: > Is this really reason to be banned for 14 day? Is it 7 days for every k y s? k%s is a **zero**-tolerance word, which results in a 14-day ban. All homophobic, racial slurs or hate speech (which k%s is one of) result in this same ban, or perma if you've already received a 14-day ban). Chat restrictions are for lesser toxicity.
Wait a sec. Does this mean I can get permabanned for my next punishment? :O
: >Is this really reason to be banned for 14 day? Yes, telling people to kill themselves is not cool, in case you didn't know. Neither is racism, homophobia, sexism etc. All of these are considered zero tolerance phrases. If you misbehave this badly, you are definitely doing no good and Riot will of course remove you from the game quite swiftly. --- I understand that you're mad about getting banned, but I you'll have to understand that this is 100% your responsibility.
I deffinitely am on the toxic side of this "community". I did say far worse things than %%% in the past :) Spreading all kinds of racism, homophobia, xenophopia, intolorance, sexism and hatespeaches. :) I had chat restrict 2x max :) Never ban. When I were chat restricted it was because I flamed 10 games in a row ... Now I play one game after long time and get 2 weeks for 2 kiss :D I mean srsly rito? After all this years?
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