: **it was super effective**
Simple but had no issues like new one has. And it was no overloaded with stuff like this one.
: Petition to remove all assasins from league
Your most played champion is Vladimir, someone who can just pool all incoming damage and yet you complain about assassins? You really have to climb first and be high before you can make a post like this.
fUwReSean (EUW)
: what do u ID a bug? i never see bugs in my games..
You have never seen a champion bug? Hitbox bug? Never experienced any issues with client, fps, ms, dc?
Aezander (EUW)
: League has always had problems like these when Riot added a lot of stuff in a single patch, or made radical changes. And adding an entire new game in a client that is not perfectly stable, is a radical addition ... ((Not to mention the death recap rework that was its own mess for a decade now)) ... Also, Lol rarely has "*much issues*" per patch, when they are simply trying to rebalance Champions; and how many online games with this kind of traffic out there can boast zero issues per patch ? But in the end, I couldn't care less. I've been playing this game long enough(since the beginning of season 1, were I would be lucky if my client didn't bug out worse that this shit today :P ) to have learned to never play ranked for at least 24 hours after a patch, as I am well aware that PBE is nowhere near enough to iron out all the kinks. (I got the critical error bug as I was about to load to a Normal Draft, half a day after the patch had gone live, and the whole riot had began; but I reconnected just fine afterwards .... so I got lucky I guess ... ) Atm I am just enjoying the show. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
League always had issues with bugs around champions, client bugs etc. Other bugs were almost always there, but just get activated upon adding another thing to the game. Bugs around champions were always present, but players just turn their head around. Hitboxes were always a problem. Complaints like these were always made but we never got a fix for them, new champs were just added with new problems. Critical errors, random disconnects and reconnects, client not launching are just few of many other issues that aren't new. People have been experiencing this since the release of the new client, so new patch isn't much of a contributor but it could be an activator of it. These issues as i said aren't here every patch (client dc ones), but they get activated with certain things added in the game or if the patch is too big.
itram2001 (EUW)
: But that's my thing, complaining about people complaining. On a real note, if everything is so bad, you can either leave and/or rage in the forums or you can help Riot find new bugs or check for known bugs in order to see if they are fixed or not. I didn't say I was against complaining, I said I was against brainless raging without providing acutal solutions. If you want me to delete the post, just downvote it and go play another game if League is so terrible. Have a good day
How can people 'make things better' when the game has been bugging since forever on all sort of fields. Mordekaiser got reworked for many reasons, one of them was because he had too many bugs to deal with and Riot had no idea how to fix them, so they thought reworking them would fix him a bit. You can check their reddit post "Ask us" for Morde. If Riot did its job from the start, it wouldn't be like this. Now they have too many things on their hands since everyone including Koreans are complaining about it. They named 69+ bugs this patch alone. THIS PATCH ALONE. If you ask me, right now there isn't a single brainless raging. People are complaining about their 'product' for years. They invested money in skins, exp boosts, name changes etc. to play the game, and Riot can't deliver properly nor they care much for it, otherwise game wouldn't have much issues. I have never seen any game have so many issues just after one patch, it means the game was so shit to begin with, that new patch just activated them. All games have issues, but this was the first time i see it for any game, and for League i have never seen them have such problem since i started the game in S2,S3.
itram2001 (EUW)
: A casual player's message to the complaints
You are new to the game if you don't know that Riot had this issues for years.
: It's summer man, Riot is on vacation like everyone else
Ah mb! Kind of feelsbad they are on a vacation for years now.
: when is it a good idea to go into ranked?
Season 10 probably. We will see.
: Autofill is not doing its job properly.
Autofill was supposed to give you any random role to fill in the gap after 'usually' 3 minutes of the queue timer. Pre 3 minutes or any time that's shown thats estimated , should give your role. This autofill just pops the queue after 10 seconds, and gives you whatever role but just not yours.
Rioter Comments
Conflux (EUNE)
: Lmao, that didnt even touch you, but hey TFT > fixing hit boxes and overall game play + shitty Client.
The minion closest to me is little ahead of other creeps, so Zoes Q if anything should hit it first, but i guess "Its just the camera angle or something" XD
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: Patch 9.14 - Bug Thread
Do you think they can fix 50 so far known bugs this patch alone? When they didn't do it in 10 years?
Range abilities dont work.
Angst Two (EUW)
: This patch is most broken ive ever seen (rengar, morde, camille bugs, maybe more?)
Morde bugs out everyone when he ults them, you can't use spells vs him. Was just looking at stream where a guy played Irelia against him and couldn't throw anything. Yasuos windwall was bugged since patches ago. League is dead because we have 5 skins every patch, but not a single bug fix. Idc about player base, we are losing our minds with how bad the state of the game is. Edit: just saw how everything bugged, turret shots invisible, wards invisible etc. https://clips.twitch.tv/SparklingAwkwardPuddingHeyGuys
Lari (EUNE)
: Low elo smurf problem, Higher elo boosted acc prob
Boosted by Riots mmr system. It's garbage everywhere in every division. Go next season.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Those are not bugs. {{item:3172}} Banish an enemy for 5s. The others were body blocked. You can only have 1 champion per hexagone, if all those around you are taken, you can't move (which was the case of your kennen and draven). This is part of the strategy in the game and how well you position your champs on the arena. Having a champ with small range at the corner is not the best idea.
Ah ok then mb i guess.
Rioter Comments
: "I never been able to have more than +17 LP" That would indicate that you have found your "true" skill tier. And it is normal if you (you = humans here) feel like you are better than the people around you because you get to know the reasons why you made each decision, you tend to evaluate people based on elements of skill you understand which are usually those you are good at and your teammates may be in the same elo for other skills they have, and then there is the natural bias of the human brain to only remember the notable things such as people doing poorly. So you tend not to remember all the averagely skilled people you played with, remember very well all the bad performing people and dismiss all the good people by saying that it is the expectation (even though it should not be). Oh and you get to know and dismiss your own poor performing games because you know these are one offs, yet don't dismiss other peoples one offs because you only play one game with these people. "Let me ask you a question, How many times did you enjoy the game even if you lose ?" Exactly!!! You aren't having fun anymore are you not? If you don't have fun playing a game then for your own sake you really should go out and find a new game that will make you happy :). For my part I still have "fun" in many losses I have because usually my losses are in part due to me making mistakes and getting punished for it. Lemme put it this way, if in a game Faker or Apdo could have replaced you and still won the game then you have made some mistakes that you should look into to try and improve (if that is what you enjoy with the game)^^ The downfall is people that don't get that you should never ever play solely to win and as soon as that happens, you should find a new game that would better suit you. Playing for fun does not require winning (I can recommend movespeed Teemo for instance) and playing to improve and get better requires losing.
No it doesn't mean you found your true skill tier. I'd be climbing smurfs with 95% winrate up until Diamond and would get 30,40 lp. Once i hit Diamond with that winrate, the MMR gap is so big that i would get 19lp per win. Often i would not skip divisions in Diamond and i don't anymore because of it, no matter what my winrate is Rioter in a ticket also told me that, doesn't matter how much you win anymore because the gaps in mmr were increased dramatically between Diamond and Platinum. When i say increased gap, i don't mean skill level but actually difference in numbers. If your MMR was normal and average in Platinum, once you end up your promo for Diamond , you will have a negative MMR because it's lower than Diamonds average. This puts you in a position to play more games to climb.
Vertinhol (EUW)
: Gold IV or Iron IV ?
It's Season 9, the season where majority of players are much higher than their actual skill level/game knowledge level. I have climbed 10-ish accounts this season to high Dia/Master because the Q timers are low but level of players is similar to the ones in high divisions. All i can say is that. People that don't want to admit it are either these exact players or are not OG players (when i say OG i mean played around S1-S4). It's very easy to notice from a perspective of a high elo player when someone is struggling in climbing because they don't belong there. This is the similar case for Platinum,Gold,Silver where players got pumped up MMR and lp gains and now they are 2 divisions above their own, so they sit for a month on this and play one game to get carried and stay for another month. If Riot was to lower this decay time to be the same as Master,GM and Challenger which is 10 days banking system, players would play more and those that don't belong there would drop faster. Riot with this is giving everyone a free pass: -give huge lp gains -give good mmr -give them month before they can play 1 game again and before they decay This means a player like this can get his division he never could have gotten before and now he can play 12 games a year, so he maintains it. 1 game each month. So you tell me if this is anyhow normal from a competitive perspective, does this give players will to play better/improve or this is only for Master,Gm,Challenger players where you need to play more games to not decay. Where system is more punishing than bellow.
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Azzarox (EUNE)
: Practice Tool Disabled
Will probably stay disabled due to too many players overloading servers at the moment. This is all because of TFT. Allowing players to create their own custom games/practice games would crash the server so Riot is putting some boundaries.
: >So cyber bullying, wishing death and racism isn't against the rules Pretty sure they get banned regularly, just spend a day here on the boards to see the countless "I was banned" . And technically that is illegal, but Riot isn't liable for their behaviour, so it's not something that faces legal ramifications on their side. I suppose you could pursue someone for Cyber bullying laws outside of it if you really wanted to, but again, Riot wouldn't be the liable party in this case - the person who flamed you would be. Riot publically outing someone, on the other hand, by their own actions and saying "this person was banned" would be a breach of privacy laws, and they would be liable for it as it's their actions.
So if cyber bullying is constantly happening in their own game and isn't prevented due to system cutting so much slack , if someone god forbids commits suicide due to this, Riot isn't liable anyhow? Won't take any actions? With this system "toxic one can shame you publicly, but won't get shamed back" is flawed on so many areas. Nobody that enters the game has any safety when it comes to toxic people. For example, Riot is ALLOWING a message to be sent in chat even if it contains swear words, racism etc. Instead of not allowing it to be sent and keep the chat clean so people don't have to mute each other or get frustrated from it, they give this person a 'freedom of speech' . Other specific games won't allow you to sent these kind of messages from the start or would modify them so there aren't any swear words and if it does have, it would completely change the sentence. With all this said, Riot purposely commits to 'oh i told them not to in the rules so i'm not viable' and doesn't take any actions regarding this.
: >except to get a notification that this _**specific person**_ is punished for his doings Yep, it still violates privacy laws. It's why IFS notifications are deliberately vague. The struggle with policing and internet culture is actually really fascinating, especially with GDPR making it's apearrance and the such.
So cyber bullying, wishing death and racism isn't against the rules but this is?
Hansiman (EUW)
: Doing so would violate privacy laws. Riot is not above laws.
People often don't ask for much except to get a notification that this specific person is punished for his doings. Not even for that huh?
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: To all the OTP Players out there and those who wanna become one - This is your Club :)
I think if you want to get known in League or as a good OTP, you should have your own persona and not so general. A name that people will only know you by. If you are looking 4fun only, then sure but idk. Wouldn't do this tbh.
: > there is a mental block that prevents you from one small thing that will get you past the hurdle some know it and ignore it (me) Achieving the top 2% of the ladder is in itself a great achievement, that you should be proud of.
I can tell you first handed that achieving a rank doesn't feel as good as it used to. But that's because of the ladder being a mess and IMO Challenger border looked better.
: > [{quoted}](name=inFamous Zion,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=lQKj8HAE,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-31T00:45:35.472+0000) > > Not witch-hunting, shaming etc. Just pointing stuff out > ------------------------------------------------------------ > > This is what new Diamond looks like in Season 9 Wait what. I thought this was Low Silver / Bronze when I saw that clip. wtf
Yeah well unfortunately this is what 60% of games in Diamond on EUNE look like. Other 40% are where people actually trying to improve and people smurfing.
: Failure to climb results from a combination of : IRL factor : * Not having the time, or not investing the work - this is kind of an IRL block for some. Not everyone can spend hours playing. Most new players will hit their skill cap fairly quickly, and if they don't invest the time/work into the game, they will not be able to climb out of low ELO, instead they'll just stagnate there, 1-2 games a week, for years. Your average diamond player invested a good couple of years into the game, before they achieved that level. Not saying everyone, there might be prodigies out there, who can master LOL in a couple of months, but for most, this isn't the case. In-game factors : * Bad mentality * Bad decisions * Failure to / refusing to improve * Not understanding key aspects of the game ( be it self counterpicking / self counterbuilding/ failing in laning phase / etc.) * Not being able to use key aspects of the game to their full potential - (warding, objectives) * Lacking the talent - let's face it, not everyone is cut out to get to the very top of the ladder. The majority of the players, no matter how hard they would try, they couldn't do it. My 2 cents.
IRL things are understandable, everyone has their stuff. Climbing has to do a little with how much of a brain you use tbh rather than practicing combos or anything else. Watching just a few clips can help you have an idea of how you should play. Take this for instance:" You don't have a flash on your lane so you refuse to play aggressively in order not to get ganked OR enemy toplaner is suddenly creating a big wave while enemy jungler is for example Elise. Automatically you should use your logic to think that they might dive you there." I refuse to think that people need 'time' for this kind of thing to be learnt. Even if someone IS playing badly due to all sorts of things, there are 4 players in your team let them carry you. You don't have to go 0 10 in lane, right? I'm not the only one in this or? I would much appreciate if i got into a game and 4 of my teammates said 'im tilted so i will play on autopilot but ill try not to die'. It's fine, i can try and carry or they might mess up whatever. But don't get into a game to die couple of times and have an ego about it. Doesn't matter how many accounts i surf through unranked to wherever, i constantly same things and this is what i learned. Iron players are bad, but only in terms in failing to understand the game and how it should be played. Silver,Gold,Platinum players usually try to win and want to climb, they aren't that good usually but they want that win, they are hungry for it. Diamond is a complete shit show. I can go 100 wins 0 losses up to Diamond, but as soon as i get to Diamond i start to lose due to 'IDGF i want this guy to lose' or 'my support is bad idc i have no peel, gg ff15' or 'i as a jungler just lost a scuttle so ff, i'm afk in fountain'. The list keeps going on with examples, but you get the idea. Players in Diamond are 'alright' to some degree but got the biggest egos in all divisions. They are high enough to be above so many players bellow Diamond and high enough to SOMETIMES be matchmaked with Challengers, but this is only due to bad matchmaking. Players in Diamond usually don't care anymore about improving and force autopiloting themselves and ask themselves why they lose games. They get easily tilted and they think they achieved a rank they wanted, so need to really try.
Rioter Comments
: Read what I said once more... IF YOU PLAY SMART AND WARD....
Use that wisdom in soloQ my friend
: you can apply this logic to every champion
Which logic? Isolating someone in a realm where nobody can help you or?
: He still need to get in range to ult you. If you play smart and ward he will never ult your carry without risking his death.
Why wouldn't he be in range, if i was Morde i wouldn't just walk from across the map where you can see me, ill just come from fog of war XD
Rioter Comments
Salron88 (EUW)
: was fiora thought well when given so much dmg?
Jax is a direct counter to Fiora and i'm very surprised you think you can't win with him.
: What has happened to the game I once loved.
Sejuani, Gragas, Rammus, Nunu, Skarner, Amumu etc. are all viable and good jungle tank picks. Unlike 2,3 seasons ago you got more champs to play due to meta being mixed.
Joetri10 (EUW)
: Make Ranked An LP Ladder
I'm consistently climbing new accounts into high Dia,Master. I don't know on what drugs you are that you still have issues with climbing, especially in S9. Edit: Matchmaking was always bad, nothing would solve it.
: It doesn’t... st least not anymore. If you are behind you don’t get a bounty, if you are ahead you do... the point of the bounty system. Farming yourself a lead is still a lead so it should get a bounty, if you are 0/5 and the enemy is 5/0 you ain’t gonna get a bounty unless you’ve got a 100-200 cs lead... at which point you are stronger than your opponent regardless of the kills.
Bounty has nothing to do with your lead but with average numbers. If you are csing better then your enemy you can get a bounty despite being behind, i've seen it and i've experienced it. And you don't have to be 100 cs ahead, you can even get a bounty with 50cs lead. Your laners can be powerfarming for a while, and despite being hard behind in kills can be ahead with cs and get a bounty. Possitive KDA has nothing to do with bounty.
Altrusita (EUW)
: This is why Riot doesn't listen to League Boards
No Riot mostly doesn't listen to lolboards due to Gold,Silver players only being here.
Adamos66 (EUNE)
: Already 2250 masters, 2 weeks in season 9
Can't tell if you are trolling or unaware, but there are 3 divisions now. Challenger,Grandmaster and Master. So therefore the capacity had to be increased. The number is little high but it was expected.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: You get a bounty for performing better than your counterpart?
You can be 0 5 while your enemy is 5 0 and still have a bounty on your head because you farmed and he was roaming. So yes.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: Ye youre ex chalenger stuck d3. OK.Im ex chalenger stuck in plat.Is logic..Ty for proving you climbed with luck buddy.
Idk, im challenger in challenger again. you are p5 in p3 after 200 games.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: Sorry im a skilled player not lucky.And i played when adc was completly garbage.So you do the math. I was diamond too and i can say from d3 to grand master so easy...take it easy bro.We all know luck is more impactful now then skills. I saw too many that get lucky elo.Thats why League even dies.Ppl like you climb with luck and ruining games. Its the truth.
Lmao https://imgur.com/a/r2KFwSO
Brokenhz (EUW)
: Sorry im a skilled player not lucky.And i played when adc was completly garbage.So you do the math. I was diamond too and i can say from d3 to grand master so easy...take it easy bro.We all know luck is more impactful now then skills. I saw too many that get lucky elo.Thats why League even dies.Ppl like you climb with luck and ruining games. Its the truth.
You are a skilled player and yet it takes you 200 games from p5 to p2? lmao Boi, did you miss the part of me already being challenger and D1,D2 etc on other accounts LOL
Brokenhz (EUW)
: From d3 to grandmaster in such short time.Well i guess this is what causing lp lose.Luck is op this season af...
Btw not everyone need 200 games after 1 month of S9 to get from P5 last season to P2 in this. Some take a lot less games to climb.
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