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: I'd try to send a ticket to Riot support. You'll get a generic message and I don't know how they handle behavior tickets these days but try to be patient until you eventually get to a human being. It's worth trying. See what they tell you, try to keep us in a loop I'd really like to know what they tell you since it does seem, at least partially, like an AI %%%%up.
Well i've sent a msg to riot games player support and they sent me this "Just wanted to let you know that I’ve updated your request (#41573885). Just reply to this e-mail or click the link below to add any additional comments." i clicked on the link below and it says "404 The page you were looking for doesn't exist" I sent msg again to them and someone replied to me with this "Looks like a response will take a little longer than normal due to a high volume of requests, sit tight and one of our specialists will answer you as soon as they can." ^ That was +1 hour ago and still didnt msg me back anyway ill wait more maybe they'll reply ^_^
: >imahmadzbedat: u told me %%% imahmadzbedat: Telling me %%% and calling me idiot etc
what do you actually mean by that facepalm? They told me "the 3 letters shortcut word" i didnt tell anyone it.
: i got banned for being told "%%%" and many other things by flamers.
well you know as i said they have to change their system, its actully unfair There's a bot called Blitzcrank as you know who answer all things i wish i could send a ticket to a RIOTER not to a bot who answer the same always
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: People using LoL as a chat room instead of a videogame (SUGGESTION TO RIOT)
well as a toxic player ( i have a disease in real life) and i cannot control my self when i get mad and i do start flaming everyone near me when i get mad only Well, in my opinion, we should make the /mute all doesn't show our players what we said so we can say whatever we want without insulting our teammates and this can save a lot of players. I know many players can't control their selves So ...


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