: Eldead dude people in this page don't know what toxic means. Neither them nor Riot know the definition. They will keep protecting their shit till the end.
: You can mute players and honestly right now you don't look like a positive player yourself.
I am overall a very positive person, and player.
: Ahri damage
Well, your posts are pretty convincing, and helped me like her more. I was using a bad runes build I guess, built more on heal and utility and less on damage. Made a damage runes page, and it's quite nicer now. Wasn't really aware of how much damage the runes can be.
: LMAO ????
sure, go ahead, laugh your a$$ off.
: my thoughts on this community
3 comments, all with a negative attitude, all in the style I'm talking about.
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VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Try actually hitting her E for the damage increase you want.
I do hit it
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: It's Riot's fault. Remove rewards from ranked play and people will only play for fun. There problem fixed.
In "normal" play it isn't much different, if not even worse. And without Ranked the game would be boring. It isn't that much to ask people to behave like decent human beings. The behavior of people in this game should be studied by psychologists as to how nasty human behavior can go.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: So you do agree then that false reports have 0 impact on players.
The buttom line of what I am trying to say is that player behavior must be changed somehow. If they call "report" all the time I believe they also actually report. In most of these cases they are not punished and so keep up the trend. And a trend it definitely is. The report system is basically being abused.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: So you do agree then that false reports have 0 impact on players.
The real problem is that players see the report system as some kind of system where they can report anything, even the most stupid nonsense. Riot in turn are probably overloaded with reports, and need to sort them out, for sure also hurting the real good reports given. Riot needs to better the system, and have it clear that reports need to be by the rules and not for any nonsense. And in turn also punish those that report nonsense. Also these nonsense reports overload the Riot staff with work, making them lose time and money. Personally when someone says "report" me for a stupid reason I automatically mute them.
: So if I spend a whole year reporting correctly I will be able to ban someone randomly?
I'm sure they won't ban someone that fast, even based on a positive player's report. Your report will however probably have enough weight for them to look into the matter. If you reported falsely they will value your reports less.
: What you're suggesting is already implimented. Report calling is already in the system and clasified as fair flame, so if done enough along with some other provocation it might just be enough for the system to punish them.
Well maybe it is implemented, but not enough. The fact is that players sit there and report you for anything, and Riot at best it seems ignore them. Riot needs to physically do something more with inappropriate reporting. They need to basically cut down on most of the reporting going on. As it is mostly spam, flame and nonsense.
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: Tanks in LoL
There are alot of champions that don't even have tank as a secondary, yet are built tanky. The reason again is that it works. They have so much damage that they can buy tank items. Maybe an idea is for Riot to build the damage around the items and not as base damage like it is now, then these champions have to buy attack items. Generally giving attack items a bigger importance for serious damage than they have now.
Exdominator (EUNE)
: Darius is not a tank he is a fighter. Also u can beat those with kitting...
Yes he is a fighter yet most build him tanky. The reason is that it works. You get both defense and damage, which is BS in my opinion. You see he is a fighter yet everyone builds him as a tank. It is, as I have mentioned, abusive. An abuse of the capabilties of tanks in this game. He isn't even supposed to be a tank in the first place.
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Wilkatis LV (EUNE)
: You want a Q time that is never more than 30 sec, usually just around 5...10 sec? Put Support (or Fill, same result) in your role selection. You will NEVER have to wait for a game, the Q will be almost instant.
First of all as I have said "I was playing only shen support for a while, and it wasn't that much different." And second what if you don't want support ? As most don't. Something needs to be done about these ridiculous queue times. For ALL lanes. Honestly I feel the system from before was overall better.
: Its cuz there is so low supports{{summoner:3}}
I was playing only shen support for a while, and it wasn't that much different.
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