Renold (EUNE)
: 1.BAN {{champion:117}} 2.Tell your team to ban {{champion:40}} {{champion:16}} its worth ban 3.Play them yourself who cares. 4.Roam like hell.
{{champion:40}} is stronger than {{champion:117}}
: How to have higher farm in jungle?
After watching almost every game at worlds, in my opinion you should go for krugs/raptors as soon as they respawn. After you killed them pay attention when they respawn and do it again as soon as possible and try to take enemy jungle too. As {{champion:113}} you should be able to take his camps fast and easy and you have easy escape if something happens. And yeah, when you push for towers take CS or when tower is pushed and your laner is coming to lane.
LazySlav (EUNE)
: I trusted flash wolves... idk why lol
Whoa.. we had almost same picks.
: Is this even possible (chests' loot)
I got Omega Squad Teemo 3 times so far and got legendary skins or cool skins on champs I don't play. My friend got Elementalist Lux 3 times.. I know it's random.. we are just unlucky I guess.
LazySlav (EUNE)
: I don't believe c9 will win over teamWE... But it doesn't even matter since i got 47 pts by now :D
Nice. I only got 36 because TSM... I will never trust that team again.
Rioter Comments
: Maybe Longzhu can do what SKT failed at in 2015: Win Worlds without dropping a game. SKT will win against Misfits and then have a very close semifinal against RNG, maybe they even lose that one.
I think LZ will drop at least 1 game vs SSG.
: Pickems
Is this a troll post? LZ are already in the finals unless SSG wakes up and pulls a miracle. On the other side it's between RNG and SKT but I picked RNG to beat SKT because Uzi has really good momentum and Huni will probably choke.
mystYIcal (EUW)
: Ornn and Kayn absent in Worlds 2017
{{champion:141}} was played by GAM Levi.
TCG Hidon (EUW)
: Lack of a "Holy" Champion
{{champion:136}} is the holy champion. He is a %%%%ing god. Also {{champion:432}}
: Removing The ability to "Chat" In game
You can move the chat off screen so you won't have to /mute all every game. It's quite helpful.
A master tier can't carry vs some boosted diamonds? feelsbadman
: Ranked is so broken its unreal
This issue will be forever here and mostly because you get autofills in your team. You CAN carry but not all games, as a support main it's painfull to play this game sometimes, doesn't matter what you do, sometimes is that 1 guy who %%%%s everything up.
Afelers (EUNE)
: He has his range though with his W+E/Q combo that makes it safe for him to get rid of more than half of your HP at any time in the game even if you are standing under a turret (provided you don't have the ability to dodge). He is not a talon that has to jump in himself to do the work.
I said play safe. That means you wont get that close to him so he can't use W+E and if you can't dodge most of his W+Q combos you suck.
ZoharLug (EUNE)
: what to do vs zed
Play safe, by that I mean don't overextend at all, stay near tower, pick {{summoner:3}} and farm as much as you can. You don't have to rush zhonya if you play like that. Depends on who are you playing though. If you play AP Mage it's simple, you have range, you can farm safely. If he dives you, use {{summoner:3}} and flash away and wait for jungler to gank.
Savrak (EUW)
: If you flame back, or type constantly negative comments, they will report you and you will get punished for it. The best thing to do is type nothing and report them at the end of the game if they were toxic.
Legit 0 flame, and most of those weren't even negative, except the one where I asked if we can ff 15 and "gg"...
rèV (EUW)
: >hardys77: when you he gets banned he gonna cry on boards asking what he did wrong xd That's somewhat ironic, couldn't leave that alone, sorry. Besides that: Yeah, think it's deserved. You are not a flamer per se, but pretty condescending and annoying. Besides that, you seem to report call a lot.
I had a reason to say that, and I'm not crying, I'm asking to see players opinions. They were flaming super hard whole game. If you guys say it's deserved, then it's deserved. I'm annoying because everything I said was true and they were spamming pings and stuff, I played without support and they were blaming me. w/e thanks for your opinion.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >I want to know what players think, is this worthy of a 10 games chat restriction + demoted to level honor 1 from honor level 5 and no season rewards. Yup, it's worthy of it alright. However, you are still going to get the season rewards if you complete the chat restriction before the season ends. You only lose season rewards if you get banned for 7 or more days.
Alright, thanks. I feel like it's underserved. I didn't feed except 1 game, that was unfortunate and was not inting. And if I got this chat restriction, the others, who were flaming about family and stuff, should get banned. But eh.. Thank you again.
Rioter Comments
: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Dont mind if i do( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I regret it now.. for picking FNC being 2nd.. they had the chance. They %%%%ed up. Rekkles deserves a better team.
Ar3sgoth (EUNE)
: perma ban?
That's not how it works.
: Demotion Shield
The icon will turn red when you're very close to get demoted, if you it's red and you keep losing 2-3 more games you'll get demoted.
arthur2341 (EUNE)
: What happened to 1500 IP icons?
Probably because they are gonna convert IP to Blue essence and they will give a bunch of stuff for a limited time in exchange for blue essence (IP) not only icons, but chromas & more.
: Bless your diamond rank which is like gold in euw. Feels good when the lesser regions think they have skill, the quality of game play in eune is bad, its not hard to eat diamond.
You are playing for 4 season and barely got to platinum and your most played champion is {{champion:80}} and you're talking about skill? Delusional. With this kind of behaviour we'll see you post in a few days/weeks asking why you got banned.
: Why aren't you on the eune collecting your chalenjour then?
He's too good for us. He will get rank 1 in no time.
: ***
I'm not hardstuck. I've been playing this game for 2 years and my peak was D4 this season. I'll get back for sure. See.. that's the kind of behaviour that got you perma banned.
Solash (EUW)
: Look it's quite simple. If you flame, you get banned. It doesn't matter who it's to, it doesn't matter what the context is. It's a crime. End of.
Too bad they don't understand it.
IvanaIsBack (EUNE)
: U really dont understand do you. If someone is talking shitt about me ofc i will say something back like ?? idk if u dont know how to protect yourself or whatever but i do and they deserved ban and they didnt get it,and why is that ha ?
If someone flames you, you mute them and report them after the game. If someone flames you and you flame back it's your fault. You are resposible for your OWN actions. I doubt you'll understand.
IvanaIsBack (EUNE)
: 14 days
99% of bans are 100% deserved. I don't know what are you crying about. If you're toxic you get punished it's simple as that.
MiksaMV (EUNE)
: I cant play 200 years to get one champ..
Because you're new it seems forever to gather ip. but it's not really like that. In time, you'll see. 400-500 IP per match would be way too much.
: Which fighter can deal more damage in a burst than an assassin?
: I've got leave buster for this insane reason.
: Give Chance Refund for old players
Probably they wont. I wasted my 3 refunds when I was like level 10 and bought Garen,Kayle and Ashe and refunded them.. feelsbadman {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Rismosch (EUW)
: They most likely would play Yasuo, Azir and such champions who are just straight up OP when fully mastered. Those champions are just "balanced" because no one can play them at their full potential.
It was a mirror match. And don't cry about Yasuo, he isn't broken. How many times have you seen him in pro play? I'm shocked you didn't say Master Yi at this point.
: When Blue Essence Store is coming ?
50,000 for a gemstone? what the %%%%. Can you provide a link or something to where you saw how much those things will cost? Thanks. EDIT: nvm, found something.
gogo641 (EUNE)
: Please nerf these items
Lethality is weak against armor, what you talking about? Those items are there to make sure you delete squishy targets that's why this is a team game..
xXTraceXx (EUNE)
: i need to buy a champion plus i lagg every game i dont want to get tilted again
If you don't want to play because you lag every time what's the point of getting 20ip and buying a new champ? You can't play.
Derox26 (EUNE)
: Perm Ban.
Good, deserved. Because of players like you I can't enjoy any normal game. If i'm trying to play that champ for the 1st time, BOOM, FLAME & Blame. You tilted kids need to understand that it's just a game and flaming is not nice no matter what others did. Everyone gets punished at one point.
: Honor
{{champion:16}} get level 6, just press R when any of your teammates are low.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Probs transfer. I used to have ~2k honors back when I played in NA, but then I transferred a few years ago and no more honor T^T
you used to play on NA and you're on EUNE now? How high was the ping while playing on NA?
Le Pisos (EUW)
: EDG 4th? Lol. TSM 1st? LOL.C9 2nd? LOL^2. WE 3th? U need new predictions. Only group c right.
C9 could make it to 2nd spot what's so shocking? Sneaky is playing super well and EDG is not what is used to be. TSM has the easiest group they should win it fairly easy. Such a cultured league fan but you didn't say anything about G2 being over RNG.. smart boy.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Low quality badges
Platinum badge looks horrible. Can't wait for season to end to get rid of it.
Foxynerdy (EUW)
: Idk what wrong I'm doing on Nami...
start with {{item:3301}} not {{item:3303}} don't waste W to do dmg unless you go thunderlords, keep it to heal adc or yourself when you trade hitting the bubble is pretty hard so you either try to predict when you fight or wait for that champion to get cc'ed first so you can follow up, e.g. you have vayne as adc and she condemn's then you use bubble or there is a teamfight and you have Ori and she catches 3-4 people with her R you follow up with Q I don't play Nami often but when I do I don't go aggro, I keep my R to disengage when we get ganked I'd suggest to keep ur bubble and use it only when you're sure e.g when you fight 2v2 and you are closer to enemy ADC and can predict his movement As a {{champion:412}} main playing vs an aggresive {{champion:267}} it's pretty easy, once he used her W I just go because her heal is down and obviously she's super squishy. Try to play more passive.
Circa1988 (EUW)
: Root for a team at worlds
450RP, Icon + emote bundle in bundles section.
Boonie (EUW)
: who do you think will win worlds this year?
GLurch (EUW)
: Which kind of difficult situations? If it's about gameplay (for example, what to do when you play against a fed yi), I don't think I can help.
Hard CC, if you have {{champion:117}} on your team is easy, just W him. Usualy master yi when fed goes solo 1v5
You are that kind of player who flames over normals and goes nuts. You deserve it. Also I bet you said "plz don't report me im afraid, rito will do nothing noobs"
Ðęłtª (EUW)
: It's our,supports, fate. If something goes wrong - it's support's fault. If adc does a mistake and dies, it's support's fault. Same for jungle. I am not saying, that it can't be your fault, sometimes it is, but, mostly, people, instead of looking at their mistakes, just point at other people, because it's easier. If someone is toxic to you - you can always mute and report that person after the match. They are not worth your time and your mood to be worse.
Depends on your elo tbh, but you're mostly right. Most ADC's always spam pings when they die and you don't help them because it's impossible to save/help them.
kullehh (EUW)
: worlds missions
Nope, I also bought the worlds pass for missions but no new missions yet.
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