Shamose (EUW)
: > Suggestion: Post a list of changes the community asks for and explain why those changes aren't made with each patch **BREAKING NEWS:** Riot hires 1000 man team to work on explaining why the ideas of iron players aren't gonna be implemented.
Hi, My idea was more like "one person takes 30 minutes every couple of weeks to explain why they're not doing what a large portion of players think would be a good solution to a problem." And I'm only suggesting it because Riot has very openly said that they want to improve communication with the player base—and this is the only thing that would make a difference for me. But I get what you mean. A lot of people ask ridiculous things from Riot. I don't think my idea was quite that ridiculous, though.
: Riot actually works really closely with players when making decisions like that.
Hi, Yep, I know they take players' thoughts into account. And that's great! My point was just that they know what players see as "obviously good solutions," but still often do something else without explaining why. That's all :)
: Riot actually takes a lot into account. They're constantly lurking on the boards, reading threads and taking criticism. We in the Volunteer program sometimes bug them over things that we spot that community bringing up as a common pain point. Trust me, they take a lot more player opinion into account than most people seem to think these days D:
Hi, I know they check boards, social media, Reddit, and so on. That's great! My point was specifically that even though they know what many players would see as "obviously good solutions," they often go with other options without explaining why. That's all :)
GLurch (EUW)
: All I can tell you is that they do address these issues as far as I am aware, but just not on the EU Boards, because the balancing team is in NA. In any case, I suggest you to keep a look at the Dev Corner over there, where for example Meddler posts his "Quick Gameplay Thoughts" every now and then, in which they also reply to comments and all that:
Hi, Thanks. I usually read Meddler's posts. I rarely check the comments, but sometimes that, too. My point wasn't "they never address the ideas that seem obviously worth considering from players' perspective." Of course they do. My suggestion was to do it more often and in a way that's easier to find. I know they read the boards, listen on social media, Reddit, and so on. My point was rather that they know what players often see as "the right solution to a problem," but they still do something else without really explaining why they do something else. I'm not complaining that they're doing something really poorly. Just that this is pretty much the only aspect of communication from Riot that I find frustrating—not very frustrating, but frustrating. And given how many people are complaining about how "riot is ignoring the obvious," clearly many others are far more frustrated with this than I am ;)
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