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Mister Kill (EUNE)
: Opinion on pentakill?
I think previous album was a tad bit better this one just feels a off somehow... also pentakill kayle is really hot
: How to unanimously surrender
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Julybabo14 (EUNE)
: transformed fiora by mistake into essence.What can i do to undo this thing?
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: Twins champions ??
Maybe something like cho'grall from heroes of the storm One champ two players
: Rengar vs Kha'Zix: Who would win?
Both bleed out in same(ish) time after long and intence battle?
: urf broke server ?
so far only server killer is urf
: If you were a LoL Champion... Describe yourself!
Probably someone like Braum but in fullplate armor with ton of terrible (sometimes good) puns.I'll super tanky with quite low mobility and loads of cc.
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Nezivor (EUNE)
: I did not received a hextech mystery chest after i achieved S rank with Darius.
Actually If you do NOT own a champ you wont get chest, I learned that on hard way
Adama (EUW)
: What did you get in your free hextech chest?
Pentakill Yorick and Shurima(?) Ward I disenchated both because i don't like ward skin and i already have Undertaker Yorick skin,soo that's what I call value
: jinx is the most attractive female champion in league.
Riven and Vi are most attractive for me
Iao (EUW)
: An up-to-date Jungle Guide
Good tips, terrible jokes(or it's other way around) Btw what do you think about {{champion:238}} jungle?
: How tall are you? (instead of cm it *TEEMO*)
: There are 3 different me so far, as the psychologist said anyways. 1- is an angry alter, he usually talks really bad to people and he kind of is a cannibal.. he likes to eat human meat and he kind of scare me when he is out with his thoughts because I can see what he thinks... Imagine how pretty it is.. 2- Is a psychopath.. or that's what we think he is (Me and the Psychologist) He is manipulative and likes to use others to get what he wants. He lacks feelings, meaning, if someone dies and he is out, he would not shed a teare. He just simply doesn't understand emotions.. The sad thing is that he was out when my brother died 2 years ago. I have a black out of what he did since when I heard my brother died I just couldn't handle the stress so he toke over. My mom said I was very cold and very harsh on her and my dad (Something I'd never do otherwise) 3- A Lonely altar, he is very sad all the time, very emotional and doesn't like to fight back. He is usually out when someone I care about say something that hurts me, it just make him cry so much that he make me very weak.. Think of him like Amumu except that he chose to not have any friends.. Thank you for asking <3 It feels good to know that there are people that care <3
Don't worry Jekyll we will find cure for you...
: A message to Riot..
Very good written story, but i don't quite understand one thing: the other you is it always the same or diffrent each time? (if you can figure out what i said)
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: Wan't to know the secret to be succesfull in this game?
: Wan't to know the secret to be succesfull in this game?
DusanN00 (EUNE)
: What champion you got on mistery
{{champion:432}} ehh one less to worry abaut
: Help me get a league name xD
Lumlx (EUW)
: First win of the day rework
or maybe we could do something like this: you get 100 ip for first win of the day on every map (holowing, summoner's , twisted and crystal scar)
: Why are you using your Summoner Icon?
because i like being a tanky guy
: The champions you play
i play {{champion:12}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:29}} what does that make me ?
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: Hello rengar and good bye moustache pencil
pencil sacrficed herself for gerater good
Shénzhì (EUW)
: Taric, Gems and updated Lore
yordles fu.cked something up and created a black hole that destroyed whole dimension
Nukerelia (EUW)
: ***
runes have more effect than masteries ?! i always tought otherwise...
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: Ruining the game.
in vote you need option ''all above''
: Why does Malzahar have a sword?
i think it's supposed to be something like sacrficial dagger...
: Katarina
get some silences , stuns and magic resist and she is pretty toasted
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