: there is other ways to do a criticism/opinion and for me enemy calling you bad is just BM
True, but is it a really toxic behaviour worth reporting?
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: Glad to be of service. I just hope my advice helps you since, as I stated, I am only silver and this is what I have gathered from watching a lot of youtube videos about jungling and top lane. I can recommend Solorenektononly and Foxdroplol for full gameplays in top lane and jungle respectively. They are both diamond level players who are very good at describing what they do and why, and they also point out their mistakes. Good luck on your endeavours!
I will definitely watch them. Thanks again!
: For me it helped to reframe the situation. First of all, I never rely on jungler to win my lane. I never ask for him, and if he comes, he comes. Has that resulted in me losing some lanes I probably should not? yes. Am I a silver scrub that needs to improve and hence need the learning experience? Also yes. Though the most important thing for me is to know that if you get camped, you need to ward and play accordingly to the enemy jungler position. Did you see him somewhere else on the map? go ham. If not, play safe and waste the junglers time whenever he comes top. The important thing here is that you have relieved jungle pressure from other lanes, which leaves them open for your jungler to gank or just to let your other laners go ham. So basically it is a good thing to get camped if you make sure to look out for it. If needed you can communicate that their jungler is top.
Thank you for this advice. I will do everything in my power to follow it.
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