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: According to the information you provide you should be honor level 5. The only reason left for not getting honor of 5 is as follows: You repeatedly perform minor offenses to the code of conduct that do not result in a punishment but slow your honor progress. In order to avoid this you should try to avoid making other teammates feel bad: 1. Avoid discussing mistakes that happened in the past. Neither your or theirs. The only exceptions are saying "mb" when you did a mistake and "np" if someone else admits a mistake. This applies (i.e. don't join the discussion) also if someone else started discussing what he thinks is your mistake or someone else mistake. 2. It is good to discuss plans for the future, but do so politely or a in neutral manner. If somebody responds in a manner that shows he is offended by your suggestions leave the subject. 3. Use pings in a constructive manner only. Similar to the above points they should be used to communicate plans for the future or warnings, not to convey your dissatisfaction with other players mistakes. 4. It is OK to attempt to surrender, but don't spam surrender votes if they are repeatedly refused. If your team does not agree with surrender (or if no surrender was issued yet) keep playing to your best even if you think there is no chance to win. A small comment: If both you and your friend honor other players it cannot be that the average honor score of both of you exceeds 1.5 (A mathematical fact). Anyway an average honor score which is much lower than this should be sufficient to get honor 5 after a full season.
Thank you. I play most of my games with my friend but he doesn't. He plays A LOT more than me, so I guess it makes sense.
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