: This is completely normal. ARAM is filled with trolls and afk's, I've also faced hundreds of instances where teams know that their comps are weak so they decide to either try less or just afk under tower. Nothing new here, a very common occurrence. Also I don't believe you always get matched in ARAM according to your level or elo. I have a level 20 account that always comes up against grandmasters and challengers in ARAM games. I hope someone can explain some of this to me too. Sadly, at times it seems Riot cares a little less about what buffoonery goes down in ARAM. Either it's just me presuming or it's an actual problem.
it was a normal gameplay behaviour from both team , no one trolled or go AFK ... we just stomped them SO hard :)
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: i wanna see the brand stunning a Rengar running towards you with R open
well rengar will jump on ADC so brand can predict hiting W and Q towards the ADC
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: Actually no.If he gets ap or assasin youre useless.Evry assasin enemy in that game you gave them free kills.You need peel as adc.Or you cant do nothing alone. Even tho its truth tanks/healers cant carry solo que alone...adc cant carry without peel neither.I cant do mutch against some god damn assasin that jump on me..and i got a {{champion:63}} support..Hell assasins are not even that worst see bruisers who all jump on you. Me one im a fan of ardent and respect evryone plays that.Because i know is not easy.And yes i love ardent supports a lot.
a brand can stun the enemy and one shot them as well , i carry not only the lane with brand but the game =))) most broken champ ap beside xerath and vel koz
: If you deal 0 damage as supp you are doing something wrong. The only Champ I'm consistently not dealing any damage with is Yuumi, but if you play Yuumi with a random ADC you honestly can't complain.
nah even with yuumi i deal dmg XD .. i max W as secondary on her
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: Same with support.As main adc getting autofill supports and then they ragequit for no reason makes you go insane. Yet riot still believes "bot is op"when is a duo lane in %%%%ing solo que.
i am main ADC but when i am mad i don't quit =))) i start to play supp ... yea getting autofilled supp is bad but , if he goes AP or Assassin it's all good meaning that even tho he may be bad , he would still do dmg ... but if u get a normal tanky supp / healer well =))) have fun in hell
Shamose (EUW)
: You can say the same for Adc's playing with a random support.
so many times i died when ADC heal still unused , you won't find a greedy supp only greedy adc
Shamose (EUW)
: You can say the same for Adc's playing with a random support.
not really , you can use your supp to take all the dmg , like a dummy test doll .. but u can't let the ADC take the dmg and since you would play normal supp meaning 0 dmg from u
Shamose (EUW)
: > I am just grinding LP like I'm mining Diamond in Minecraft You have 28 different mine shafts and aren't finding any? Or is your minecraft experience different?
man i said normal supps , not AP nor Assassin , please read again what i wrote... Playing normal supp and with random adc
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Fast Enough (EUNE)
: I don't get it Is maining skarner special?
yea ... but that is not the main catch phrase :D ... look at the number ... 69 420 :D
Trekvlek (EUW)
: Ranked rewards
same happened to me :D i dropped in honor 3 days before the end i guess i rolled 3 x Times Platinum in different leagues for nothing :/
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: Yasuo Mains in 2019-2020
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: wtf is this post
idk :/ it dropped exactly in my face
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: 🎃👻 Volunteer Halloween Quiz 👻🎃
Summoner Name : gabriel2002810 Region : EUNE
LilSalty (EUW)
: I rerolled 3 1350 skins to get a 520 skin. atleast someone is on the other side.
heloooo from the other siiiiidee
Nadzaria (EUW)
: Congratz! {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Jamië (EUW)
: Nice, I've gotten only Lulu and Twitch skins and im a mid main... Atleast they were 975 - 1350rp skins... {{item:2319}}
: I got both of these in the daily aniversary orb https://gyazo.com/f385298a634362e9e794359dac076bfc https://gyazo.com/a66edaea900c65590df0e7e2cbe84489
amazing dud :O so lucky
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: That skin is honestly so good
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Congrats, I legit had no idea this skin even existed! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
the ones on olaf ? {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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Hahrimazd (EUW)
: Take a look at worlds, there is a reason GAREN IS BEING PLAYED.
i did take a look , and Fnatic lost with it :) ... but anyway garen needs nerf , idk why they buffed him , he needed a nerf before not a buff {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Feels legit. Nothing better than ONE normal game full of jokers to perfectly understand if a champ is broken or not. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
well , it needs nerf , that's just one example of a match .. and his speed jeez.. he didn't even need to activate Youmuu's ... and some weird bugs , he could cast Q while being polymorphed by me .. and being able to cast E while being polymorphed seems balanced ... like for real i am pretty sure every animal can take out a blade out of it's mouth and start spinning it while running away without using hands or paws right ?{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: I don’t see the problem... feed any champion enough and this will happen. Trynda fed the hell out of him and he snowballed that’s not to do with balance that’s just having a bad top laner
but still not every single fed champion can insta penta by just using an ability for 2 sec ... Katarina fades away in shame , jeez , not even her can kill 5 people so fast
: Lmao what elo is this???
idk , i am plat , i play with unranked friends and g4
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: Plat in a RNG Queue definitly has value keepo
iNyFColby (EUW)
: well done, keep it up :D
: TFT doesn't really count imo, but still, congrats !
: You miss 1 plat time to work on it :D
i don't consider 3v3 being a rank sorry ... League of Legends means 5v5 or 5vPVE .. and i don't have time anyway
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: I usually get trolled on promos. Like getting afk people RQ people or just running it down people lul
i wouldn t mind getting them in the road to <100 LP but for real ...
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: The double hook bot lane is always fun to watch. Thresh + Blitz. And speaking of Blitz, who here remembers the Balista play? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4keqvag5TmA
i tried that once ... and double supp sona taric too :D
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Lux and Jhin 🤪
i used to play that too with my friend in silver :D , pretty much got tower in the first 10 min
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: To be honest, I liked season 2 and season 3 akali. You actually had a choice how to play and how to setup your runes. You also had a choice of playstyle. until they started senslessly nerfing her to the ground. it was also pretty fun playing against her once you got to know her. You could really tell who was sick in the head and who was a sick good player. Next up katarina: So binary, her counterplay consisted of stunning him with basically anything and you were dead. You actually had counterplay. ANyone who could zone you out(and most fighters could do that, just people wanted balance instead of using their brain), and kata become one hit wonder where you either %%%% up so badly you lose the entire game or you do things close enough to effortlessly kill in the old katas level anyway. Just, now you rely on enemies being totally braindead instead of just morons. What was the point of her rework? She was annoying to play against, but that could have been easly fixed by removing wardjump. Boom, problem solved. Now, another guy who's rework I seriously hate is GP. He got more damage, more idendity, but became even less of a threat than he was before. Fiora.. LOl...let's just ever forget she had a rework. If her uld ultimate was a skillshot instead of point and click, it would have made all the difference in the world. But no, let's just rework because babies don't like to play against her ultimate. And what was the actual %%%%ing point of shen, shaco and ryze reworks? Shen is an awful mess with no idendity in his kit. Yes, they kept his ultimate and taunt, but those 2 are probably the only useful things in his kit. Thankfully his skillfloor is so stupidly high and he is so stupidly weak in current meta, people don't even play him that much for rest of his kit, but just for his ultimate, or lack of knowledge on how to play against a decent one. I mean instead of reverting shaco like they did with LeBlanck, they left him in a crippled state. They made him even MORE annoying to play against. And playing as shaco is not as fun anymore. You only have 2 options. You either jungle and snowball, or you play some bullshit tank that forces everybody to focus you just by being annoying. (Exeption being AP shaco) Ryze..Like.. oh my god... 3 reworks and all failed? And all had too much gunning for his kit? LMAO, I think ryze is sad inside asking "am I a joke to you" lol. And urgot...errm? just why? Visual Update would have been more than enough, he didn't need the gameplay update. I really liked his ultimate. And my most hated rework of all time is Sejuani. It was success, but I hate the fact that I lost someone who was very good at engaging, counterengaging and peeling. Sounds broken? well, that was all she had. her tankyness came ONLY from items. If you wanted some damage, you sacrificed tankiness. Now... I don't like who she is anymore. --- #Now that the bashing is over, let me mention some good reworks: Sion. I could have not asked for a better rework for anyone. His kit was a mess and all over the place. Now he has a clear idendity. Something some champions (ahem...katarina and akali) lost during theirs. He isn't exactly in popular playstyle group, but he is satisfying to play as and against. (exept when people go inting sion strat. that thing is broken, especially if you get sorcerer's elixir) Mordekaiser: THat guy had 2 reworks and the first one was a total %%%%ing mess. The second one tho, I love it. I don't play him that much(or close to at all, not my style), but now he has clear counterplay. Once people learn to use QSS against him(in low elo that is never aside from occasional smurf), it's actually satisfying to play against and as mordekaiser. Ashe. Now her rework is the one that I was very reluctant to accept. She used to be my go to girl for everything other than toplane. But after some adjusting period, I must say, it was a blazing success. She has more power early, more power late, and if played well, her midgame weakness can be easly mitigated. And playing against her is a bit more than just avoiding that permaslow. Warwick rework: ok I just love it. The only thing I don't like his w passive only working on low health and half health enemies. But other than that, it was a success in my book. Karma was another success for me. While I liked her low range q and her W increasing speed of melee champions, I didn't like that her kit was all over the place. She retained most of it and even got stronger. She only lost heal, in exchange she got damage, root, aoe speedup(albeit temporarily) and shield, which can be put into aoe heal just by using the athenes unholy grail. Even without that item she is awesome. And a pain in the butt to play against in duo lane while not overly overwhelming in solo lane. Something a support should be. ---- ---- #kit changes, not reworks. Reksai: I mean cmon? First ultimate was a global teleport that gave ALOT of map pressure. Second ultimate is basically a killswitch... Lol. Both versions are good. But while I do like the first one more, the second one does give more time to react to her crazyness. Sad that she is either trash tier in soloq and god tier in pro play, or trash tier in both plays. Twisted fates global gold giving passive was actually nice. it's one of the few reasons I picked him up in the first place. lost intrest in him after that, and now am slowly returning to the old card master. Nidalee: I HATE IT. AND ONLY REASON WHY IS THE ABOMINATION OF ZOE. WHY YOU REMOVE ONESHOTTING FROM NIDALEE, "Because she was too safe" WHILE JUST CREATING ANOTHER NIDA IN THE FORM OF ZOE. And thanks to resistance loss on ultimate, she is now pretty unplayable in toplane. However, those who onetrick nida and master her every aspect.. I do respect good nidalee players, because she likes alot more skill. And until ZOE came along, I actually liked it alot. Volibear kit change: This was just the thing he needed. To be honest, he only needs a visual update in my opinion. And something to change his q from running it down mid into a more of a CHARGEEEE!!!!! It's rewarding to play against him, but it's also rewarding to play as him. You don't feel useless after the intial flash q lol. Talon E change: Lol thank god that silence was gone. it made talon too binary. --- #Don't know where to put those guys --- Soraka rework... She is just all over the place. she is either a healbot that dies the moment wind blows in wrong direction, an annoying little tird, or extremly annoying and toxic to play against support no matter where she is played. She does require a bit more brain now and her heals can be amazing...but only reason I would pick soraka is if I saw karthus being picked lol... and even then, only if I can't exactly fit anyone else into teamcomp. The fact that right now people play burst heavy champions like crazy, males hard, but extremly satisfying to play her. But at the same time...she lacks idendity. She lacks something that makes her unique. But at the same time, she is not bad. Aurelions kit change: I haven't played that much to give my opinion on that. I do know he became alot easier to pick up now. Even then, he is not my style. But at the same time... the uniqueness he has...it's not there anymore. I mean...he was annoying as fck and I hated my guts seeing one, but atleast then i knew I got beaten by a good one. Now...anyone can beat anything that gets remotely close to aurelion without even breaking a sweat... but it's too early to discuss him. Nunu: On the one hand, i love it. On the other hand: Where the %%%% did my jolly annoying support go?`I didn't play him much, but the times I did play him, I learned more than with anyone else. Garen: That w change? LMAO... just adding more stats to already a stack of stats is not going to cut it. I like his visual update tho. Irelia: Her rework was awesome. Disarming was one really unique mechanic, and it also confined people into small space to work with, efectively softlocking them. Now. it's just another slow on an overly mobile champion. Also her shield shredding was toxic, i'm glad that's gone. I mean..if you don't know where you go with a champion, DONT %%%%ING TOUCH HIM/HER. She lost her idendity after the subsequent kitchanged. i didn't like the rework either. It gave her way more mobility than she used to have.... Now mind this. i play her quite a bit and I've finally picked her up, but again, she lacks that uniqueness aspect, she had before. She was a fighter you didn't cc and you didn't burst down, but if you chained her, she was done for. She was just...perfect. not too frustrating to play with and against. When they started messing with tenacity, they started changing her kit as well...in the end... they ruined her...again. made her generic, then reworked into something unique, then nerfed into a generic champion again.. just revert it god damn it. Leblacn: ok...what was the point of reworking him if you reverted it completely becuase she was as clumsy as katarina. and both were as clumsy as elephant in a chinese procelan store... fck this. Thank god they reverted her. it's easier to play against and easier to play with. she is annoying, but atleast she has the idendity now. Yorick: well...errm...yorick? like... i'm not even intrigues into learning him. I mean.. I don't see any sensible teamcomp where he fits to.... like... I don't see the point of him. They did get his idendity as gravedigger so that's a plus. Graves: Lmao... what the %%%% is that? The guy is "come cocksuck me please so I can blast your head off in 2 shots instead of dieing to 2 shots.".... only to become absolutely irrelevant, lack idendity, have his kit all over the %%%%ing place like before, and now also have 0 range. The reason you see him toplane and jungle is because rework pushed him out of the midlane. Caitlyn: Well... To be honest... she is weak. she isn't strong early, unless you get to abuse her range. She isn't strong mid unless she get's ahead. and she falls off late so hard that your only hope of winning the game is not letting anyone catch you. overall...A MESS...(Character limit, sry)
I really enjoyed the old Warwick ... i used to play with my friend Teemo + Warwick on bot and trust me ... once i hit that point and click R the target would die , didn't matter if it was a tank or healer or any type of champ ... Teemo and warwick bot was my favourite thing in the game ... till my wolf got the rework ;c ... not u can easily dodge his R Yorick doesn't fit indeed in any comp , he is more like a solo guy ... ( some sort of Nasus ) push till the end :)
Dr Poro (EUW)
: I can't believe you haven't mained any iteration of Ryze...
ryze shield was broken but the dmg output from now is huuuge
: > [{quoted}](name=gabriel2002810,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Eg6ElvQW,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2019-09-05T10:07:31.011+0000) > > and which is ? yes u got it right ... ap supp :D > > and has got ? yes u got it right ... stuns ;D > > congrats hahahahaha yes I have AP and I have a stun, but so do lots of other champions. Bard is by no means overpowered. In fact, I can't remember the last time I saw him played in the higher leagues.
did u even read the thread ? carrying as a supp means to go AP or full of stuns rip tanks / healers
: Old Urgot was unique. New Urgot… lacks personality, lacks role on the map. Would be great if old Urgot was back, but I guess it will never happen
: I did like old urgot v; Yorick before the rework never clicked with me sadly.
papa urgot , needs star guardian {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: It is? Huh I seem to be doing just fine with my Bard pick every game.....
and which is ? yes u got it right ... ap supp :D and has got ? yes u got it right ... stuns ;D congrats
: I wish that i got a chance to play them now that i know how to play the game. I used to play 5 rabadons fiddle back then cuz i didnt know what unique meant
when i started league i played without items XD
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