: you were toxic thats why, not that hard to understand
Toxic?You obv were not on this game to see what toxicity was.I was constantly accused and flammed by three premades who didn't even got a punishment.Not that I rly care about the ban, but when I see someone flamming and swearing me and not even get a warn I rly become mad at this game.Anyways what happened happened.Hope I'll never reach to that point of saying this word again
: It's hard to get punished if you avoid words like K Y S, homophobic slurs, idiot, retrd and report calling. Too bad you decided to use a 0 tolerance word. So the punishment is entirely justified.
For real i didn't even know that.To be fair i used this word for quite a few seasons on my other accs without having any issue.So i guess i got lucky i didn't got banned back there
: For "kyrself" obviously. I'm surprised you didn't get perma'd right away tbh.
i didn't even knew this shit was bannable
Shamose (EUW)
: Yeah the 3 word thing is instaban. I had the same thing.
dude srsly what the %%%%k...i dont even flame in games i even have 2 more dia accs on 5 honor lvl and cause i said this they insta ban me?
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