Kurotsu (EUW)
: I laughed a little
I also did when it happened... But now i'am just crying
kamptrollen (EUNE)
: Banned for typing kiss in danish
Okay people have completely miss understanted this. I dind't type "%%%%ing polish %%%%%%%%%%%%" to attack his region or where he comes from i did it because he was typing polish with someone on my team. And he was talking shit about my teammates so %%%% yeah i typed K--Y--S
kamptrollen (EUNE)
: Banned for typing kiss in danish
> [{quoted}](name=kamptrollen,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mR3TQt5I,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-02T01:02:59.295+0000) > > Game 1 > In-Game > kamptrollen: sry > kamptrollen: that was dumb > kamptrollen: f-u-c.king polish mother f-u-c.ka > kamptrollen: K.Y.S > kamptrollen: on danish that means kiss > kamptrollen: is that the only semi english word you know > kamptrollen: what flame fish > kamptrollen: or fizz > kamptrollen: if you mean %%% on danish it means kiss translate > > i know it was a little toxic. But not a permban worth i have wasted 300 euro back i the old days. You can actually just go on google translate and set it from danish to english and type K.Y.S. Iam from Denmark and i know my Language
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Ðestîny (EUW)
: How much money did i spend on lol
i have spend 300 euro and now i'am perm banned for saying kiss


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