: 1. (Completly) Different IPs & Champs, while getting a highly amount of wins, when it was balanced b4 - in boostergroups, everyone has his mains aswell, so Champs & IPs will probably change more than once. 2. The Problem is to find out, who boosts - esp when there are more than a few accounts connected with a certain IP. 3. No, as long as you are playing with your own account. Eloboosting is just plain stupid and will ruin the matches in higher elos, cuz the people are not good enough to play in the tier, they got boosted to. I don't understand, why anyone would want to take the service of a booster(-group) and pay for losing more games, just to get a skin, for an incomparable amount of money - not to mention, that most of the victorious skins are ugly. Also, I wanted to thank Rito, for exterminating these annoying MMR-Booster-Advertisment-Bots, I hope my callouts to the support helped with that.
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: Increase of drophacks - May 2015
I Got dropphacked in a normal draft game 26 or 26 juli dont remember in silver elo!! Point is it is getting quite extreme :( the game dced me and after conecting it said that some enemy team player unpaused the game like 20 time and the screen turned orageish) sry for bad english just wanted to tell)
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: [EUNE] Pool Party Recruitment Thread and Chat Room
enra0slein2 eune main mid and jungle. Im okay top and support just not adc.. and Im unranked. i also like domionion
: Idd, I'd really like to see more AP junglers a lot of mages can clear the jungle, if you know ho to do it, but they lack ganking and early duelling. on a side note: played some custom game as {{champion:143}} jungle on the PBE, and I was able to use the item very efficiently, it felt really great to clear the jungle quickly, and without blue buff, potions, flash etc. the aoe on-hit effect also works on minions btw, it doesn't restore mana, but it deals dmg
Do you think this could be good on karthus (just for clearing the jungle) when i play karthus jungle i always auto attack between q anyway
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