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: This game is perfect
I think Heroes of the Storm is more perfect. There support heroes is really for healing and utility, but deal little damage, and Tanks is for absorbing damage and contol effects.
Kalviras (EUW)
: You can argue non are "useless" but theres definitely better ones... Cloud tends to be ignored except by champions who use MS a lot like Hecarim, yes it helps moving around the map quicker but it's not useful enough to play hard around or risk stuff for. Mountain is just kinda meh, I get that it helps you take things a bit quicker but honestly it's rare I find that you wouldn't take an objective without it, normally it just serves to speed it up slightly which again yes is handy but not handy enough to risk anything. Now Ocean... while not THE best of them that regen really helps you win the laning phase at times if you get it early enough and I'd say can be more helpful in a siege as you can go in take some hits then pull back a bit behind minions and regen. Overall just a lot better than cloud and mountain. Then you have Infernal... this bad boy is the one everybody wants to fight for and will risk life and limb to get as it's REALLY good, even 1 can give you a pretty sizeable golds worth of stats as at just 100 you get an extra 8... that's around another 300 gold of worth for every player early on which is a BIG help, and as it goes on it just keeps getting more and more, by the time the big AP champions get 400 odd AP that's gone up to 32 from just 1!, get 2 or 3 and you've got a huge boost on your hands. So yes the others aren't "useless" but theres no denying Inferal is the Mac'Daddy of Drakes to get and cloud is a close second.
But what about healers and tanks? They have "nothing" from dragons in the fight.
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Ninjawusmen (EUNE)
: I'm bored :(
______May be "Smite" ? It seems as mix of LoL and WoW . But after LoL it was hard for me. This game is nearly non-targeted.


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