anyone and I am still perfectly able to ignore players who are toxic. It's might require a bit of practice, but it's not really difficult and can be done by everyone. PS: Fun fact time! In the past chat restrictions lasted several hundreds or even thousands of games. So your restriction is not ridiculously long. If anything it's ridiculously short^^
LOL that lie people who get chat restricted never get it again?????? I got that 5th time in 1 month now its really annoying i should have freedom of speech and if they dont like it they can mute me xd
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