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: Overwatch is NOT League of Legends. The same case that DOTA is not League of Legends. Those games have got some matching features, but they are not the same. You cannot just slap some feature in the game because another game already has it. It's like adding tuna to a peanut butter sandwich - it's wrong.
I know they are not the same games, but don't tell me that it would be bad for the game and it's players, don't tell me Riot couldn't do that if they wanted. It's a feature that would only help the players, the people the support the game and it's creators. I've payed over 300€ for my skins, it's not like i needed them, i payed because i wanted to support the company that got me over a few thousand hrs of fun. And as Leonheart said, it's sandbox and i know that but still.
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