hazza10 (EUW)
: Giveaway of Championship Ashe!
What you're doing is really cool. You seem to be really nice person :) IGN: jaramara Everyone would be happy for skin, but only one can be the lucky winner ;) GL&HF in games~ *Just noticed I am on different server :D*
: Exp farm bots In Aram
Well, honestly i have played a lot of ARAM games (let's say it's about 100) and i don't think that i am this lucky, because in all of those games i encountered only 2 bots (ironically in one game)
: Is there a way to view how old your account is?
I thought you could find it here http://privacy.riotgames.com but it's not there :/ still it's bunch of pretty interesting things ;)
: Twitch is actually pretty good right now and the reason for that is {{item:3085}} - As the bolts can crit. This item + his ultimate means he does massive AoE damage (Also stacking his passive on multi targets.) in a fight and its what makes him relevant. Typical build looks like: {{item:3142}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3072}} With of course a Last Whisper item if you need Arpen.
OMG IT WORKS! :D I played some games as Twitch now and this build is really nice! xD finally i haven't about 3/50 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: The reasons i can see are: 1) You have to get used to: "oh i'm level 9 i can now upgrade my trinket to get a lot more vision/map control!" 2) You have to choose to buy either the upgraded trinket or buy an important item, for example i would prefer to buy a blasting wand instead of that upgrade. I only choose the trinket when i have those 250 golds to spare that are not required to buy an important item, but it also depends on the situations (example: i am vs shaco/eve/rengar --> i instabuy the pink trinket/sweeper upgrade). 3) Option 2 but there also people that after choosing to invest on an important item they just forget about the trinket XD. 4) They refuse to do it because they do wish to stay bronze.
> 4) They refuse to do it because they do wish to stay bronze. They just don't know it yet ;)
Ceilonnn (EUW)
: i upgrade trinket sometimes but i will upgrade it all games now ^^. and i think 250 gold is not that much.10 cs
Pokku (EUNE)
: When the trinkets came out, the upgrade was too expensive (750?) so nobody bought it. Now the price is fair, but people have not lost the habit of leaving it in the shop. When it comes to warding in general, people still think it's the support's duty. In my elo (Silver), most people hate playing support, so they know nothing about warding. Consequently, they don't ward much and don't upgrade their trinket.
> most people hate playing support I don't have problem with playing supp, but i think it's so hated because these nice and pro people says "i died because noob supp..." or "noob jungler burn in hell" etc. but that's another discuss ;)


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