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: I need help with buying a pc.
Hello. For further help, you can contact me at . so, first of all, you have to tell us how much money you want to spend. I have found a system ( screen mouse mosepad tower EVERYTHING)that will play lol at full settings and 200fps with 1350€.first of all, go to I would suggest you to find an amd a8 or a10 cpu with over 3.00Ghz and 4 cores at least. Take an vga- msi graphics card or something like that with price about 200€. Find a motherboard that supports your cpu and graphics card. A coolermaster case. A be-quiet psu with 550W and gold efficiency. Get at least 4 gb ddr3 ram. You screen should be at least 1080p. As i told you, contact me as soon as possible. Pc building is not something easy to do. I spents hours of reading.
: [NEW] Having issues Patching 5.14? Click Here!
i have a waydiffernt problem. when i was reading the new patch, i saw the fiora patch and the new fizz skin. then my eyebolbs exploded and i started screaming. do you have a solution for that problem? i think the solution is to never make these to patches.plz {{summoner:4}} over them. :'( :'( :'( {{champion:114}} {{champion:105}} {{summoner:4}}


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