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TheNhire (EUW)
: Leveling a new Account, looking for people to level it with!
I'll join if you dont mind, currently lvl 9 i think but ready to start working on it more
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: Why is URF so popular?
URF is fun because it doesn't have a META or any stress. Its the 1 time of the year we can just play, laugh and relax without toxicity or being called a "cheater". All champs are overpowered in URF witch balances it out a little more.
: These Unbalanced Champs NEED To Be Sorted!
> [{quoted}](name=II Captain M II,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ow2Z3spz,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-01T14:57:47.433+0000) > > I am so sick of going up against the same groups of overpowered champs every game, this game has over 100 champs and you only ever see the same 20 or so. why? because they are so unbalanced and over powered that no one ever plays anyone different. > > Take Ezreal for example, every one of his abilities is insane and has a low CD and additional effects that help him and his team mates and as far as I can tell he has no downside at all! > > or perhaps Yasuo, with his passive shield and ability shield that can block ult projectiles as well as having a seemingly infinite amount of dashes making skill shot hits almost impossible. OK his ult can only be used on airborne targets but that pretty easy to achieve. > > now I'm not stating that I'm the greatest player in the world but I like to think I know my way around the rift, and I enjoy playing champs that barely get used but most of the time I get destroyed by the same champs over and over and its really starting to wear thin. > > I just wish riot would take a long hard look at all the champs and actually try to balance them all properly. If only they would but unfortunately Riot decides the META and no amount of complaining will ever change that (we have tried). Riot has completely lost sight of how the game should be and is now just using it as a money maker. But i will say this, it would be near imposable for Riot to balance the champs and keep their unique features.


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