: because it doesnt solve a situation it just bottles it until that breaks and suddenly you have some guy just being an ass because hes mad and cant throw insults at everyone
Well, so punish him according to summoners code lol. If he is mad and is greifing ban him. If he is mad and punches the wall, good for him, but why on earth should we care? We are not his parents to educate him. I dont see why that wouldnt work. How does it not solve the situation? It differentiates between people who flame and cant be reformed (their toxicity continues in form of in game behavior) and people who really want to win and get tilted easily by retard teammates. Id say it solves the situation perfectly compared to this permaban fashion.
: The point im making is permament chat restriction wont help people with an inablity to stop insulting their team play without fault i just avoid getting involved most of the time i cant bring myself to play ranked anyway so not like i have anything to lose
I mean, I see your point, but this method would punish people youve mentioned anyway so I dont get why you are opposing it.
: If people dont reform after 3 Punishments ! Which aint easy tk get btw i loose my temper rarely and i didnt even get a CR yet(its really bard to get to the first stage) ah yeah 90% reform after the first punishment! So 2 negative words after "insults" wont get u permabanned, heavy insults, permanent negativity, being unsportsmanlike all the time and blaming will get u one! So u wanna let them be toxic a bit longer or what? 95% of the toxic players show that they arent t be reasoned with -> they dont understand what they did wrong AT ALL! Permabans are given to the people who dont reform after 3 warnings! And they did... not for long tho + no one wants flamers to be in league Everyone who is toxic enough to get a permaban for it ,is likely to troll or be toxic in another way if not able to flame. Or why would you flame? It doesnt hell its only negative. Your team wont play better(they will play worse) they wont like you Riot even states that flamers loose more games ...
I got my 3 punishments in a matter of 2 days /10 game restrict, 25 game restrict, 2week ban/ - check my other thread I made, I will leave a link here: http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/X2ZmT7UE-im-scared-i-will-lose-my-account-soon-because-what-i-get-reported-for-is-a-joke And this is what you can get banned for. In my games except for spamming "autism" in one of 3 games I never insulted someone but people still reported me trying to harm me somehow. So yes, even saying 1 negative thing in a 40 min game, if you hurt some princess with it, can get you permabanned(u can get permad for simply saying easy). > So u wanna let them be toxic a bit longer or what? no I wanna differentiate between toxic people who do it to be mean and people who just need to not be able to chat and focus fully on the game. > Everyone who is toxic enough to get a permaban for it ,is likely to troll or be toxic in another way if not able to flame Likely, but who are we to judge them lol :D I got 2 week ban after 2 days of tilting and I never flamed before and am never gonna touch chat after. Can you actually explain why muting them is a bad thing ? I dont see it in your post. We are blaming them of abusing people through chat, therefore removing their chat is logically the best and most adequate solution. If they troll/feed/grief, just permaban them. All of those 3 things are an offense which should be considered more grave in an esport community than few insults in the heat of the moment. >Or why would you flame? It doesnt hell its only negative. Venting.
: Yep, i would have reported you after each of those games. People pointed it alrdy out. And yes, you have to fear for your account... but no, the reportreasons are not a joke. You thinking they are a joke... thats kinda funny tho.
emm.... can you kind of point out of some facts ? :D or just gonna insult me ? ^^ All you did was say that you would report me :D I dont really care. Can you objectively justify your comment ?
: so perhaps 2 people deserving of a banned got it.. from my point of view (but using your reasoning) i dont see your behaviour as something i would consider the norm of a human being.. therefore you are autistic?
lmfao :D so you just called me autistic/which by your logic defines autism/, so are you calling yourself an autist ? ^^
: if they get an endless chat restriction as the ever so popular example they will end up getting so frustrated that one of two things will happen.. 1. They will break something in real life, and none of us will be bothered maybe it will show them they have an anger problem. 2. They will need to find a way to show their team how annoyed they are and resort to following you around trying to take your kills cs and what not. At least thats my prediction I mean I don't have the same issues as these people I am more than capable of leaving chat alone infact more likely im struggling to communicate with people.
so who is the victim in this scenario? if they troll they will be banned for greifing and removed from the game. If they break shit, who the fck cares? I mean your 2 reasons just seem like a WIN-WIN to me.
: a chat ban wont stop them from being toxic , they will start trolling or just go afk -> nope and yeah riot actually tested a shit ton of ideas already
so they can get perm ban for that lol :D I used to flame all the time but not because Im a bad person but because I cared about the game and people were going fullape :D I dont see who loses in this, toxic players wont be able to be toxic, but they can remain playing the game. IF they troll ban them for that, they deserve it. Problem solved. No victim. Now we have guys who enjoy the game getting banned for saying 1-2 negative comments in 40 min of psychical torment from their teammates. How does that make any sense? There is not a single person alive who can say nothing will make him angry after some time, some people have short fuse and blow up after few well aimed insults. Riot tested a shit ton of ideas already - well they sure as shit didnt test this one because it would actually work and people wouldnt have to make new accounts and buy new skins etc etc ^_^. Ofc riot would rather permaban people.
Ajjantis (EUW)
: You talk way too much and its often offensive. So yeah, should be banned.
:D what you just wrote insulted me therefore it was offensive therefore you should be banned, therefore Im not even gonna take you seriosuly :D
Endellion (EUW)
: > iamsobadbro: autism > iamsobadbro: autism > iamsobadbro: autism > iamsobadbro: autism > iamsobadbro: autism > iamsobadbro: autism > iamsobadbro: autism > iamsobadbro: diana > iamsobadbro: you are getting > iamsobadbro: banned after thias game > iamsobadbro: enjoy your last moments on this account One of many extracts which were either flame or negative behaviour, and you must be physic to know this was Diana's last game as you don't know her/his punishment history. The 'if you use chat you'll get banned' mantra that some people like to use is a load of baloney, if you get nice team mates (and those do exist) you can have a laugh in chat (even all chat), just so long as you don't take it too far.
I only wrote that because what she was doing wasnt in the norm of human behavior. As you can see from previous games I didnt write stuff like this, but I assure you that the warfare this diana was launching in chat is 100% bannable and she was pushing and insulting me until I cracked.
Dessem (EUW)
: > iamsobadbro: autism iamsobadbro: autism iamsobadbro: autism iamsobadbro: autism iamsobadbro: autism iamsobadbro: autism iamsobadbro: autism I don't think this is really appropriate behaviour, even if you're joking. You'll only lose your account if you are consistently toxic, and you will (usually) receive a warning or chat restriction prior to heavier punishments, unless your behaviour is so far past the line it's in Africa.
I mean I am fully aware that I flamed this last game, what suprised me is the other 2 games... I have over 200 Games in which I behaved nicely and then I cracked just once and spammed autism and I instantly got punished. The reason I made is thread is that when games like first 2 cummulate I can get banned and I dont think its fair at all, since I dont consider myself a toxic player(or a supertoxic threat to the community that must be removed at all costs with a permaban).
: No reason to read all this cr4p, you just basically chit-chat all game instead of muting the annoying player and docus on your gameplay.
Yes I like to chat =). Doesnt mean I dont focus on my gameplay tho :D. And I dont mute teammates in ranked in case they write strategies.
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Strigina (EUNE)
: Friendly trash talk for me is like "not even close" when you escape with 50 hp. But end of the game is time, when you shake hands with your opponent. There is no room for "izi".
so I am the only one who translates gg ez into "lol nice game guys, little closer than we'd like but in the end we won" ?
: There is a huge difference between "friendly trash talk" and "gg ez" in my opinion.
can you give me an example of what does "friendly trash talk" mean to you then ? I think saying "easy" after outplaying someone is the mildest form of mockery
: easy must be bannable again
Or you can, you know play the game instead of focusing if there is a remote chance that what enemy wrote might offend you. You can always do that. And let others be if they want to trashtalk a bit. Some people grew in communities where friendly trashtalk builds competition instead of insults people. If it bothers you there is a magical /mute all command =). I cant believe you want people who write "ez" to lose their accounts for it. Dick move.
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