: Riot I want my LP Back
i dont understand how people can be stuck in bronze i have been playing for 2 seasons. almost 2 years now. first season i was gold, second i got to diamond. now i am trying to hit master tier. my suggestion: pick a brainless carry. tahm kench top, trundle, malphite, maokai. wreck your lane opponent and help your team. as soon as you see you cant do anything else on your lane go help. do objectives. rift herald. dragon. help mid. its that simple. i mean okay if it was a tier promos from division to division... but b3? every player can atleast get silver. so can you. go.
Conyboy (EUW)
: How you can play LoL even with a disability
nothing new. 90% of my ranked teammates are disabled
pilkis1 (EUNE)
: This actually is just sad. Riot is such a big company, running for over 10 years now, still they cannot fix some major things. :C
they have reply bots thats all. a fucking 1 line code. if(player=min.3.reports//per game) (suspend.account=player) pretty accurate id say
AstralDream (EUNE)
http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/LEZLegLt-riot-games-can-you-please-tell-your-workers-so-they-take-more-time-to-read-messages-and-solve-proble exactly same problem. riot simply doesnt care :)
Declined (EUNE)
: I've never been banned before, thankfully I know some people who can get around replays, so I've watched your replay now, I can't exactly say you worked with your team, but neither did you intentionally feed.
i was trying to stop tryndamere from pushing. since he is a splitpushchampion. my team usually had 4v4 teamfights.
Declined (EUNE)
: Sorry but I don't particularly like bat files. Go to the client download it from there, and then give me the file. https://s29.postimg.org/zg125f8mv/lol_example_204.png
: > Nat Figger he has a interesting name, to say the least. name change would have been nice.
if you are a windows user http://www.replay.gg/ajax/replay_batch/1592972591/eune this will download you a .bat file which will open up replay of the game. #24803356 here you go even tho i dont think it changes anything
Purejoyce (EUNE)
: I do similar thing, when we're about to destroy or lose nexus and I die in that time, a lot of times I'll sell all my items and buy 6tears ooor 6boots ooor full ap items on ad champs ooor full ad items on ap champs. Doesn't mean I wanted to troll or feed, the game is already over and there's no way I'm getting back in action in time. And if by some miracle I respawn in time, I spam "undo" button and I'm good to go. So yeah, I'd belive that he does similar thing. I don't know about 0/10/0, would need to see times of deaths probably?
if you are a windows user http://www.replay.gg/ajax/replay_batch/1592972591/eune this will download you a .bat file which will open up replay of the game.
you deserved a ban you toxic flamer intentionally feeding!!!! good ban!! yea!!! dont care about this rito!!! skip this post!! you did good!!!
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: It has happened to me too a few times... like the day before the last patch I queued 2 times (or so I thought) for ranked and yet it was a normal game both times. Could be just a case of clicking the first thing and thinking it was ranked :)
now riot did note: ranked queues disabled, we investigae the problem. wow. they changed my queue to draft without even notiicing it. what a joke...
: Disconnected from client. cant connect. eune issues again ?
same happened to me. i even queued for ranked. turns out it was a draft after all.:^)
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i wont back down

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