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: Can someone help me understand the mind of a toxic player?
listen up heres the real reason people want to win and when they eighter get some casual %%%% doing stupid shit for fun or some feeding noob thats loosing them the game they get mad and the only way to release the anger is to flame im one of these players exept idont flame too much only becayse im scared about loosing my account basically people want to win other people make it so you cant win and from there it starts the feeling of being deperate and not able to do anything about them loosing you he game makes you do the only thing you can and thats flame this is the real and only answer
: Yea, Over all these years I have played leauge I have only seen toxic no matter where I go to find someone help me get good. Now if the community would not be so toxic I might have learned the things that a dimond player thought me the other day, If I would have met a good enoth player that would have thought me that earlyer I would most likely be challenger now. but sence the community is so toxic I was playing 5 years withou anyone helping and I could not find out why I was so bad becus no one was willing to help. So litirally I can blame the leauge community for being too negative and djudgmental. But sence after a dimond player actually showed me how to play propperly I have ceen diffrence in my skills. So I would say there is perhaps 1% of the entire community that is worth being players in this game that actually help others up insted of pushing them down
thats a bad excuse look how many free league creators there are like LS,neace etc. so much free information you just never bothered
: ######But not every game
last 5 games lost all because adc decides to go afk for no reason
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: Because botlane, more or less always the AD carry practically ARE useless this season. I'd be surprised if botlane actually does well in a game. Essentially, junglers and midlaners will focus their attention on botlane because of how easy the bottower tier 3 tower falls.(the one that is the farthest away)(Farthest a word even?) And with the first gold bonus for destroying a tower in play just makes it more crucial to take that first botlane tower and firmly securing Dragon pit.
i meant laning phase since the once on mt team can NEVER WIN lane and just end up feeding
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