: I've always preferred tank meta than anything else. The one-shot meta really feels dumb to me, but then again, it could be because I don't like to play assassins in general. I understand that there need to be one-shot champions, that is healthy for the game, they are there to prevent people from picking a lot of squishies in one team without a tank. And here we run into a problem. These champions have become dominant in the meta because there is damage everywhere, in runes, keystones and items (remember {{item:3147}} +{{item:3095}} ? ), but tanks got consistently nerfed through Lethality, their own scaling and their items. The tables are finally turning and we can see the return of a few tanks. Cinderhulk buff was a really good thing for tanks viability in the jungle, Sunfire and Thornmail buffs are also decent for tanks, although I disagree with the buffing of Bramblevest since it's a really broken item. Let's just see how it pans out. What I expect to happen next is probably a Grasp buff and I think that tanks get a fighting opportunity again.
I would like to see tanks Meta But in not the case when tanks smash all button use skill off cooldown and win 1v1. as Fiora main Playing against tank feel frustrating until you reach 4item build. In my opinion bramblewest should be nerfed and buff thornmail. Because most tanks build bramblewest to counter basic attack champ without finishing item. As in my case. tanks build 1000 gold worth item which denied entire my champ.
GodyrIsLove (EUNE)
: Trying to win more
best advice i can give you Is play Carry champs and try 1v9.
: What mid laner shall I buy next?
my thought is you should instead maining MId and top you should main 1-2 champions of that role. until you actually will be consistently good with that champ
Haze97 (EUW)
: That's because you aren't hitting Teemo during your blind. Whereas you are hitting Kayle, just not going damage.
you cant hit through kayle ulti like you cant hit with teemo blind. it does animation of hitting but it doesnt count. you can hit as much as you like when teemo blind you but you wont deal any dmg nor it wont proc any on hit effect. looking from logical reasoning its teemo blind so your attack miss. but you still attacking teemo. same kayle. kayle ult herself you hit her immortality shield but not her herself.
: >Well, I gave his name, the match ID, go ban him. You misunderstand. I'm not a Rioter, nor player support. I don't have that power. I'm another player, just like you. >And no I didn't enjoy it, and he had 0 reasons to infict this on me, he even banned my champ in champ select; so I had a eason to troll him. Ok, but how is this fair to people who weren't even in the game? Where are they involved in this process? If you didn't enjoy it, why do you think it's ok to inflict it on another innocent person? >Better to be on the giving side of the problem than on the recieving end if it goes unpunished. Hope this clears things up. Not really. Not at all. Two things: The problem is never going to be fixed if you're contributing to it. That's just plain logic. How do you know it hasn't been punished? The other player "claims" to have not been previously, but there's no way for you or I to know if it's true. Only Riot and that person know that for sure. Otherwise I could claim I'm 7ft2 and have green skin (volunteer life!), if we're just going to assume these things are true.
> How do you know it hasn't been punished? The other player "claims" to have not been previously, but there's no way for you or I to know if it's true. Only Riot and that person know that for sure. you can add them and see if they play or not. OR you can check daily basis op.gg webpage. Riot be you wont know if he is banned or not. you go check Op gg. see if he in game probably he not banned yet
: Kayle Fiora R "bug"
as fiora player i will tell you this is not bug. Teemo blind you. you still basic attack him but you do not do dmg. same Kayle you do attack her but it wont count cause its blocked by ultimate. Its stated you must hit to get proc. you do not hit her while she in her R.
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bananenschnder,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=5cEprAPz,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-03-26T10:45:01.828+0000) > > Kayle scales with levels and as supports don't get levels, Kayle support basically doesn't have a passive. And her passive is her strongest tool. > So Kayle support basically is a Heal and Speed Buff bot with a super unreliable slow (the cast time scales down with attack speed afaik and you won't be getting that as support. Neither will you get your passive stacked realistically and you definitely don't get the 10% boost at lvl11 any time soon). > You're like a worse version of Zilean. > > So that's at least my theorycrafting. I've not actually seen that pick so I can't comment more. Maybe I'm missing something. > As for Janna/Nami/Lulu - they don't make you watch the map, but they're like a Get-Out-Of-Jail-For-Free card because they can save your a** when you didn't pay attention. Kayle's way of saving you, especially pre 6, is limitied. > So you have ADC's who are used to not having to pay to much attention because they are used to the strong peel of said champions. When you pick Kayle support they are usually not willing or not capable to adapt and change their playstyle. So they will play as if you were a Janna when you just aren't and then blame you when they die. If Kayle is not good as support, please explain this: https://i.imgur.com/Pj1MnA9.png and explain this: https://i.imgur.com/scn2b7L.png Kayle has double heal which helps both on bot, double movement speed. I don't think there's any better early game support which can offer the same, except for Nami, but the chances are really low to actually do a double heal ping-pong. As for the Get-out-of-Fail-for-free... doesn't seem valid, a heal+ms can save you from more shit than a simple shield.
> I don't think there's any better early game support which can offer the same, except for Nami, but the chances are really low to actually do a double heal ping-pong. But what about thresh Lantern. its shield both. you can use as escape or get close to enemy. I will explain you. Hear healing and giving movement speed buffs is for set up ganks for jungler. her heal doesnt have good ap ration as other support champ. Also kayle is melle champ and doesnt have reliable cc. just because your champ has healing doesnt mean its support. Its like saying Fiora is support because she can block any cc with her w and redirect into enemy. Also fiora can heal allies with her ulti. Does that make her support??? Maybe you get idea. Kayle isnt support just because she has heal. Fiora is best example of that
Hansiman (EUW)
: > Now I have positive winrate, good games from my part which I still lose and I'm hard stuck S1, 80+ games. Being gold in previous seasons doesn't automatically mean you're gold right now. Each season brings big changes to the game, and requires players to adapt and relearn certain elements. If you don't adapt well enough, you won't climb. Being "hardstuck" simply means you're where your current skill belongs, not that anyone is holding you back. --- > One more thing. There have been proposals by people to make it easier for people to climb and make it less about luck. Like considering your own performance in the lp gain or loss, making a loss less drastic and a win more rewarding if you do well. None of these proposed systems actually work though, and only causes the game to be played more as a single player deathmatch rather than an objective oriented team game. If you can propose a system that actually works, go ahead.
Im very stupid person please explain me how you adapting and winning game when you team spam ff ints if you dont at 15min. how you do win those game? Oh wait you dont like all other even challengers.we all saw How high elo player complain about wintrading. I watch alot of high elo streamer and i dont see how they adapting against trolls. they Just lose game because they cant do anything about it.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Not a single person will hold a 100% win-rate, regardless of how good you are. You're not going to win every game, and you're really not intended to either. A game has 10 people, whom all want to win. 5 of them can only do so by having you lose.
Ofc its not impossible because riot will match you with People who put all effort to drag you down. that why people cannot have 100procent winrate.
: why 14 day suspension
You better tell me What Priviliges Do you have call People trash??? If you cant give me good Reason then I see no point even talking more with you. P.S. If person bad that not reason call him trash. Also we all know T1 and pornstat zillean was punished.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > ViaYan: naut ViaYan: can u %%%%ing polay ViaYan: or troll ViaYan: if u wanna troll ViaYan: i urn it down with u This is harassment, and you're also giving a indication that it won't take much before you decide to intentionally lose the game for everyone. --- > ViaYan: alright im done ViaYan: jsut ff ViaYan: autofilled not point in playing Here you're stating that you're giving up, and won't play because you were autofilled. Everyone is autofilled at some point, but that doesn't mean it's alright to intentionally stop playing because you don't want to. That's just ruining the game for everyone else. --- > ViaYan: btw rengo1 5 ViaYan: rep him first While there's more harassment from your part towards Nautilus, suddenly you shift your attention to Rengar and want to report him for a negative KDA. That too, counts as harassment and serves no purpose. --- > ViaYan: tell this mother %%%ciung talon that trolling auto filled players is bad Now you target the Talon player and claim that he's trolling you. But since you've already made it quite clear that you are not participating in the game, who's the one trolling?
Hansiman > Here you're stating that you're giving up, and won't play because you were autofilled. Everyone is autofilled at some point, but that doesn't mean it's alright to intentionally stop playing because you don't want to. That's just ruining the game for everyone else. Can you explain why im Forced to play Role Which i dont want? I allways trolling if i get off role because I dont see any particular reason play what i dont want. Can you explain How this suppose to be fun To play role which you dont want?? I know what i want to play and for that reason i take draft mode to get roles Which i want to play but Riot games thinks that They know better what we want. Riot logic IS like that. WE cant waste time in queue like 20min instead we will make 3min queue and put you off role and make you waste 30+ more min in game playing role which you do not want. is that what Riot consider funny and interesting experience??? Look at this system. Pros: 1 Reduce Queue time Cons: 1 Forcing player waste time playing role which they dont want. 2 Promotes trolling because people do not try win game in off role. instead they just intentionally play poorly to lose game faster. 3 Playing off roles mostly makes snowball effect which other people who get their role cant carry team cause of autofilled player.
Paracord (EUW)
: I understand your point, however this is not about countering him, but the way things are going right now means that older champs need reworks or become useless, due to the fact that they are making all these overloaded kits, or they nerf the shit out of these champs because the kit is too overloaded; Just look at Akali right now.
DuDe im playing Fiora Champion who has low winrate low pickrate low banrate. She pretty old. She suppose designed win most duel in lane At cost Of being bad at teamfight. But people still complain about my champion which is fiora. how she is broken and overpowered. But no one watch into big view. Point is Old champion Is good if you doing your job. Do not expect be good at everything which one champ. I dont feel like sylas or akali has overloaded kit.
Paracord (EUW)
: Sylas.... Really Riot
What does sylas give up for those things. First of all His Main skill Is W which is single target dmg. Honestly saying when i playing against sylas i just build execiutioner and play around him. quite simple to dodge. ALso depend how skilled you are. If you attacking whne he has shield up well that bad. But if you dodge his q and e he has nothing else except w which countered with execiutioner. also He stealing ulti not allways perfect. so it make him at some point not having his ultimate. and he doesnt have high dmg honestly saying. to prove my point look at his dmg and scaling. there alot of more champ who does more dmg and scale more. It feels he do so much when he get fed. but you must to play around it. I never played sylas but i never find any problems fighting him dodge his e dodge q and that it you won at this point
: Can we talk about this? - Leauge og Legends Luncher slow,(and have been ever since the "new client")
Riot Wont fix. Because Riot need more data. Simple thing. they all start fixing problem after taking long Collection of data. Do not worry riot wont fix any soon client because They need MORE DATA
Shamose (EUW)
: Kill him in 8 seconds then. Or hit him for five and %%%% off.
how kill teemo if he basic attack you to death? I like your logic when teemo win vs fiora in melle range and you say kill. And you cant outtrade teemo. Like ok i block his blind. reach him start attacking teemo basic attack me to death i cant kill in one go teemo ahah im going chase you and bling because im teemo. also you wont win against teemo cause he allways had advantage. If you play 1v1 top without jg interference fiora lose vs teemo. cause teemo easily denied fiora from farming. but whatever. Seems you actually do not believe statistics. Fiora broken. having one of the worst winrate in the game. having low play rate and almost no ban rate. But still Fiora IS broken. Also please understand im taking statistics from plat+ games. Also you are silver player you have no knowledge about game even more about fiora state cause oyu dont even play her
ofc its weak. ofc you crying when you lose against 1v1 but look at her winrates. small play rate almost no ban rate. Why no one plays her and no one bans her if she so broken?
Shamose (EUW)
: > Btw As fiora player i hate teemo cause his blind counter everysingle ability that fiora has. Block it with W.
so even if i block he q cooldown 8s while my w 24s.
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Rena (EUW)
: You are missing my point completely. I am not saying it's better to be nice because being toxic isn't cool. That was not at all what my post was about. I am saying if you want something from the people you play with, being nice will make it more likely that they do something nice for you than if you are toxic and try to force it. In this case with dodging. If i am nice to them. They will dodge more likely just for the sake of me not losing 10 more lp. Your example is not related to my post in any way.
being nice cost me game. Why because i gave some info that i shouldnt . i told im in promo in champ select instantly got trolled. And the person who trolled me in champ select writed. It would be really sad if you get trolled right now ;) and entire game i got trolled by that person
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Lmao. I actually meant that people should stop calling every %%%%ing noob a troll
Yeap noob. especially those who die 2 times in 4min and start int and cry ff open. and if you wont ff he will start troll ya. But hey he is noob not a troll :)
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: if half the community is trolls then something is wrong in communities mindset
Yea its wrong But as long as riot make money from that they not going fix. logically thinking why they should ban player and reduce money incomes
Samyueru (EUW)
: Players facing no consequences for attempting to bullying others out of their role.
But If Riot ban all trolls Who will play this game. Riot dont want to lose ban half the community
: > You work with them to reform them. Yes, ideally, if you are a close friend, family or a therapist. Not if you are a company with 100 million players. Individual psychological therapy is not something Riot (or any other company) can realistically offer. Yes, punishments are not the ideal solution. But they are an effective solution. Still better than no solution at all. > Sticking some punishment on them and threatening them with permaban is no way to change person You do not change persons. You change persons behavior in a certain environment. Let me explain the difference: Do you randomly insult people on the streets? No you don't, because there are social (and possibly legal or medical) consequences to doing that. However, people who never insult people in the streets still insult people in League. Why is that? Is it because they suddenly become a different person when they click on that League icon? Different example: When you go to a footbal stadium, you probably loudly sing and scream and may insult one of the teams and nobody cares. If you do the same in a church, reactions are a bit different. You probably rather whisper there. Is that because you suddenly changed to a different person? Is that why people behave differently? Of course not. They behave differently because the they have a different perception of the social standards and consequences of this environment. And that is what punishments are influencing. Since League lacks real social consequences, there need to be other consequences. That's what punishments are for. They don't change people, they change peoples behavior by changing the behavioral environment. Changing a person takes much more and this is not at all what League/Riot tries to do. So if you don't like the word "reformed", just replace it in your head with "adapted to the social environment" or "reevaluated the social norms".
Yes But you forget one thing. IF you play in teams you not allow intentionally ruin game like in real life. If you troll in team Probably you get flamed by everyone from team and mostly get kicked out. WE dont have that in league. Riot even scare to ban player because of banning innocent person of being bad. All we need is vote kick in solo duo. If 4 people agree vote kick someone probably there is problem with that person?? DO we have option kick troll? no WE cannot. Recently send ticket to riot about bot inting who end up 2/21 and our bot said Quote " Ff we lost i go int to make sure game finished faster" this bot lane end ups inting entire game because we didnt surr. after game i send ticket and in 3 days i got answered. Quote" Sorry for having bad experience but we cannot ban Player for having bad game. everyone has tilting games. So person admits inting and riot dont ban ???
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Shamose (EUW)
: Not every champ has a login theme.
which champ has no login theme ?
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